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WE guarantee: Animal friendly and vegan products, Cruelty free, No gluten, NonGMO, Non-Nanoparticle, No synthetic preservatives, No artificial fragrances, No sulfates, No phosphates. Only the good stuff! If you’re not dancing the happy dance with your purchase, simply let your Consultant know within 60 days of purchase for an exchange or refund. We Mean Natural™

7 deadly sins . . .

Or in this case, 7 ingredients to avoid in skin care products that are NEVER used in Daisy Blue products. Synthetic Preservatives (Parabens, Benzylalcohol-DHA, Phenoxyethanol) Petroleum By-Products (Mineral Oil, Vasoline, & Silicones) Synthetic Fragrance (Phthalates, chemical irritants & allergens) Amines (di, tri- ethanolamines) F,D & C (artificial colorants) Sulfates & Phosphates (Sodium lauryl, laureth, myreth, ceareth) PEG & PPG compounds (polyethylene glycol, propylene glycol) Your Daisy Blue Consultant is:

Visit our corporate site at: www.daisybluenaturals.com Daisy Blue Naturals LLC Albert Lea, MN 56007 U.S.A Catalog & Product Pricing Effective Date: February 1st - July 31st, 2016. Daisy Blue Naturals is required by law to collect local and state sales tax, on product purchase, and shipping & handling charges. Payment in full is required at the time of purchase. © Daisy Blue Naturals 2016 Paper contains post-consumer fibers.

100% Natural Products Spring / Summer Product Catalog When we say Natural, we MEAN Natural!


s a mom & Chemist, it was my desire to share

my knowledge with others, about the safer choices in cosmetics and skin care. I created the very first products for my newborn baby (who is now 16 years old); products that I knew were safe to use on his gentle, newborn skin, without the chemically-laden ingredients found in the majority of skin care products. There are thousands of cosmetic and personal care ingredients that we ban using in our products, and it is my mission to continue to stand up against the use of these unnecessary chemicals. I am blessed beyond measure by the team of sales consultants that have joined the Daisy Blue mission; to make a difference in every life we touch. Every day, we get to change people’s lives, through our products, and our business partnering opportunity. It is not only our purpose to empower and educate others, but to inspire those to be part of something bigger. Thank you for this opportunity to share my passion and purpose with you! Blessings from my family to yours,



Be part of something ! Join Daisy Blue today!


e believe in making a difference in every life we touch, and so do our Consultants. If you want to make a difference, earn extra money, recognition, vacations, and more, ask how YOU can get started today! It’s simple! Ask your Consultant for information, purchase the Business Starter Kit of product and supplies, and spread the word of your new Daisy Blue business!


verything we do at Daisy Blue is natural, including how we choose to educate and offer our products to others. What is your dream? Are you looking for financial freedom, are you looking for spiritual growth, or do you want to live your passion? You can begin on your dream path with Daisy Blue!

Jena Thompson, Founder & CEO

Where passion and purpose combine!

We are the inventors & makers of our products, right here in the US of A! We choose ingredients from nature, not science! We believe in empowering others to partner with us! We believe in making a profit, AND sharing the wealth! We believe in the KISS philosophy ~ Keep it Simple & Sassy! We believe in making a difference in every life we touch! We believe NATURAL should really mean natural! When we say natural, We Mean Natural™

Dream naturally with Daisy Blue OUR GUARANTEE WE guarantee: Animal friendly and vegan products, Cruelty free, No gluten, Non-GMO, NonNanoparticle, No synthetic preservatives, no artificial fragrances, No sulfates, No phosphates. Only the good stuff! If you’re not dancing the happy dance with your purchase, simply let your Consultant know within 60 days of purchase for an exchange or refund. daisybluenaturals.com


dr daisy

dr daisy Home Care Set

Next time, instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet go for the make-up bag. Essential Oils Tea Tree Oil $19

