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4 TOURISM OPTIONS There are loads of careers to choose from in tourism 6 A DAY IN THE LIFE of The Merrion Hotel in Dublin 8 CELEBS Where to find them 10 DREAM JOB Aoife Ward tells us all about landing the job of her dreams while she was still at college 12 COOKING UP A STORM Mary Ryan and Keelan Higgs talk about life in the kitchen 14 GOING TO COLLEGE Courses to help you get started in tourism 18 BE THE BOSS Jason Clifford rises to the top in Dunloe Castle 20 ROCKING THE STADIUM Magda Narejko dishes all about a career in the fast lane at Aviva Stadium 22 TRAVEL THE GLOBE Susan Murphy’s worldwide culinary adventures 24 EXPERT ADVICE Television star Nick Munier offers handy advice for building a successful career 26 RESTAURANT Karl Fitzharris goes back to college 27 IN THE BLOOD Eleanor Rosney explains what it’s like growing up in a hotel 28 10 COOL THINGS to do in tourism 30 PAY & PERKS Earn wedge loads of cash, and get some nifty perks too

Trying to decide what to do with your life once you’ve finished school is pretty tough. There are loads of things to think about – from finding the best college course to suit you, to figuring out if you’ll like the job you’ll end up with at the end of your studies. Fáilte Ireland, the national tourism development authority, has put this magazine together to tell you all about the various career options in the tourism industry. You can also find out lots more about the wide range of tourism courses and careers on

On the Cover: Finalists in the Euro-toques Ireland Young Chef of the Year competition jump into tourism. Read about the Young Chef competition, plus the many other career opportunities in the tourism industry, inside this year’s issue of is produced by The views expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of Fáilte Ireland

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Why Choose T ourism? Tourism is one of the best indust to work in. ries in OK as we work , yes, you could say w the world e’re biased in tourism, but that m placed to kn eans we’re ow what m well a we love th e tourism se kes it so cool. Here’s why ctor:

1. It’s grea


craic What jo b could be more socia in tourism ble than where you work with everyday? people And don’t worry if yo people pers u’re not a on – there are the scenes, from accou loads of jobs behind nts to IT an d more. 2. It’s varie d No two days a minute you re the same in this b usiness. On co e next you co uld be serving supers tars, the uld be twe eting to th your latest e world ab news. Check out out the ch next page art on the to see why va ri in the touri ety is the sp sm industry ice of life .

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loads of o Few ind pportunitie ustries offe s r young pe to rise up th ople the ch e ladder so a nce quickly. You a general m could be anager by 2 5 or run yo business eve ur own n earlier! If you are de and you w termined ork hard th en you can in no time. reach the to p

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reat mone Forget a y on offer bout the m yth that w hospitality orking in is b article on p adly paid. As our Pay & Perks age 30 sho ws, you ca bucks in th n earn big is business and get so too. me tasty p erks

5. The worl

d is your o If you h yster ave skills in tourism yo travel the w u can orl hotel mana d. A bartender, chef, ger never has to or spa therapist spend long looking for work . R emember, tourism is big busin ess both he re in Ireland and around the The to globe ur so whether the big ism industry you’re a ho me gest ho is bird or an in megro tre emplo w n you’ll alway pid traveller y e r in provid s be able to ing wo Ireland, get work to fu r nd your life t h a n 170,0 k for more style. 00 peo ple.

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r t s u d n I m s i r u o T h of the Iris The Irish tourism industry is one of the biggest employers in the country, and no wonder when you look at the wide variety of businesses in the sector. From hotels and restaurants to surf schools and concert venues, there is something for everyone in tourism.

am Hotel,


The Fitzw Dublin

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The Saddle Room at The Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

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Michelle McGreevy, golf tourism officer, Fáilte Ireland and ‘The Chancy Brothers’ at the Irish Open in Killarney


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step int t x e n e ake th ow to t to page 14. h t u o To find ourism, turn t


