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2014 performics culture book


At Performics, we see the world differently, combining performance and metrics to foster a legacy of innovation. For over 15 years, Performics has continued building momentum expanding our offerings and services, made possible by hiring top talent. Today, we stand as a leader in performance marketing. 2014 marks a year of transition and a step forwardthanks to our employees who work endlessly to pursue outstanding client results. Together we achieved monumental success.


growing around the world in 2014 Performics uniquely offers a significant global footprint and experience activating multi-market campaigns for clients. Our fastest growing markets continue to perform exceptionally including: MENA, Singapore Center, EMEA Centre, China, Italy, Australia, Poland, India, Germany and France. Worldwide, we stay on the cutting edge of digital campaign activation through continual expansion and acquisition. To further enhance our global services, Performics aligned with SEO agency AKM3 in September to become the leading SEO company in Germany, offering advanced market expertise for our large international clients.

Exciting New Partnerships and Presence in: 1

South Africa













6 3




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mind if we brag?

13.5% revenue growth in 2014

50% APAC & LATAM regions up YOY


SEO up globally YOY


PFX client growth, 25% ZO client growth

leading the momentum michael kahn, worldwide ceo In a year of transitions, one of the most crucial to agency momentum was the promotion of Michael Kahn to Worldwide CEO. Michael joined Performics in 2005 and has since taken on several roles, journeyed to countless countries and helped move Performics forward in a complicated digital space.

I love that our value lies in driving direct and attributed revenue for our clients, and that we have a culture filled with openness and curiosity.

craig greenfield

amy krauss

Craig joined Performics in 2005 and has since played an integral role in business development, client solutions, innovation and technology. As COO, his focus is positioning Performics as a worldwide leader in performance marketing.

Amy brings 15 years of experience to her new role as SVP, Client Solutions. Since joining Performics in 2007, Amy has built and managed numerous cross-functioning teams and guided the success of an impressive portfolio of clients.

svp, client solutions

worldwide coo


I have no doubt that Performics will continue to thrive by providing our people with a great place to work and unparalleled client results.

beatriz fernandez de bordons

Above all, Michael believes in the Performics mission. Building on the foundation of openness and curiosity, he is helping Performics evolve, grow and firmly establish a global leadership position.

svp, performance media

Michael has a strong vision for 2015 and will work to bring that vision to life for our agency and our clients.

I am very excited about this new challenge of a breakthrough in my career. For me it is a pleasure to continue contributing to the digital growth.

Beatriz joined Performics in 2014 and leads Performance Media cross channel practice across all biddable media, utilizing programmatic buying and optimization tools to manage client ROI.


I have been fortunate enough to leverage my passion for data throughout my career here at Performics. I have great expectations for the future of Client Solutions.

josh dwiggins

svp, client solutions Joining Performics as a Vice President in 2011 and bringing over 15 years of experience to this role, Josh made an immediate impact and played an instrumental role in developing the strategy and service behind one of Performics largest clients.

I will continue driving the strategy behind helping brands find, buy and engage their audiences across paid, owned and earned channels.

here is what we stand for

in 2014, we redefined our agency values to reflect growth, progress and leadership in the market

motivate participation

drive performance

optimize for action

the evolution continues... our brand Performics redefined agency values embody our forward-thinking and endless drive to provide unparalleled return on investment (ROI) for our clients around the globe. To reflect our 2014 growth as worldwide performance marketing leaders, our Marketing department elevated Performics visuals on a global level to build brand equity and provide consistency across markets. Our updated collateral focuses on bringing a human element to our data expertise - illustrating how people interact in the current age with brands.

In Real-­‐Estate,   it’s   “loca2on,   loca2on,   loca2on”,   but   the   last   decade   of   digital   effec2vely   equalized  the  playing  field  between  physical  and  virtual  spaces,  un2l  now.    The  increasing   applica2on   of   feeds,   affiliates,   and   loca2on-­‐based   search   is   making   a   big-­‐data   comeback.     Smartphones,  connected-­‐devices,  and  machine-­‐to-­‐machine  targe2ng  capabili2es  make  your   physical  presence  a  key  aIribute.  

homepage makeover

walls & halls

Performics’ local  prac2ce  connects  customers  and  brands  over  100,000  2mes  daily  with  the   right  message,  the  right  2me,  in  the  right  place.