1 oz. #2507

Lavender Oil

$19 1 oz. #2506

Peppermint Oil $19

1 oz. #2505

Lemon Oil $19

1 oz. #2504

Essential Oils Set Includes Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint & Tea Tree $65 ($76 value) #9019

dr daisy Home Care Luxury Kit

Shea Butter Healing Balm Virgin, unrefined, & unbleached pure shea butter from Ghana, Africa. Reveal the natural, beautiful side of your skin! Has a variety of uses. $23 2 oz. #2302

dr daisy Home Care Set (6 Items / pictured top right) Includes Lavender, Lemon (not pictured), Peppermint & Tea Tree Oils, Shea Butter Balm & Sleep Easy Pillow Mist. $82 ($99 value) #2508

Sleep Easy Pillow Mist Naturally infused using natural essential oils, including lavender, ylang ylang, & patchouli. Use as a room, linen & body mist. $19 4 oz. #7100 Witch Hazel & Aloe Wash Witch Hazel and aloe are topical astringents. Has a variety of uses. $16 4 oz. #2503 3

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dr daisy Home Care Luxury Kit (11 Items / pictured bottom right) Includes Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, & Tea Tree Oils, Comfort Oil & Salts, Marigold Set, Witch Hazel, and Shea Butter Balm. $199 ($240 value) #1555 daisybluenaturals.com



Sea Salts and Comfort

aisy Blue Naturals has meant so much to me and my family for the past 13 years! Using the products means we have significantly reduced the chemicals we are exposed to. The income has provided dream trips, and even a spa bathroom! I love that I get to help women across the country do the same for themselves, and for their families!

Detox Bath with Ginger Feel better and relax, naturally! $24 10 oz. #2512

-Sharon Lucas, Independent Sales Director

Relaxing Bath with Lavender Chill out and relax, naturally! $24 10 oz. #2511

Organic Castor Oil Organic Castor Oil with St. John’s Wort* Like sunlight for the soul, this combination has many uses. Best to use before bed. Massage a dollar coin size amount to your skin. $19 4.2 oz. #2510 Organic Castor Oil with Calendula Your skin will feel great! Use before bed. Massage a dollar coin size amount to your skin. $19 4.2 oz. #2509

How to use: To be done before bed 2-4 times per week. Put a dollar coin size amount of castor oil to your hand and apply to your entire abdomen, especially over your liver. Put on an old T-shirt. Relax and enjoy a blissful night of soothing sleep


riel Barkeim is a naturopathic physician. She holds a holistic view of health and strives to always treat the root cause of illness instead of treating symptoms. She is passionate about helping patients find their own individual path of healing using primarily natural treatments. Dr. Ariel was talking about some of her favorite natural remedies at a recent speaking engagement attended by Jena Thompson. Afterwards, over a cup of tea, the two ladies laid out plans for the new Daisy Blue product line that combined their shared love of natural products. Castor oil and herbal medicine are two of Dr. Ariel’s favorite treatments and she is excited to spread the word about the wonders of these simple yet effective remedies. She was trained at the oldest naturopathic school in the country, the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. She currently has a family practice in Albert Lea, Minnesota and hopes to continue to spread the benefits of naturopathic medicine throughout South East Minnesota.


ses a power packed blend of essential oils, developed by Daisy Blue Naturals.

Comfort Oil Contains 10 unique plant and essential oils, including eucalyptus, mints, camphor, and avocado oils. Use topically twice a day. $25 4 oz. #2500

Comfort Crystals Pure Epsom and sea salts blended with eucalyptus, mints, camphor and citrus essential oils. A 20 minute soak does wonders! $20 10 oz. #6201


aisy Blue has offered me the opportunity to provide for my family. I have fun getting out and showing people that life can be lived naturally, all while making money! Through hard work with my Daisy Blue business, I have been able to travel to places and accomplish things I only dreamed possible! -Jacque Hobbs, Independent Sales Leader

Comfort Soap Pretty green, blue and cream handcrafted soap. Eucalyptus, camphor, citrus and mints. $9 4.8 oz. #5075

Comfort Set, Oil and Crystals The ultimate ‘taking care of you’ set! $40 ($45 value) #6202



Face Marigold The calendula herb, commonly known as “garden marigold” has numerous uses. Calendula is anti-inflammatory, and recent studies on the calendula herb have found that it helps with a variety of skin conditions. For best results, use set daily.