24 hours in tourism

Rise & Shine 4.45am: Balasz, The Merrion’s

e f i L e h t A Day in

breakfast chef, arrives for duty and prepares for a busy morning serving guests in the 142 bedroo m hotel. Night porter, Michel, has been kept on his toes through the night, welcoming guests who arr ived after a late flight, while night auditor Tomaz is busy balancing the day ’s transactions before runnin g the night audit.

of a Busy Hotel

5.45am: Spa therapist, Yvonne , heads for the Tethra Spa and sets up for the day ahead. The first members and guests arrive in at 6.3 0am for a swim in the hotel’s 18m pool and a mo rning work out in the gym . Back in the kitchen, Anna gets the breakfast orders ready for room service, wh ile in The Cellar Restauran t, Adam prepares for the bre akfast rush.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like working in a busy hotel? Well we’ve got the inside scoop for you. We spent a day with the team in the five star Merrion Hotel in Dublin to find out what 24 hours in the tourism industry is really like.

7am: Breakfast is served in The Cellar. Upstairs the front office team are dea ling with the first checkouts of the day as busy guests depart for the airport or early morning meetings.

The Merrion has welcomed many high profile visitors including US President Barack Obama who is pictured here with the team.

8am: The housekeeping briefing is in full-flight as rooms are allocated to the housekeeping assistants and the daily tasks are ass igned. As well as the hotel’s 142 bedrooms, The Merrion also includes the Tethra Spa , six private dining rooms , The Cellar Restaurant and Cellar Bar, Bar No.23, the drawing rooms, the terrac e, reception area, plus plenty of corridor space, so there is a lot of ground for the housekeeping and ma intenance teams to cover. 8.30am: The facilities depart ment daily briefing led by maintenance manager Ger and facilities manag er Peter go through the issu es for the day as well as the refurbishment programm e that is underway in the bedrooms. 9am: The management team sit down to review hotel activities from the day before and look forwa rd to the day ahead. The gen eral manager, Peter MacCann, and deputy gen eral manager, Paul Heery , meet with the heads of all departments, including housekeeping, front office, reservations, maintenance , security, IT, finance, HR, eve nts and sales. They discus s the guests who are due to arrive that day and any special requirements tha t they might have, as we ll the events booked in the hotel’s private dining roo ms. 10am: As breakfast finishes in The Cellar Restaurant, morning coffee picks up in the hotel’s drawing roo ms where guests and locals meet to discuss everythin g from the economy to the latest political escapades in the Dáil across the road. 11

am: Downstairs in the Cellar Bar Kevin welcomes his first guests of the day while upstairs in Bar No.23 Stuart sets up for lunch. The Cellar’s manager, Da mian, meets with a page 

wine supplier to discuss new wines to add to the restaurant’s wine list.

The Lunch Rush 12 noon: The team gear up

for lunch in both The Cellar Restauran t and Bar. Upstairs in reception the front office team are busy checking out the remaining guests from last night, while the commissionaires offer hol idaymakers advice about where to go on the next leg of their trip. Like tour guides, they have an enc yclopaedic knowledge of Dublin and Ireland, and provide plenty of recommendations about the great things to do on holiday.

1pm: The kitchen team are in full swing as lunch service heats up in the res taurant, Cellar Bar and Drawing Rooms while the hotel’s private dining rooms cater for two priv ate lunches and a buffet for a regular corporate clie nt. There are 26 chefs workin g in the hotel at various times to cover bre akfast, lunch, dinner, light meals, room service, afternoon tea and private dining and events . When the house is full the team can cater for up to 300 guests. Today, executive head che f, Ed Cooney, and pastry chef, Paul Kelly, are away. They are in France visiting a chocolate maker who makes The Merrion’s very own ble nd of chocolate that is unique to the hotel. We are green with envy. 2pm: In the Tethra Spa, therap ists Irene and Catriona welcome guests . A mum and daughter have booked in for a spo t of pampering and the therapists help them relax with soothing massages. The Afternoon Show 3pm: Today’s guests check-in

at reception. Some leave their bags and ven ture off to explore the city, while others head to their rooms to kick back and relax. As lunch service winds dow n in the restaurant, back in the drawing rooms other guests sit down to afternoon tea. The Me rrion has the largest private art collection in Irel and and, to celebrate, the hotel’s talented pastry chefs have created a tasty selection of miniatu re treats inspired by the works of artists Jack But ler Yeats, William Scott and more. They are chic, colourful and seriously scrumptious.

