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Masters in Visual Brand Design Competiton


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JENAI KAVARANA Flat 314, International Student House, 229 Great Portland Street, London, W1W 5PN, United Kingdom / +44 7500 83 1180 ARD Drydocks World, Dubai, P.O.Box 8988, United Arab Emirates / +97150 853 7764 / +9714 360 5654 15-3, Rustom Bug, Byculla, Mumbai, 400 001, India / +91 22 2372 2950 / +98 211 40697 Email: / CV

Education University of Arts London, London College of Communication, September 2009 - June 2012 BA (HONS) Graphic for Media Design, Information Design Pathway

Jumeirah College, Dubai, A Levels, September 2007- June 2009 Art and Design (A), Product Design (A), Business Studies (B)

Jumeirah College, Dubai, GCSE, September 2005 - June 2007

Art and Design (A* 100%), Graphic Products (A*), Business Studies (A), English (A), Math (A), Science (B) Spanish (B)

Work Experience VH1, India, On Air Production Intern, August - September 2011 Worked directly under the OAP Associate Director, created a logo ID that has been choosen to go on air

Wunderman, Dubai, Creative Intern, July - August 2011

Worked directly under the Senior Art Directors and produced work for clients such as Galaxy/Mars, Yas Island Abu Dhabi, Landmark Group, Mashreq Bank etc.

Vogue India, Mumbai, Art Intern, July - August 2010 Worked directly under the Art Director for the Anniversary issue (October 2010), was featured on a V-Loves page

Creative Team, London, Freelance Work, 2009 - Present

Re-branded the Informations Services Logo and Brochure at London College of Communication

Playland Nursery, Dubai, Branding, 2010

Designed the logo, leaflet and brochure of Playland nursery

Special Families Support Group, Dubai, Branding, 2008 Created a branding image for SFS including logo, brochure, leaflet, certificates, business cards, letter heads etc...

Ink Advertising Agency, Dubai, June/August 2007

Completed a two month summer internship with the creative director and CEO of the agency

Pagents 2008-2011

May Queen Mumbai, 2011, Winner / Miss India World Wide, South Africa, 2009, Finalist / Femina Miss, Mumbai, 2008 Semi Finalist / Telelife Trendsetters, Dubai 2008, Winner.

Other Work Experience

Hydra Executives, Apprentice Based reality TV show, Abu Dhabi, 2008, Came in the top 3, represented India, was the youngest contestant / ‘Unleash your life’, Song, Music Video, Dubai, 2009, Co-wrote the lyrics and was featured in the music video with Ash Hamman

Modelled in Dubai, 2005 - 2009

L’Oreal, MAC, Manish Malhotra, Grazia Middle East, Marie Claire USA, Nestle, United Colours of Benetton Covers: Telelife, Travel and Lifestyle, ETC Magazine, X Press Newspaper

Languages Fluent: English, Hindi, Gujrati References available upon request







In the ever changing world of graphic design, its hard to choose just one specialty from: communication, visual, identity, environmental, information, editorial, package, motion-graphics, interaction, customer-experience, strategic designers, amongst others. This unwieldy collection of specializations begins to reveal the breadth of the design discipline, yet its many examples still leave a single definition of graphic design elusive. What designers across the entire spectrum have in common is an understanding of both problems and people. Regardless of specialization, designers recognize the challenges of a particular circumstance, relate to how their audience experiences the situation and then design solutions in response. I see myself as a multi-disciplinary designer as I have varied interests. I believe that the quality of my experimentation is improved by recognition of design beyond a certain specialization. AIGA, the professional association for design states that the future trend for designers is to have a wide and deep meta-disciplinary study and practice and their advice is to ‘be everything, or be left behind’.




– Confucius

I am a firm believer in learning by doing and believe that my internships at Vogue, Wunderman and VH1 have helped shape me into the designer that I am today. The reason I decided to intern in such varied fields of design was to help me decide where I see myself… Initially I was enticed by the world of magazine publishing however I realized that the magazine industry slowly becoming obsolete and is shifting into the engaging world of digital media. Wunderman specifically focuses on direct advertising with an expertise in digital media and this is where I was able to experiment with different media and think about campaigns and promotion across all media without any restrictions and limits. As the audience has been given liberty to skip advertisements on television and flip through the promotional campaign in print, I realized how essential it is to make sure that the target group is made the center of every design… engaging them is key. Working with the OAP (on air production team) at VH1 helped me focus on interactive media even further as I was given the task of designing the aston band and the new logo formation, which is now on air. Seeing my work on the World Wide Web, in print and on air has aided in giving me the confidence in my ability and has shown me how easily I can adapt the different media, programs and new ways of idea generation. The internships have helped my apply my skills, stretch my boundaries and work on increasingly complex and interesting applications which leads me back to my final year of my BA (HONS) Degree in Graphic for Media Design at London College of Communication. I have always had this fervent interest in humanity and have been volunteering for many years as I feel that time is so much more valuable than money. JWT’s (my dream agency) motto is ‘Time = the new currency’ is so relevant to what designers strive to do on a daily basis: creating ideas that people want to spend time with. So, in essence the better the idea the more time people will be willing to spend on it. This year I took on projects that appealed to me as a multi-disciplinary designer.