Once in the morning. Once in the evening. You are on your way to smooth, kissable, healthy skin. Created for all skin types to use! Step 1 - Cleanse!

Face Wash


Natural castile soap-based cleanser to deeply cleanse. Normal-Oily Skin. Follow with Toning Mist. $20 8 oz. bottle with pump #1708 Step 1 - Cleanse!

Cleansing Cream

Marigold Shampoo & Body Wash Cleanse the body and hair, gently and naturally. $25 8.2 oz. #1552

Marigold Salve Solid and intense! Apply a small amount directly to the skin. $28 1 oz./30 mL #1551 7

• daisybluenaturals.com

Marigold Body Lotion Lightweight lotion, enriched with calendula herb, virgin shea butter, lavender & geranium essential oils. $27 8.2 oz. #1550

Marigold Therapeutic Kit The ultimate ‘skin care’ set! Contains all 3 products. $72 ($80 value) #1553


Lotion-based cleanser that removes make-up, dirt and oil gently. All skin types. Follow with Toning Mist. $20 8 oz. bottle with pump #1801

Step 2 - Tone!

Toning Mist


Alcohol-Free Mist for the face. Enriched with pure aloe vera, rose hydrosol, lavender, lemon & geranium essential oils. Perfect for all skin types. Follow with Moiturizer. $20 8 oz. bottle with spray #1802

Step 3 - Moisturize!



Nourishes the skin. Enriched with allantoin (natural comfrey root), vitamins, passion flower extract, and essential oils. Good for normal-dry skin types. $22 1.7 oz. bottle #1803

Why does our 100% natural skin care work so well? It’s ‘simply’ the best! The best ingredients, giving the best results, and making the choice for you, simple!

Facial Set It’s easy to get started with our facial products with our 1-2-3 system. Two Sets to Choose from: Cleansing Cream, Toning Mist, Moisturizer $49 ($62 value) #1810 Face Wash, Toning Mist, Moisturizer $49 ($62 value) #1811 daisybluenaturals.com


Rejuvenate with Chardonnay

Gold, Naturally!

Liquid Gold Face Serum Fitting of its name, this naturally gold colored face serum is rich in Omega-3 essential fatty acids and antioxidants. Pure jasmine extract and natural essential oils are added, to show off skins ‘natural’ beauty! $39 1.0 oz./30 mL by volume #1950

Sea & Tea Face Scrub

Uses the potent, yet gentle, antioxidant Chardonnay grape seed extract. Rejuvenate Scrub with Chardonnay

Rejuvenate Mask with Chardonnay

Naturally cleansing, buffs away dead skin cells using natural apricot seeds. Invigorating and revealing! $25 2 oz. #1905

This natural loose clay powder mask is infused with grapeseed extract, aloe vera, and essential oils. Feels tingly and cleansing! $20 0.8 oz. / 2 oz. by volume #1907

Rejuvenate Cream with Chardonnay Nourishes & softens the skin, naturally. Perfect for the face, throat, and hands. $39 1.8 oz. #1903

Rejuvenate Set with Chardonnay Beautiful skin starts with good skin care. Use the cream daily, the scrub and mask weekly, and begin to experience the skin you were born to have. $70 ($84 value) #1908

Gentle & effective, smoothes away impurities with gentle buffing action. Uses tea tree essential oil and natural seaweed extract to leave skin smooth, bright and toned. $22 2 oz. #1910