Capabili2es •  Proximity, 2me  and  device-­‐specific  ad  targe2ng •  Coopera2ve  media  buying  at  mul2ple  2ers •  Mobile  visibility  and  relevancy •  Track  users  across  devices •  On-­‐site  content  enhancement  for  improved   localized  search  ranking

product marketing Admired Clients

•  Customer review  outreach  and  branding •  Governance  of  localized  media  across  complex   organiza2onal  structures •  Management  of  accurate  local  data  across  the   local  ecosystem

credentials deck PlaTorms &  Partnerships

our organization In 2014, we became a fully integrated digital agency. Through realigning and expanding our service offerings, Performics now provides clients with a holistic cross-channel marketing strategy and activation plan. Our newly defined departments: Planning & Insights, Performance Content, Performance Media and Analytics & Technology work alongside Client Solutions to seamlessly integrate strategies across media channels and break down traditional marketing barriers. We equipped our teams with the tools to drive an integrated content and cross-channel media service by investing in an educational company-wide training called Performance Media Bootcamp. On-going trainings for our employees serve as a catalyst for further shifts around client needs and keep our employees performance marketing leaders.

planning & insights

performance content

performance media

analytics & technology

results worth bragging about In a year full of change, our relentless dedication to our clients and their success remained the same. This was a revolutionary year for innovation and out-of-the-box thinking across all teams.

returning to performics In 2013, one of our most valued clients consolidated national SEM campaigns within another agency. One year later they came back to us - the competing agency couldn’t live up to Performics results. In a matter of days, we prepared a proposal and won back all the business plus additional local and mobile campaigns. Today, the account is even more efficient with a streamlined team providing the level of service our client couldn’t live without.

Amount of revenue won back:


creating tools of mythical proportions Performics Bid Strategy Product Team created a proprietary tool that fully automates and standardizes new keyword creation to address key paid search objectives. This automated keyword tool, nicknamed “Pegasus,” uses Python code to create new keywords across match types and predict future conversion rates. For a large finance client, Pegasus has created over 20,000 new keywords with a combined conversion rate of 260% above the account average. ROI of new keywords generated by Pegasus are 240% above existing keyword average

what can we do for your payment page? To increase online orders and reduce customer abandonment, we identified key focus areas on a client’s payment page and launched a multivariate test with 17 unique page variations. A Performics-designed page outperformed the original payment page, and Performance Content funneled all traffic to the new page.

The Performics-designed page is expected to drive

$1 million

in additional revenue annually

activating digital personas Combining people, moments, value and data, we expanded the base of monthly active users for a large global client. Digital customer personas were activated, allowing for personalized messaging. These personas were tracked and optimized, giving way to performance insights, allowing for even further personalized and engaging experiences and the ability to forecast new growth opportunities.

New user volume above goal


ad collisions? not today By creating a set of rules that would measure impressions and report specific URL ad performance from ad monitoring data, we were able to quickly turn large sets of raw data sent from an ad monitoring service into a client-friendly dashboard which automatically identified specific URLs to be blacklisted, or excluded.

Team reduced money spent on colliding ads by


industry recognition: trailblazing around the globe Performics industry involvement in 2014 is reflective of our global growth. We uniquely offer the marketplace thought leaders and subject matter experts that regularly contribute ideas and perspectives on products, platforms and marketing problems that advertisers face today. Our world-class team attends industry conferences and events around the globe, offering data-driven opinions and insights while picking up awards like Best Search Agency (Performics EMEA) at the 2014 European Search awards along the way.