4pm: The sales office is buzzin g as the team land a big new client. Matt, the director of sales, is away in Dubai promotin g the hotel to prospectiv e guests, while back home Garrett and Emer have been busy dealing wit h local clients. A big

multinational company has just agreed to hold a series of events at The Me rrion so the team are delighted. Sarah, the marketing ma nager, updates the hotel’s Facebook and Tw itter accounts and shares The Merrion’s late st news with followers. Before she heads home for the evening she holds a meeting with The Merrio n’s public relations company to discuss a cam paign to promote the hotel in the media.

Evening Celebrations 5pm: Jana, the events manag

er, liaises with a client who is holding a lau nch party for a new movie in the hotel that eve ning. The Merrion has held the launches for a num ber of films, including Bridesmaids, The Hangover and The Adjustment Bureau. The hotel is also popular with movie stars and many visiting act ors have checked-in, including Vince Vaughan and Will Ferrell. Her colleague Aedamar meanw hile ensures all the preparations are ready for the civil wedding ceremony taking place in the hotel at 5.30pm.

6pm: Back at The Cellar, Damia n and the team prepare for another busy service and the first of the evening’s diners arrive for the restaurant’s ‘Cellar Steal’ early dinner menu.

7pm: Next door the Cellar Bar is bustling with guests and workers from the nearby offices. Upstairs the movie launch is in full swing, while in one of The Merrion’s oth er private dining rooms the guests at the civil cer emony celebrate and both parties continue late into the evening.

10.45pm: The night team arr ive and employees on the evening shift han d over to Shahid, the night manager, before hea ding home for the evening. Shahid is joined by Tomaz, who covers reception, and porters Mic hael and Nestor. They serve drinks to guests in Bar No.23 and prepare snacks for guests who wo uld like a midnight feast in their rooms. As the night progresses thr ough to the wee small hours of the mornin g, Michael polishes and shines guest shoes and delivers newspapers outside guests’ doors. Ne stor, meanwhile, washes guest cars to have them clean and shiny for their departure the next day. The y also collect all the room service breakfast ord ers so that Balasz can get straight to work when he arrives in for his shift which starts at 5am. While guests sleep soundl y in The Merrion’s ultra-luxurious beds, beh ind the scenes the servic e never stops. There is always something to do in a busy 24 hours in tourism .


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EY SPEARS. ame, BRITN e stayed in The fl ld o is h as h Dublin, as h ayed The 02 Co Wicklow. IN BIEBER pl y, When JUST werscourt in Enniskerr Po n o lt ar C Ritzayed at e Queen st and while th royals prefer in er bl u th D o t, in si Back recent vi er h g NACO and n ri O M du LBERT OF Farmleigh A E C IN in the PR urne. LENE stayed The Shelbo CESS CHAR n their trip to IN PR e, id his new br en hotel o ephen’s Gre famous St St ng. di ed re their w Ireland befo the t, Krystle is od night ou from go e a n to yo er es ev m When it co , attracting in bl u r D o in ct seen to X Fa place to be LUM BEST LPA and CA SA ce, the n IA re G R la C EO G ALSH. The W IS U as recently LO h , favourite ys from U2 bo e th nder new by nightclub u hotel owned us Kitchen o mains a m re fa ill s it st reopened e’s Bordello lli Li ile h w rt t, pa y-goer managemen d for many a famous n u o gr stomping d. visiting Irelan