Tea Tree Bar Enriched with tea tree essential oil & green clay. $10 4.8 oz. #1500


am so proud to be a consultant for a company that when put in a side-byside comparison with other similar companies our products, our hostess programs and our business opportunity demonstrate excellence and superiority. As a stay-at-home mom of four small children I am so appreciative of Daisy Blue Naturals’ products as well as the business opportunity. The flexibility, the financial contribution I’m able to make to my family, new friendships, travel opportunities and knowing that I am making a difference make me so grateful that I found Daisy Blue! -Tonia Watne, Independent Sales Leader daisybluenaturals.com

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Mineral Makeup

Eyeshadows - Shimmers

$18 each 3 g volume (1 g - 1.5 g net weight)

Peony #1450

Citrine #1451

Coral Reef #1453


inerals on the Loose! Uses non-nanoparticle mineral oxides and micas to create a makeup you can feel good about (and feels good on you)! Which Color Is Mine?

Birch #1400

Camellia #1401

Magnolia #1402

Skin Tones


Foundation to Use






















Aspen #1404

Foxglove #1454

Stardust #1455

Grey Shimmer #1456

Mineral Powder Foundations 100% natural foundation. $30 each 10 g by volume (5 g-6 g by weight)

Sheer Aloe Setting Powder

Makeup Brushes Designed to work with our makeup. Cruelty-free, non- animal hair. A - Kabuki Brush $30 #1430

D - Shadow/ Defining $22 #1436

B - Full Face Brush $26 #1431

E - Large Shadow $22 #1437

100% powdered aloe vera goes on clear to set makeup application. $20 10 g #1420

Pick your perfect color! $23 each 10 g by volume (5 g-6 g by weight)

Flawless Glow Tanflauge (medium) #1416

Concealers Mask dark circles, pimples, or redness. Can be mixed with Foundation to find your perfect color. $15 each 3 g volume (1 g – 1.5 g net weight) 11

• daisybluenaturals.com

Earth #1462

Beach #1463

great for brows too!

$18 each 3 g volume (1 g - 1.5 g net weight)

Brown #1445

Slate #1446

3 Shadow Set - $35 ($54 value) WARM EYE SET: Contains Peony, Beach, & Foxglove Eyeshadow #WE-3 COOL EYE SET: Contains Coral Reef, Stardust, & Earth Eyeshadow #CE-3 SMOKEY EYE SET: Contains Grey Shimmer, Stardust, & Slate Eyeshadow #SE-3 SPRING/SUMMER EYE SET: Contains Stardust, Pink Tulip, & Foxglove Eyeshadow #SS-3

C - Multi Task Brush $25 #1435


Powderflauge (light) #1415

Pink Tulip #1459

Black #1444

100% natural and certified organic ingredients. Lengthens and protects, naturally! $28 7.5 mL / 0.25 oz. #1440

Chestnut #1405

$18 each 3 g volume (1 g - 1.5 g net weight)


Natural Mascara - Black Mahogany #1403

Eyeshadows - Mattes

Pretty in pink is what you’ll think! Gives your complexion a ‘flawless glow’. Tint your cheeks, eyelids, and lips!  #1457

Warmth Bronzing Give your complexion a sun-kissed look of Warmth. #1458

Make Up Starter Set - $75 ($106 value) Includes Foundation, Kabuki Brush, Full Face Brush, & Sheer Aloe Setting Powder A-1 Birch Set B-1 Camellia Set C-1 Magnolia Set D-1 Mahogany Set E-1 Aspen Set F-1 Chestnut Set

Make Up Ultimate Set - $99 ($144 value) Includes Foundation, Powderflauge Concealer, Warmth Blush, Kabuki Brush, Sheer Aloe Setting Powder, Full Face Brush. A-2 Birch Set B-2 Camellia Set C-2 Magnolia Set D-2 Mahogany Set E-2 Aspen Set F-2 Chestnut Set daisybluenaturals.com