Frederic Joseph @FredJoseph_UKFR At the Zenithoptimedia Performics global client conference on UX factor... MKahn is great MC @performics @Performics_EMEA @ZenithOptimedia Beatriz Fernandez @BFBordons Matt Miller from @performics explains how agencies are addressing verification standards at #MPOMMA panel

cannes lion 2014



nyc insight

omma rtb

dmexco @dmexco Learn how to “Break down Silos for brands� with @Google, @performics and @ResolutionMedia at the #dmexco Performics @performics Very excited @performics EMEA won best agency of the year at the European #Search Awards- 2nd time in 3 years!

clickZ live

mediapost omma

roar 2014


in 2014, performics closed 75 new opportunities across the agency, we’re seeing success

2014 was a year of progress amidst transition. Around the globe, we continued to find great global business opportunities and multi-market expansion of existing clients.

4 search wins

Building upon that momentum, the U.S. ended 2014 with a number of wins that promise an exciting 2015. Take a look at some of our impressive stats throughout the year.

13 content wins 14 local wins 1 affiliate win

with a 46% win rate worldwide Data reflective of wins through Q3

1 display win

key cross sell opportunities are being seized

23 13

performance content wins

performance media & local wins

2014 was a year of recognition for...

we have the hardest working and most talented people in the industry Our dedication to a high performance mantra is the single reason behind the positive changes and continued excellence Performics has achieved in 2014.

Asim Ahmed Senior Account Manager

Fidess Ferrer Senior Media Manager

Heather Kollme Media Manager

Abby Nicoletti Manager, Business Development

Kara Sperandeo Associate Account Manager

Nandini Anantharaman Analytics Manager

Patrick Garvin Media Director

Shawn Lewis Media Manager

Christina Noia Media Director

Paul Stephani Manager

Angela Amfelt Senior Media Manager

Samantha Gerich Strategic Account Manager

Ivey Liang Specialist

Swagateeka Panigrahy Analyst

Jesse Stepniewski Media Manager

Cassie Boca Account Director

Teresa Gonzalez VP, Group Account Director

Casey Lin Senior Analyst

Eric Pumphrey Media Manager

Ryan Sullivan Vice President

Lauren Bradley Account Director

David Hasebroock Client Solutions Consultant

Erika Mahon Media Director

Richard Rhee Analytics Manager

Sami Tabibi Group Account Director

Jon Campbell Media Manager

Scott Hepner Client Solutions Consultant

Kate Maier Director, People & Development

Joshua Roland Group Account Director

Sarah Tillitt Group Media Director

Bryan Den Hartog Associate Manager

Leslie Herskowitz Account Manager

Dan Malachowski Director, Marketing

Chris Ryu Media Manager

Cathy Vu Associate Media Manager

Claire Doiron Media Director

Christine Hickey Senior Media Manager

Jennifer Malaniuk Account Director

Alia Samhat Media Manager

Brett Wagner Media Manager

Isiah Drake Product Manager

Trevor Higgins Account Director

Hannah Martone Media Manager

Sheila Sehgal Senior Financial Analyst

Jason Walker Director, Content Development

Nicole Duncan Media Director

Ian Hopkins Senior Media Manager

James McGinn Senior Media Manager

Bhavna Sherwakramani Senior Media Manager

Jami Warren Associate Manager

Lillian Duncan Senior Media Manager

Casey Howard Account Director

Sean Miller Director, Analytics

Catherine Smale Account Manager

Paul Williams Director, Content

Mick Enright Account Manager

James Ko Media Manager

Josh Miller VP, Group Account Director

Melissa Sova Media Manager

Julia Wisniewski Account Manager Hayley Wolfcale Specialist

work hard, play hard

The most important aspect of agency success is its people: We take pride in the ability to kick back and enjoy Beer Cart Friday or sip on a cold margarita while building friendships during work happy hour.

foosball tournament

beer pong tournament

pop the champagne happy hour

winter party

growing within the performics family Performics offers numerous perks to employees - encouraging professional and personal development. Sit back and enjoy a bagel and beer as we take a moment to appreciate the benefits that come with belonging to the Performics family. • • • • • • • • • •

