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Welcome to Jemully Media Pellentesque a pede. Curabitur quis ipsum in tellus rhoncus ornare. Donec non ligula ut orci tincidunt hendrerit. Fusce et nisi eu lorem tempus porttitor. Nam nulla. Praesent pede. Vivamus aliquam diam vel nunc. Suspendisse erat. Sed pulvinar convallis massa. Suspendisse et orci in nisi blandit varius. Suspendisse ipsum. Phasellus porttitor lorem id ante. Vivamus lacus. Duis augue lorem, rhoncus eget, mattis vitae, facilisis ut, dolor. Nunc consequat velit sit amet purus. Integer et leo at est sollicitudin condimentum. Nullam dictum. Aliquam vitae diam. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Vivamus arcu. Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Maecenas a eros et metus sollicitudin sollicitudin.

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Website Planning Sed eleifend interdum pede. Mauris tincidunt, augue in egestas rutrum, arcu quam vestibulum diam, a condimentum magna pede mollis neque. Ut dictum leo eu purus. Quisque ante magna, volutpat non, tincidunt ac, gravida nec, pede. Contact Info

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Company Information Primary Contact: Phone: Email: Secondary Contact: Phone: Email: Website URL: Business Address: City: State: Additional Notes:

Company Established: Owner(s): Manager: Operating Hours: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: GeoLocations: Y / N

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Business Background 1. Describe your organization in a few sentences.

2. Does your business have a mission statement? If so, what is it?

3. What is there about your business that sets you apart from others in your industry?

4. What is there about you and your business that let’s you offer special help to your customers?

5. What problems do your customers have that your business can solve?

6. What is there in your background and experience that makes you uniquely qualified to help?

7. Who are your main competitors? List 3

8. Why do you believe potential customers who visit your site should do business with you rather than your competitors?

9. Do you have a slogan or tagline that clearly describes what you offer in terms of benefits and features?

10. Describe your potential customers. Age, M/F, geo location, interests, ethnicity, education, financial, Internet experience.

11. What is your budget for this project?

12. Who are the decision makers? What is the turn-around time for making a decision?

13. What staff will be involved in this process? What are their roles? Is there a webmaster on staff?

14. What is your deadline for completing this project?

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Business Vision 1. Why do you want a website or a redesign of your current site? 2. What will happen if you do not put up a site or redesign your current site?

3. What do you want to accomplish with the site? a. Lead generation b. Online sales c. Newsletter signups d. File downloads e. Video views f. Article reading g. Facebook likes h. Twitter follows i. Contact us 4. List 5 websites you like. Why are you attracted to them?

5. Have you researched your competition online? Do you have a list of things you do not want to offer on your site?

6. Are there terms, text, or content you do not want to use on your site? 7. Where is the content (text, images, logo, etc.) for this site coming from? Is the content ready for the site? Do you need writing or editing help from Jemully*?

8. Who is responsible for updated the site? Will this person need training from Jemully*? 9. Who is responsible for communications coming from the website? “Contact Us.”

10. What words are phrases would you use to search for your business? 11. What words are phrases would bring visitors to your site but you do not offer them? (shoes, but not boots; tennis shoes but not dress shoes; women’s shoes but not children’s shoes.) 12. Other than search engines, what methods of promotion will you use to spread the word about your website? Do you want Jemully* to help design an online marketing strategy for you? 13. Once your site is released, how long do you think it will take before you see a business increase from your site?

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14. How do you plan to encourage repeat visitors and referrals? 15. Will you use “social sharing� on the site? Do you currently have social media sites established for your business? If not, and you want them, who will set them up? Do you want Jemully* to help with the setup of these social media sites? Who will maintain the social media communication?

16. Do you want Jemully to add Google Analytics* to your site so you can track the activity on your website?

17. Do you want Jemully to add Google Adsense* to your site?

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E-Commerce 1. Do you have an existing online store? 2. What product(s) do you plan to sell online? How many items do you anticipate? 3. Will one of your staff be able to enter the products into the store or will Jemully enter the products into the store?

4. Will you offer real-time shipping options for your customers? 5. Are you going to accept credit cards online?

6. Are you going to accept paypal? 7. Do you need help setting up a merchant account online?

8. How much time will you be able to spend online responding to inquiries? Daily, hourly?

[Insert Date]


Website Design 1. What color scheme does the business use? 2. What marketing collateral do you have that can serve as a guide for us? (Business card, brochures, ads, letterhead, signage, etc.) 3. What font and style do you prefer for your branding? 4. What is the image you want to portray? (Professional, Casual, Trendy, Established, Reliable, Cutting Edge) 5. Describe the emotion you want potential customers to feel when they visit your site. 6. Who will provide the images for the site? 7. Other design preferences.


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Website Function 1. What absolutely MUST be on the homepage? 2. What is the order of priority for these items? 3. What must be visible at all times? 4. How many links will be needed? How many levels of navigation? 5. Is there any content that will require a database or other scripting? 6. Will there be a blog? a. Will there be multiple authors? b. Will you display author info/dates? c. Can visitors respond/comment to your posts? 7. Will there need to be multiple levels of access? (A password-protected area for employees info?)


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Website Feature Set Quick Checklist Columns 1 2 3 4 Blog Photo Gallery Banner Slider Site Registration Newsletter Signup Downloads Tags Categories Twitter Feed Facebook Feed Social Sharing Adsense AdWords Analytics Call Me Geo Location Calendar External Links Rse Feed Site Search Recent Posts User Comments Archives Author Info Post Dates


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Additional Jemully Services We will be happy to provide you with a quote for additional services.

Writing Press Releases Profiles Content Creation Third Party Endorsement Other

Editing Notes

Video Production Editing Web Channel

Email Marketing Writing Editing Management

Google Analytics AdWords AdSense


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Online Marketing Strategy Social Media Setup Management

Technology Needs Customized Site Needs Scripting IT Outsourced VOIP Mobile Integration Database Merchant Acct Integration Networking Security Policies Disaster Recovery Plan Emergency Communications

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