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ourteen years ago, I heard that what you put on your skin, enters into your body. Those words changed my life! Since then, I have educated myself about the natural products that Daisy Blue Naturals offers, and I love sharing my story. The beauty of this direct sales business is not just the trips and prizes I have earned or the supplemental income; but the flexibility of the business, so that I can have a full time career and raise my family. Daisy Blue is a company I am proud to represent. - Tammy Busho, Independent Sales Director

Lotion On The Go Lemongrass Coconut Lotion Bar

Lip Balms

Uses certified organic lemongrass for a natural, herbal citrus scent. Balanced perfectly with our natural coconut extract. If you like our Shea Butter Lotion & Soap, you will love this bar! $12.50 1 oz. tin #8100

Rich and emollient body oil that absorbs in quickly, leaving your skin silky smooth and sexy!

Lavender Patchouli Lotion Bar

Vitamin E Body Oil

Give skin a treat with our unisex blend of lavender & patchouli essential oils. $12.50 1 oz. tin #8105



Natural Lip Balms $5 each

Natural Lip Blushes $8 each

Vitamin E

Tea Tree

Pure and plain lip balm. 0.2 oz. #1100

Protects and moisturizes. 0.2 oz. #1102


Grapefruit & Mint


Tingles and moisturizes. 0.2 oz. #1101

A summertime favorite. 0.2 oz. #1104

• daisybluenaturals.com

Light pink tint. Enriched with Peppermint Oil. 0.2 oz. #1107

Merlot Wine-inspired lip tint. 0.2 oz. #1109

Lightly scented with natural essential oils and extracts, great to use after bathing. Absorbs in quickly, and is loved by massage therapists. $20 8 oz. #6005

• daisybluenaturals.com

Mocha Lip Scrub Keep your lips soft and create the perfect pout! Natural sugar and cocoa exfoliate the lips. $11 1 oz. #2110

Peppermint Foot Crystals

Peppermint Foot Butter

Peppermint Foot Spa Set

Soak your feet and enjoy the refreshing tingle! $14 8 oz. #2101

Smells great ooh la la for your feet! $18 6.9 oz. #2109

Includes the Crystals and Butter $25 ($32 value) #9400 daisybluenaturals.com

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Body Lotions, Soaps, & Sets



Rosemary Mint


100% natural lotions and naturally hand-crafted soaps take care of all skin types by pampering and soothing even the most delicate of skin. Show your skin some love today! Rosemary Mint Shampoo Bar Herbal Rosemary & uplifting Mint essentail oils.

Blue Daisy Pure Jasmine Absolute & Ylang Ylang essential oil.

Lemon Artisian Soap Soothing and uplifting, using lemon essential oil.



$9 4.8 oz. #1200

$8 4.8 oz. #5003

Lotion $15 4.8 oz. #8002

Body Scrub $18 8 oz. #5002

Peppermint Soap Bar Natural crushed mint leaves are added, giving you a perfectly natural wake up call! $8.50 4.8 oz. #5068

Purely Unscented, unadulterated goodness.

Lavender Lavender essential oil.



Sweet Orange Juicy Valencia Orange essential oil.

$15 8 oz. #8001



$15 8 oz. #8022

$8 4.8 oz. #5001 Set $20 #9347


$15 8 oz. #8000

Soap $8 4.8 oz. #5000 Set $20 #9346 Almonilla Rich vanilla & almond.

Lotion $15 8 oz. #8050

Natural Pine Soap Dish Made from water-resistant ponderosa pine, a must have for our bar soaps to keep them in excellent condition. $4 #5500


• daisybluenaturals.com

Sweet Orange

Rosemary Mint Herbal Rosemary & uplifting Mint essentail oils.



$8 4.8 oz. #5050 Set $20 #9350

Shampoo Bar

$15 8 oz. #8073 $9 4.8 oz. #1200 Set $20 #9348 Raspberry Lemongrass

$8 4.8 oz. #5022 Set $20 #9349 Sea Salt and Lime The perfect balance for summer! Blends Lime essential oil and sea salt, with hints of coconut.