Time and time again I have heard that quote but as I am getting closer to the end of my student life as I know it, I have come to understand the significance those few words actually hold. Design was, is and always will be a major part of my life, as I have never thought of myself as anything other than a creative person. But as the prospects are endless in this big bad world of job hunting I seem to have lost myself in the transition from student to professional. The sheer thought of figuring out where I actually fit in and taking the next step to ensure that I am there has lead me to several breakdowns and epic states of panic… although its finally hit me, this July I will be graduating and now is the all important time to make all the decisions I am petrified to make.




You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself. – Galileo Galilei


Graphic designers shape messages to create powerful and effective communication. The form that communication takes can be anything from brochures, web-sites and interactive presentations to corporate identity and annual reports. The intent of the communication may vary depending on the message as some work is designed to entertain, inform, educate or persuade. My design philosophy is based on the design process. Every project starts with the critical question: Who? Knowing the audience is critical for developing effective communication. The second step is understanding how to get this target groups attention and figure out what they are most receptive towards. Finally the message must be crafted and presented in a way that resonates. The term: FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION is a principle associated with modern architecture however I feel its relevance resonates towards all aspects of design as it helps establish a suitable hierarchy of information. The design should always complement the intended form or purpose it is striving to achieve. Throughout my education and career in design I have been greatly influenced by my teachers, colleagues and the culture surrounding me. Perhaps one of my greatest influences are the cities I live in as I was born in Mumbai, raised in Dubai and have been studying in London for the past 3 years. I tend to draw inspiration from everywhere - sometimes it is the most unassuming thing I have seen/read/heard that can inspire me to start a new project/ concept. In a graduate program in design, I look forward to reinvigorating my passions for design and further developing the areas in which I have had experience with. In addition to building on these strengths, I am eager to cross borders and branch out into other facets of design that I have not had the chance in my professional life to explore. If given the hunting ground to focus on projects that I can apply my talents and experience to, I am confident that I will generate original work and emerge with a self-knowledge of the potential that I may reach as a designer. After participating in the Visual Brand Design web conference with Claudio Moderini I was convinced that the course would help uplift me into better job prospects as I would be stretching my thought process and venturing into new ideas. As Moderini specializes in new media I believe I will have a lot to learn from him as that is where the future of design is heading with technology pushing forward there are endless possibilities and the world of augmented reality and interactive digital media fascinates me.






Brief: Self Initiated Title: One Hour Project Overview: ‘There are places on Earth, in every country, where, for various reasons, good schools cannot be built and good teachers cannot or do not want to go.’ Creating a campaign to help Mr. Sugata Mitra’s plight in ensuring that good teachers go where they are needed. Outcome: Logo, Posters, Video explaining the project and several designs of the concept of the campaign. Video Link:





OneHourPosters_final.indd 3

4/29/12 4:27 PM

After watching Mr.Mitra’s TedTalk, I went on his website and called his number however, I was redirected to the London Speakers Bureau that handles his appointments when he is away from the UK and they asked me to send them an email with my comments and quires which they would forward to Mr. Mitra. I have yet to hear back from him. The main reason I was eager to speak to Mr. Mitra was to ask if he needed anything specifically designed as his website was very bland and none of his experiments were properly branded. I believe in the importance of good design as you only get one chance to make a first impression and although Mr. Mitra’s work is highly commendable, the next step into ensuring publicity and volunteers is to get the word out on a larger scale. The One Hour Project is a campaign that I have designed to convince people to donate one hour of their time per week to help ‘educate, enrich and uplift’ a child in need.



What can you do with one hour?


OneHourPosters_final.indd 2

4/29/12 4:27 PM



The logo is based around building blocks, as the children exposed to these SOLEs will have the opportunity to build their own future. The ‘O’ in one also acts as a clock showing how short an hour really is. Kony 2012 was a very stimulating campaign as it exploded across all media and was the leading inspiration for this project. Paul Rand, one of the fore founders of graphic design, used to use the Sachplakat technique with his posters… basically the reduction of a selling message to a minimum number of elements—usually the product, a logo or trademark, and a bold line(s) of type, often in hand-drawn block letters. I decided to keep my design ‘Simple Silly’ so that it is fuss free and engaging on the first glance.





Mr. Mitra talks about the arithmetic of change: 1 Billion children 100 Million mediators 10 Million SOLEs (Self Organized Learning Environments) 180 Billion Dollars 10 Years And he claims it is a question of attitude not technology. Apart from designing a logo, poster and campaign around encouraging more people to volunteer to become mediators, I decided to design SOMEs (Self Organized Mediator Environments) placed in urban environments in large cities – basically a large transparent box where mediators can spend one hour a week teaching the children across the world via Skype. As the boxes are transparent it will act as an ambient advertising campaign encouraging passers by to find out more and get actively involved. It will also generate a lot of word of mouth and social networking exposure.




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Email: Website: YouTube: Vimeo: Search: ‘Jenai Kavarana’ Mobile UK: +44 (0) 7500 8311 80 Mobile UAE: +97150 853 7764 Mobile India: +98 701 57 854



Statement of Purpose and Competition Entry  

Jenai Kavarana's application for Domus Academy's MA in Visual Brand Design