e ry Hotel wh JAY-Z and th ing art Westbu m -s ra lt u otted boost ’s Dublin has been sp (She’s ce r. n o ve o ey s B e’ d es while sh in town, an u q ti e u bo l in of loca k it out th the coffers ladies, chec a ic h C f o n fa a particular all.) Westbury M tly the Slane recen Heroes en around town. The ON rocked ons Hotel LE F as O Se S Sporting ca r u G Fo ky an n also be se s for sw When KIN e atch dinner stay at th orts stars dulging in Sp to in se ed o tt o ch the post-m stay there d sp s so st ban am o t al h te n e e e ra er u rn th w . They at Resta Shelbou ches, and at m y in on bl gb u in Ballsbridge eats when they dined ru D al u’re in in star internation ary tr f games. If yo popping into the two Michel o ly n ds o some culin n s e ke d’ av ee an h worth aud, Irel on the w s eatery aff, guests eekends it’s Patrick Guilb er diners at the famou es. All the st rnational w stayed at ch te o th at h in O w m , f t. o n ily g ra m restau d his fa team before e mornin hotel on th support the ILL SMITH an l. to W d p u on and de e u cl lin s in te eering them customer errion Ho ch e stars often , d M th r m an o iu re le do ad he t w St l hote the nex for the batt for Aviva r, Mark endy Dylan uragement they leave star hotels, book creato co ve ce en fi Fa f o st e The ultra tr be ty ud s cl en pl US and’ guests in giving them n, one of Irel visitors to Ireland, from stay. Recent The Merrio tor ofile pr ac . h d rg d. ig an ea h be n y er ah ia Zuck Boys attracts man CK OBAMA to comed rico and the ARA orld Cup, D House, W e n th to ar re President B C fo ky ND. th’s swan For camp be o A o R n B L rwards ay EL te M af SS at x RU ed rela boutique in Green stay ld train in privacy and and unique ’s It ic a. ch sp u e e p co th or in th ts can si stars prefer where they golf courses l where gues a number Some other of the two tion, Dylan hote e codes, with n ’s ca l o in lo al n f bl e o o u yl s D st f ar st nd s la base, as rt er r o ei appeal o nd sp g o th h Alice in W pular wit House as chest youn n ri po an e to in th ar f C ils o g ta e n cock s usi ch as Real ude on tor of GAA team ional football teams su patrons incl UCKERBERG. The crea and recent at Z rn K cent well as inte world, MAR l during a re D and men in the at the hote U d. ed ri LO ay A ad st M LS k o IR ey choose clude G of Facebo e in town th onrad, er visitors in KIERA KNIGHTLY. ar th s O . ck la ce B n ll re A confe ighty actress or The C When the m nock Hotel e Caribbean ek tl as C ’s s of the in Pirates of th ubl of Leon, , the winner lu St to stay in D in the Kings asons. , FC PORTO s nB an er so rg th o is o ill ad br St ur Se in the R Followill while in vours The Fo p, celebrated ph at Aviva Stadium. Just like the fa u C so A al EF E ’s K U rg 1 erbe 201 BERLA r trium JUSTIN TIM actor, who played Zuck al Network, tel after thei d Helen’s Ho Soci an e r Th ge e n vi si o e m Th e Parker in th ile visiting sidekick Sean e Ballsbridge hotel wh th at has stayed


played when they ght Stadium fan, Aaron lla l Ta ca to Lo . xt ue aza Hotel ne EFA Champions Leag Pl gle. e in th Pr at n ach, Marti gen stayed d for the U FC Copenha rs in a qualifying roun g tips from assistant co ve rtin Shamrock Ro red getting some spo ictu Penney, is p