Lotion $15 8 oz. #8028

Soap $8 4.8 oz. #8029 Set $20 #8703

Sea Salt & Lime

Raspberry Lemongrass Sweet & Tart. A summertime favorite!

Lotion $15 8 oz. #8094

Soap $8 4.8 oz. #5038 Set $20 #9356

Body Scrub Natural exfoliating and cleansing body scrub. $18 8 oz. #2919

Shampoo & Body Wash 100% natural, castile-based soap for your body. $18 8 oz. #2920

Summer Set (Contains Lotion, Scrub, Wash & Soap)

Set $75 ($89 Value) #9342


Set Includes Matching Lotion & Soap, packaged in a pretty organza bag

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Butters, Scrubs, and Mists

Awesome Almond Body Butter Wrap your skin in a rich, creamy blend of sensual almonds and shea butter that softens and soothes all day. $18 6.9 oz. #2900

Key Lime Body Butter ‘Key’ping it real, citrusy, and bright! Lime & Vanilla blend perfectly. $18 6.9 oz. #2915

Key Lime Sugar Scrub Naturally exfoliates. Key’p in the shower for daily use. $26 10 oz. #2916

Key Lime Set Includes Butter, Scrub $39 ($44 value) #2918

Pomelicious Pomegranate Body Butter Rich and creamy moisturizer for the entire body. $18 6.9 oz. #2906

Pomelicious Pomegranate Sugar Scrub Smooth away dry skin and bumps while improving circulation. $26 10 oz. #2907

Pomelicious Pomegranate Body Mist Sweet goodness for your body! $13 4.2 oz. #7007

Pomelicious Pomegranate Set

Includes Butter, Scrub & Mist $45 ($57 value) #2908


• daisybluenaturals.com

Awesome Almond Sugar Scrub

Bohemian is a unique blend of organic lemongrass and lemons, with hints of patchouli and florals. A true masterpiece!

Exfoliates and protects gently using natural sugar, plant oils and beeswax. $26 10 oz. #2901

Awesome Almond Body Mist Intense almond topped with cordial cherries is a blend of perfection. $13 4.2 oz. #7050


Awesome Almond Set Includes Butter, Scrub & Mist $45 ($57 value) #2902

Organic Hemp Body Butter Groovy with patchouli, softens the skin naturally! $18 6.9 oz. #2913

Organic Hemp Sugar Scrub Exfoliates gently, brightens the skin, and keeps you looking youthful. $26 10 oz. #2914

Organic Hemp Body Mist Patchouli paired with hints of sweetness, leaves you feeling refreshed and relaxed. $13 4.2 oz. #7009

Organic Hemp Set Includes Butter, Scrub & Mist $45 ($57 value) #2912

Bohemian Body Wash Bring fun to your shower! Doubles as a shampoo. $16 8 oz. #8027

Bohemian Body Mist Just a spritz or two and you will feel and smell refreshed! $17 8 oz. #8026

aisy Blue has been a life changer for me! There are so many little details that have been impacted. The obvious and life long game changer is removing chemicals from my family’s household and educating my children... Not only have I changed my family’s life, but by sharing my passion for Daisy Blue, I have helped hundreds of other individuals, maybe more! I have inspired others by sharing the products and the company to join and share Daisy Blue with their family and friends, thus impacting more lives. I have gained confidence in my ability to speak publicly and believe in my work ethic. I have developed relationships and met other consultants who I care about and am proud to call my Daisy Blue sisters! I am so proud of the product and company you have built and honored to be a part of it!! - Cammy Stucchi, Independent Sales Leader

Bohemian Body Cream Rich body lotion containing shea butter and olive oil. $18 8 oz. #8025 daisybluenaturals.com

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Personal Care

Men Natural Shave Cream Experience a soothing shave for both men and women. You’ll thank us later! $18 6.9 oz. #4001

Natural products that men Love!