Casual dress code Free breakfast on Fridays Beer fridge Beer cart Fridays Nintendo Wii & Xbox Connect Flexible work environment Updated technology 16 paid holidays per year 9 flex days per year Generous vacation package

• • • • • • • • • •

Board and table games Monthly birthday cake Monthly lunch & learns After work happy hours Chase Corporate Run Bring Your Child to Work Day Social, sports and green committees Scooter-friendly office Unlimited soda, juice, coffee and tea Community Service Day

• • • • • • • • •

Bubble chairs, bean bags and couches Flat screen TVs for news or sports All-staff parties Employee rewards Ice cream socials Charity events Sports parties Office decorating competitions Collaborative workspaces

professional development

giving back Performics proudly serves the community and contributes support to important causes. Every year, we come together for seasonal activities such as buying backpacks for Back to School Programs, gift giving with Holiday Giving Trees, regular food and clothing drives and fund raising walk and runs for various charities.

Notably, Performics hosts a Global Performance Day every year where teams across the world spend their day giving back to local communities. This year, we pitched in to give back to the Chicago’s Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired, YMCA, St. Leo’s Campus for Veteran’s, Brooklyn Bridge Initiative, Heal the Bay - Santa Monica among several others.

Performics belongs to the Publicis Groupe, which is committed to corporate social responsibility. As part of an ongoing commitment to ensuring all employees are given the opportunity to fulfill themselves and flourish, numerous initiatives have been created that offer training and improved career pathing. Publicis employees are encouraged to participate in the “Live my Life” program, which allows employees from various markets to “switch lives” with someone else for two weeks, gaining invaluable experience along the way. Affinity groups are also available for employees to join, including VivaWomen! (a group of women working to support other women) and Égalité (internal LGBT network).

Performics also offers formalized learning and development through the Transformics initiative, which provides educational experiences and fosters a culture of teaching, learning and mentoring to further the performance of our people. The core curriculum, which is the foundational knowledge for all Performics employees, includes courses such as SEO 101 and Intro to Search and Betas, giving a well-rounded understanding of Performics to all of its employees. Advanced and ad hoc curriculum is also available, including Improv and Communications Training, to further professional career development.

as we head into 2015 I wanted to share a few data points and perspectives that point to our growing performance marketing footprint and aspirations around the world.

be to deliver data informed integrated paid/owned/earned services that map to definitive business objectives: Acquisition. Retention. Win Back.

Remarkably, Performics has grown 172% in 4 years since we rolled out globally. This reflects the quality of the team we have assembled, the valuable work we do and, most importantly, the ROI we deliver in partnership with the client partners we serve. But as a network focused on the relentless pursuit of results, we consider ourselves to still be in the early stages of our evolution.

The Intent Lab: Built on our continuous focus on conversion, we will be launching a proprietary Performics research center that will publish major and ongoing studies on how consumers decide across categories, countries and competitive sets. Designed to capture and dimensionalize the “decision points” that mark the moments when consumers’ initiate, engage, enroll and convert across media and content, The Intent Lab is our commitment to continue to lead the conversion discussion as performance marketing becomes all of marketing.

This year, we recast our capabilities and focused on delivering integrated performance planning, media, content and analytics solutions. For 2015, we intend to build on this foundation by introducing practices that will accelerate our contributions to the brands we serve. These include: Planalytics: Leveraging the depths of data we access and produce, we will be creating a new approach to planning performance marketing strategy and activation. This will involve shattering departmental boundaries, re-inventing “business as usual” and working together like never before to rigorously apply insight, data and measurement across every stage of our process to create true end-to-end solutions. The goal will

Additional areas of focus include driving better integration, multi-level expansion and supporting a high performance culture. I am truly excited by these priorities as they all represent our commitment to increasing our value as an agency resource. Cheers,

Michael Kahn

The Original Performance Marketing Agency Established 1998

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