Open Champions Rory McIlroy and Darren Clarke at the Irish Open in Killarney


not one, ings ry welcomed ns when Golfing Kca pital and Ker pio

am Outside the but four Major golf ch & Fishing ree, arney Golf ill K e th two, not th at d el in Britain, h n as pe w O n e the Irish Ope e heels of his win at Th McILROY, n th ed by RORY RINGTON. Club. Hot o in jo as w E K R HAR DARREN CLA WELL and PADRAIG O cD ey’s five star n M GRAEME ked at Killar earby Aghadoe n bu rs lfe n e go Many of th aig stayed in l, while Padr Europe Hote tel. Heights Ho five star e cash on a to splash th me of e so av h h it t w n’ shoulders But you do s b ru to t y an rugb player uw lifestyle if yo st sports stars. Munster ound gr g in n ai tr te ’s Ireland’s grea found near the team e y be the RDS is th can regularl erick, while m Li f o ty si er in the Univ inster. ound for Le stomping gr ing back s like chuck inster player wn Centre, and Le , rs u o h Out of office ando’s in Dundrum To t of guest spo in N a’s indulge in a the chicken at Wagamam en known to d be ie tr en so ev al e e ’v hav ey th ty activi cheffing – an Street. g in K th u ue on So e boys in bl ll isn’t all th ba e th g in at spinn It seems th . at d o are go

and in O’Malley Kearney, Eo rm in Nando’s at b Ro n, de o ad Fergus McF a culinary st scoll whip up Brian O’Dri e. wn Centr Dundrum To an y players Ru Ulster Rugb annenburg drie W Pienaar, Pe tured Diak are pic m ie bb Ro d an fro s w he at nM with Caroly Spa, d an n Estate the Cullode r the fo s rk o w n oly Belfast. Car hich w up ro otel G Hastings H r Rugby. te ls U rs o spons

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m s i r u o t n i r e e r a c a e s o t e e ‘I ch m o t d e t n a w ’ e l as I p o e p g n i t s e inter

dream job

ge, At 21 years of a as AOIFE WARD h in her already worked she’s dream job. Now do it again as hoping she can ishes college. soon as she fin

Fact File

Name: Aoife Ward Age: 21 From: Dublin Tourism Studying: Degree in thal Brugha Marketing at DIT Ca course if you’re Street. ‘It’s a great s,’ she says. interested in busines ter the world’s Cool job: Looking af stle during media at Dublin Ca visit to Ireland. President Obama’s Dublin Tourism Dream: To work in ishes college. again when she fin page 10

your life when hat to do with w de ci de to h trying gs: she wanted It’s pretty toug knew three thin d ar W some ife Ao t ol, bu would include you finish scho and varied, that g ith in w st t re ac te nt in co as ing her into a career that w d that would br an s, es sin bu element of ery day. sting people ev new and intere course me up with the together, she ca has e ch re hi th w l al n d sio de ci far, it’s a de When she ad so d, an role T a DI ed at keting ready land in Tourism Mar urse she has al co e th to in s ar ye paid off. Three more. ose boxes and that ticks all th , Dublin Tourism th internship at on -m six t a t os ge m to e of the Aoife was lucky g agency, at on urism marketin to her placement, l’s g ta pi rin ca Du e . th e in the city ism ur to r fo ting degree, sh es ar exciting tim r tourism m ke ea -y se ur ni fo r ga he or d rt of an an which forms pa teams to help pl e city’s tourism th US President d ith an w II d ke th or be w Queen Eliza of s sit vi le ofi the high pr Barack Obama. ck Obama’s ife. ‘During Bara Ao ys sa ’ e, tim ‘It was so interesting to be behind Castle where exciting ‘It was such an centre in Dublin ia ed m e th the scenes in the press centre with at wn visit I worked do all the journalists watching Air Force One land in Dublin Airport on the big screen,’ says Aoife.

Know? Did You icles about the Queend

ews art to Irelan 38,000 n k Obama’s visits Close to e world c ra a d aroun th ident B and Pres d and broadcast . te eir stay were prin during th €300m to massive a h rt o w many of rage was city, and centre The cove rms of free publi ss te t the pre Ireland in were compiled a d. rk res ife wo e the featu where Ao e tl s a C in Dublin

Taoiseach Enda Kenny and television presenter Grainne Seoige at the media centre in Dublin Castle .