Natural Deodorant Cream Uses natural baking soda, aloe vera, essential oils, and shea butter, to create a truly ‘one of a kind’ cream to powder deodorant. $9 1.5 oz. #4000

Natural Powder Toothpaste

Natural Mouth Rinse

Naturally effervescent baking soda tooth powder is easy to use, and works great! Perfect for the whole family. FluorideFree. $8 1 oz. #4005

Great-tasting blend of natural, herbal, ingredients. Leaves the mouth minty fresh! FluorideFree. $13 16 oz. #4006

Natural Mouth Set (3) Natural Toothpaste, Rinse, and Brush $22 ($27 Value) #4010

Woo Bamboo Soft Toothbrush Eco-friendly and great to use! The handle is made from organically grown, sustainable biodegradeable, antimicrobial bamboo. The recyclable bristles hold up to many uses! Mother Nature approved! $6 #4007 (*15%CV)

Men’s Dual Action AfterShave Cream A soothing 2 in 1 cream for all skin types. Moisturizes and restores after shaving, and duals as a lightweight moisturizer. 100% natural ingredients, free of alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and other harmful chemicals. Rejuvenating pine and uplifting citrus essential oils refresh and invigorates. $22 4.2 oz. #1301 Men’s Solid Body Balm A solid, portable, balm, designed to take you through any adventure! Use as a face and body moisturizer, and double as a beard and hair balm too! $14 1 oz. #1302


• daisybluenaturals.com

Men’s Gift Set (4) The perfect trio for any man! Contains the Natural Shave Cream, AfterShave Cream, & Balm. Daisy Blue Toiletry Bag included! $59 ($74 value) #1300 daisybluenaturals.com

• 20


Loose herbal tea, includes: Organic lemongrass, organic peppermint, organic licorice root, organic cinnamin bark, Ginger root, Orange peel, & tangerine oil. Steep 1 tsp. per 6 oz. boiling water. Add lemon or stevia for sweetness! Safe for kids ~ caffeine free. $15 2 oz. by weight, 16 oz. volume #50


Daisy Blue Toiletry Bag At home or away, keep your toiletry essentials together and organized. 2 zipperered closures, 4 inside pockets, 2 inside mesh pockets, and convenient snap hook attached for hanging. $19 (*15% CV) #1303

(Mug Not Included)

Fun in The Sun! Sun Protection Lotion 100% natural, using the sun protection power of zinc oxide mineral. $22 4oz. #7306

After Sun Mist Our best-selling seasonal product, Sun Body Oil also known as the ‘breath mint for Exotic blend of tropical oils rich in the body!’ Uses pure aloe vera, Omega-3’s. Keeps the skin feeling rose hydrosol, and soothing mint soft & smelling great during the essential oils to cool sun-kissed Spring/Summer months. skin. $22 4oz. #7305 $22 4oz. #7304

SUN SET contains all 3 Fun in the Sun products $49 ($62. Value) #7307

The Many

Uses of Daisy Breeze Laundry Soap

Cleans your clothes! • Doubles as a concentrated, all purpose cleaner! • Washes your dishes in the sink! • A SMALL amount in the dishwasher sanitizes and cleans! • Removes stains from carpet! •Deodorizes pet stains! • Cleans cars! • Makes a ‘natural’ bubble bath! • Works as a hand soap! Daisy Breeze Laundry Soap An environmentally friendly laundry soap, using the cleaning power of coconut based cleansers. Refreshing natural citrus. Concentrated formula cleans up to 64 loads. Usage: 1 oz./load HE: 1/2 oz./load7 $20 64oz. #7202 Laundry soap only $21.50 64oz. #7203 Laundry soap with cup

DB Clean Citrus All Purpose Cleaner Concentrated formula using pure vegetablebased cleaners and essential oils, that tackle dirt and grime. Biodegradeable, sulfate & phostphate-free, animal friendly, and versatile! From dishes to tubs, this cleaner does it all! Makes up to 48 gallons of cleaner. $16 16 oz. #7209


