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How To Check Tax Refund Status If you have filed your federal tax return alreadyor due refund, you have numerous options to check your tax refund status. Here are some essential things that you should know about checking your refund status. 1. Online Access to Refund Information isan interactive tool and is the easiest ant fastest way to get yourfederal income tax refund information. Whether you opt to split your tax refund among several accounts, deposit into a single account, buy Savings Bonds or ask the IRS to mail you a check, “Where's My Refund?” give you 24 X7 online access to your refund information. It’s not only quick but also easy and secure. 2. When to Check Refund Status: If you e-file your refund information, you can usually get it72 hours after the IRS acknowledges your return receipt. If you file a paper return, the information is given after 3 to 4 weeks of mailing your return. 3. What You Need to Check Refund Status: When checking your tax refund status, have your information handy. To get your personalized tax refund information you must enter the following: •

Your personal Taxpayer Identification Number or your Social Security Number

Your filing status which will be Single, Married or Married Filing Joint Return

Filing Separate Return, Qualifying Widow(er) or Head of Household

Exact amount shown on your tax return.

4. What the Online Tool Will Tell You: Once you fill-up your personal tax refund information, you could get several responses, including: •

Acknowledgement that your tax return query was received and is in processing.

The mailing date or direct deposit date of your tax refund.

Remember that the IRS will not be able to deliver your refund if you fill in incorrect address.Under suchcircumstances, you may be able to correct or change your address online by using Where's My Refund? 5. Customized Information: Where's My Refund? Includes links to customized info based on your definite situation. The links guide you step by step to resolve any refund related issues. For example, if you are not able to your refund within 28 days from the date of original IRS mailing shown on Where's My Refund, you can start a refund trace. 6. Visually challenged Taxpayers: Where's My Refund? is also accessible to visually impaired federal taxpayers. They can use the Job Access with Speech screen reader and a Braille display which is compatible with different JAWS modes. 7. Toll-free Number: If you do not have an access to the internet, you can check your refund status in Spanish or English language by either dialing the 800-829-1954 (IRS Refund Hotline) or 800-829-4477 (IRS TeleTax System). When calling, you will need your or your spouse's Social Security number, exact refund amount as shown on your return and the filing status.

8. IRS2Go: This is the IRS’ smartphone application that allows taxpayers check on the tax refund status. Apple and Android users can easily download IRS2Go application for free from Apple App Store and Android market.

How To Check Tax Refund Status  

If you have filed your federal tax return alreadyor due refund, you have numerous options to check your tax refund status.

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