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Jenai Kavarana Brand Identity Design

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Font Guidelines

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Base Pallette

Text Colours

Square shape and logo inspired by QR Codes. Similar colours to differntiate between the two words. I felt it was important to have my name integrated within my logo. I decided to stick to a square shape as I am using QR codes to on my stationary and business cards. Identity - Name

J Identity - Logo

The logo is inspired by a paperclip because I liked the metaphor behind its symbol. Its main function is to link papers together in a simple and effective manner. I added a drop shadow to the monochrome logo to add a bit of depth and to make it look more realistic. Rather designing a regular paperclip, I simplified it to look like a ‘J’.

Letter Head with paperclip logo and the Jenai Kavarana square. QR Code on the bottom which links directly to my blog.

Stationary - Letter Head / Front

On the back of my stationary and the inside lining of my envelope is an abstract representation of crumped and stacks of paper. I used this as I wanted to show how the paper clip in the front is managing and holding all these pieces together, a metaphor of how I am a good multitasker, much like the paperclip. Stationary - Letter Head / Back

Envelopes like the letter heads have the J logo as well as my whole name and a QR code to my blog so that everything fits together as one strong identity.

Envelope Design

The business card QR codes enable people to scan my information directly into their smart phones without the hassel of typing.

Business Card Design

Jenai Kavarana Self Branding Project Branding Identity Guidelines

Jenai Kavarana Branding Guidelines  

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