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Giving Baby Lotion The reason behind Daisy Blue! Created out of love for our newborn baby, using avocado, shea butter, lavender & hints of vanilla, this lotion is a sweet treat for babies delicate skin, and mommy too! $16 8 oz. #3002


hrough your purchase of our Shea Butter Bar and Lotion, a product with origins in Africa’s shea karite tree, enriched with indigenous lemongrass and coconut, you can help support and feed the children in Uganda. K.I.K. exists to inspire, motivate and instill in kids a sense of value and virtuous characteristics. K.I.K. operates for purposes of bringing relief to the underprivileged by providing food, clothing, shelter and education, helping lessen neighborhood tensions, working towards the elimination of prejudice and discrimination through combating community deterioration and juvenile delinquency thus creating a solid community base.

Baby Wash Free of sulfates, phosphates, synthetic fragrance, mineral oils, and phthalates. A baby wash you can feel good about using, and sweetens babies skin and hair, naturally! $17 8 oz. #3003

Baby Gift Boxed Set Contains Baby Wash, Baby Lotion, Shea Butter Balm, and Purely Soap. $50 ($64 value) #3012

KIK founder Tomi Mills with children from the Banda Acholi Quarters, Uganda.

Please visit www.kidsinspire.com to support this wonderful organization!

Shea Butter Bar & Banda Bracelet Created with love using pure shea butter, lemongrass and coconut, this super silky cleansing soap leaves you squeaky clean and smelling great! $10 approx 5 oz. #5012

Shea Butter Lotion & Banda Bracelet Rich shea butter, lemongrass and coconut create a smoothing body lotion loved by everyone! $16 8 oz. #8079

Receive a ‘banda bracelet’ from Uganda for free with every purchase of the KIK products. daisybluenaturals.com

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Host A Party! Pamper me in Chemicals?

Gift Sets


With Daisy Blue, you can be pampered the way Mother Nature intented! Choose to host one of our mini Spa Spots, or our Spa Party Experience, and enjoy these spectacular earnings toward FREE and discount product!

Lotion & Soap Gift Box Set It doesn’t get any better than this! Our best selling lotions & soaps combined in our pretty Daisy Blue gift box. Includes Almonilla Lotion & Soap, and Lavender Lotion & Soap. $39 ($49 value) #8700 Raspberry Lemongrass Gift Box Set The sweet scents of summer! Raspberries and lemons combine in the ready to give gift box. Includes Raspberry Lemongrass Lotion, Soap, and Body Wash. $34 ($44 value) #8702

Minty Goodness Gift Box Set A sweet treat for your feet! Contains Peppermint Foot Butter, Peppermint Foot Crystals, Peppermint Soap, and Comfort Soap. $51 ($61.50 value) #8710

Super Soap Gift Box Set “Seasonal” Calling all handcrated soap lovers! Contains the following bar soaps: Lemon, Lavender, Raspberry Lemongrass, Lime & Sea Salt, Almonilla & Sweet Orange. $41 ($51 value) #8711

Hostess Rewards Program



Get Paid to Share the Products You love.

SOCIAL SELLING We are people-people. You choose your time and how Daisy Blue fits you, with a great worklife balance. FREE BUSINESS TRAINING You’ll have access to your own Virtual Office, including a TON of trainings and resources for you to start your business! 25

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To qualify as a ‘party’, sales must reach a minimum $200 and you must have 2 or more buying guests.

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GET PAID WEEKLY Be part of our generous pay plan and get paid weekly. EARN VACATIONS & REWARDS Achieve trips, earn free product & rewards, and be recognized and awarded for your achievements.





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Free Shea Butter Balm when 2 or more guests set a date for their own spa spot experience! HOST CREDITS can be used to purchase the Business Starter Kit and join as a Consultant.

Earn A Dream Vacation!