X Factor’s Mary Byrne met the Queen at a gig in the Convention Centre Dublin to celebrate her visit.

on his visit ered to report the world gath er ov ey had l th al re m su fro journalists ts and make lis na ur jo the e th r afte rmation about We had to look ther it was info he w places , e ed th ed of ne e ory on som st hi everything they nd ou gr ck nalists were rary, or ba e what the jour President’s itine se to g as in st re te so in for and there w he visited. It was ion they looked at rm ith fo w in in of g in nd t ki ys com doing and wha To see these gu e ound the place. nses that you se le a er m ca a great buzz ar ge hu e os th e ent, lik all their equipm ad.’ ith on TV, was m w i zz ra pa the pa

ue media Dream Come Trt to rub shoulders with the world’sg together

’t ge puttin While she didn was involved in en’s stay, Aoife ue tal. ‘When the pi Q e ca th e g th rin du out her visit to ab e ought it m m ra at og excited th I th a special pr so as w did ne yo er nd ev about what she Queen was arou mme together ra og ns pr io a ct t tra pu at to all the would be great people behind . I spoke to the was a really fun It . ip tr r during her visit he t photos of go d an ed sit vi that she on.’ project to work visit of and the historic e US President th . ‘They of its al m riv ad ar ife e come true, Ao Working on th m ea dr a em th as w in gland involved the Queen of En ns and so to be sio ca oc l ta en um were such mon ing.’ al. It was amaz de g bi a ch su is DIT year of study at ge for her final tes she’ll lle ua co ad at gr e ck sh ba n is Now she pes that whe ho e sh t tely bu lu so et Stre ip. ‘I ab Cathal Brugha g as her internsh tin ci there! ex en as be st ve ju ha t a time to ha get a job that is W . e ism ur g To at Dublin e marketin sid loved my stint ry and I love th st du in to g ar tin ul ci ic rt an ex d in pa Tourism is such ing tourism, an so to be promot s, love so much, is es I sin ch hi bu w e th in of town of Dubl e m ho y internship y m g as t same job m be marketin ac ex e th in k d wor brilliant. If I coul happy woman.’ ge I would be a lle co ish fin I n whe

Journalists from across the globe used Dublin Castle as their base when reporting on the visits.

t into the party spirit ernational media ge Members of the int visits of the Queen file ring the high pro at Dublin Castle du and Barack Obama.

ustry but also have who like the buzz of the tourism ind ple peo for at gre is ting rke ma nty of Tourism und the country, and there are ple aro le ilab ava are s rse Cou ss. ine a keen interest in bus .ie courses listed on www.picktourism lity pita hos and rism tou ed bas ssmore busine

page 11

kitchen confidential

m r o t S a p U g n i k o o C ed with Mary is pictur ning dish in w dar her aw ef of the Ch g at the Youn Year Awards.

ed e highly-priz th n o w e sh n ro010 whe anisation Eu big time in 2 e rg o th ’ fs it e h h N c h A e MARY RY ard from th winners, suc s w u A r io a v e re Y p e f o th of tsteps Young Chef e of the ws in the foo o ll fo e h led out as on S g . n d n si n la e e e Ir b what s s e toqu . She tells us uire, and ha g ry a st M u d n e in v t e n N lin’s restaura as TV chef lunch in Dub d ts in the Irish e n d d le u ta st w re a n rd at a st greatest g the big awa in n in w e . k li it was ick Guilbaud tr a P t n ra u a swanky Rest

‘Winning the Young Chef of the Year Award was absolutely unbelievable. So many people who win awards say that they didn’t expect it, but in my case that was absolutely true. The four others I was competing against in the competition were so good, I really didn’t think I had a shot. The Euro-toques Young Chef competition is very intense. First you submit a written easy on a subject suggested by the Awards committee, then you go through an interview process, followed by a skills test in the kitchen where you are judged by senior chefs in the industry. Lastly the five finalists all prepare a course each for guests at an awards luncheon. When I won the competition in 2010 the lunch was held at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, which is Ireland’s only two star Michelin restaurant. Competing is nerve-wracking as you’re up against stiff competition and you’re being judged by the best in the business, but you are supported by a mentor which helps. Our executive head chef, Seamus Commons, mentored me throughout the competition which was fantastic. He gave me a lot of his time and was a great support. There is a huge amount of preparation involved in the competition so it’s great to have someone like Seamus helping you along. It was because of Seamus that I applied for my job in the restaurant at Knockranny House Hotel in Westport. He is well-known in the industry as a really talented chef so it was great to get to work with him. We have a brilliant team at the hotel, we’re all quite young and we work well together.

Fact File

Name: Mary Ryan Age: 25 From: Limerick y at LIT Professional Cooker Studied: Full-time at Knockranny Job: Chef de partie ort, Co Mayo House Hotel, Westp oques the coveted Euro-t Big break: Winning 10 of the Year title in 20 Ireland Young Chef page 12

Finalist Pauli Vanttila from Gregan’s Castle in Clare presents his dish to the judges

Fact File The finalists and their mentors at the Young Chef of the Year 2010 lunch

We’re always bouncing ideas off each other. It’s a great environment to work in. Although I work every day in a fine dining restaurant, my parents really didn’t know what I could do until I won the Young Chef award. They like quite simple food and they wouldn’t go to fine dining restaurants that often so it was a big surprise to them when they came to the awards lunch and saw what I cooked. It was my mum’s birthday on the day and I had been so busy with the competition I hadn’t had time to get her a present. I told her if I won that would be her gift, and she was delighted when I did.

Top Prize As part of my prize I have been given the chance to go to London to complete a stage (work experience) at The Ledbury in London which is a two Michelin star restaurant. It’s a huge opportunity so I’m really excited about it but I’m a little nervous too! As well as the stage in The Ledbury, myself and the other finalists were also brought to Paris by Fáilte Ireland to visit the famous School of Culinary Arts. It was such an amazing trip. We got to see how it worked in the college and we also had great fun exploring the city. Being a chef is hard work, but the industry offers you great opportunities. It is such an honour to win something like the Young Chef of the Year competition, and it opens lots of doors for you.’

rter Kick Sta kery course

oo rt ssional C The Profe Mary a great sta e a v a s g t’ at LIT says. ‘I stry, she u rn d a in le e u in th nd yo course a y ll d a o re o g I . ry re ve u’re the o y e e il it h n defi ly a lot w d I would ers.’ n a it d e oth enjoy end it to recomm

Name: Keelan Higgs Age: 25 From: Dublin ary Arts, DIT Studied: BA in Culin Lock’s at e rti Job: Chef de pa n bli Du , Brasserie

Keelan is interviewed by Ross Golden-Bannon, editor of Food & Wine Magazine (left) at the Young Chef of the Year Awards lunch in Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud.

Keelan Higgs was one of the five finalists who took part in the Euro-toques Ireland Young Chef Competition. ‘I really enjoyed the competition and I met some really good people when I was doing it, such as Brett Graham, the chef-proprietor of The Ledbury in London, who flew to Dublin to judge the Awards. The competition was a great experience and getting to spend a week, all-expenses-paid, in Paris with the four other finalists was absolutely brilliant. We had great fun and met some amazing chefs. The two days we spent in the Ferrandi culinary school were fascinating. It was well worth doing the competition just for the trip alone. I always knew I wanted to be a chef. My dad was a chef before me so it’s in my blood. I have been around the restaurant industry all my life. I worked in a few restaurants after school before I decided to go back to college full-time. I wanted to further my education so I looked at what was available and I thought the BA in Culinary Arts sounded the most interesting. I’m really glad I did it as it’s a great course. Since then I have got some great experience in some really amazing restaurants such as the two Michelin star Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, the one Michelin star Chapter One and Lock’s Brasserie where I now work as chef de partie. This means that I’m third in line behind the head chef and the sous chef. At the moment I look after the fish, meat and sauces, and as it’s a small kitchen in Lock’s I’m getting lots of experience doing different things. I really love it. I can see myself staying here for another year and then I’m going to head to Australia. I won a scholarship in college to go to Sydney and spend a month working in Watuda’s restaurant which I can’t wait to do. I reckon I’ll stay on in Australia for a while and then I’d like to move to London to get more experience. I would definitely recommend a career as a chef to others, but it is something you really have to be passionate about. You need a good bit of endurance and you have to constantly motivate yourself, but if you are creative, you love food and you enjoy cooking there is no better job. From my point of view I think I was born to do it.’ page 13

getting started

s n o i t p O g n i n r a Your Le

Are you interested in a career in tourism, but not sure about which course is best for you? There are courses which will let you study full-time or earn while you learn. Here is a quick guide of what’s available:

Full-Time Study CAO Courses: For applications to higher level certificate courses or degree programmes students must apply via the CAO system. Students must have their Leaving Cert or equivalent. Exemptions apply for mature students. Courses are held in Universities, Institutes of Technology, private colleges and Shannon College of Hotel Management. Programmes are full-time between two to four years. All awards are on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ) and range from level six higher certificate to level nine postgraduate degrees.

Further Education Colleges/PLCs: These courses are for those who have completed secondary school. PLC (Post Leaving Cert) courses usually take place in schools, colleges and community education centres around the country and courses are usually between one and two years. They are usually more focused on technical knowledge, core skills and work experience. These are the first steps toward skilled employment and also

There are num erous options available so se for a course th e www.pickto at suits you. /cours e page 14

give you access to further study in third level college. Awards/ qualifications are usually through the Further Education and Training Awards Council (FETAC) from levels four to six and all are internationally recognised.

Practical Learning Earn and Learn Options: If you are worried about the cost of going to college or if you can’t face studying full time why not consider a traineeship style programme where you work full time and attend an Institute of Technology on a part-time, day release or block release basis? Courses available under this option include the National Traineeship in Professional Cookery and Restaurant Operations Management. You can work in a hotel or restaurant for the duration of the programme, your employer will pay you and you can get your qualification at the same time. The qualification you receive at the end of your training will depend on the type of course you have chosen. For more information on Fáilte Ireland’s new National Traineeship Programme, see the opposite page.

guide /

Train to Be the Best

With the New Tra in

earn while you learn

eeship in Professio

nal Cookery

Full-time study does n’t suit everyone, so if you have dream s of becoming a great chef and wou ld like to get practic al experience while yo u learn, why not apply for Fáilte Irel and’s new National Traineeship in Profe ssional Cookery?

The programme, wh ich runs over two ye ars, is open to anyo interested in becomi ne ng a chef – whether you’re a school lea currently unemploye ver, d, or someone alrea dy working in the ind who wants to brush ustry up your skills.

Run through the Ins titutes of Technolog y and Colleges of Fu Education around rther the country, the Na tional Traineeship in Cookery is suitable Professional for those who would like to earn a wage learn or those who while they don’t feel suited to full-time academic life. Students can work within the industry while studying on da and the two-year pro y-release gramme includes: • The theory and pra ctice of professiona l cookery • Menu design; cost control; food science • Health and safety If you successfully complete the progra mme you will receiv Advanced Certificate e an in Professional Cook ery FETAC Level 6 at of the two years. If, the end by then, you have ca ught the learning bu would like to study g and more you can also apply to progress to Culinary Arts. the BA in And the really good news is that, as we ll as earning an academic qualific ation, you will have built up practical experie nce in the industry which will look great on yo ur CV. Employers wi ll be impressed, both wi th the experience yo u have gained, as we ll as the qualification ig demand s hefs are in b you have earned. It’s C a win-win situation. mand high and can com ts.

? Did You Know

ish restauran salaries in Ir f for details o See page 30 n expect what you ca rn to ea .

Kieran Comiskey, Chapter One Restaurant, Dublin Image: Derek Cullen, Fáilte Ireland

To find out more about the new Nat ional Traineeship in Professional Co okery and the grea t ITs around Ireland where the programme is avai lable, head to www.pickt page 15

course progression

r e d d a L e h t g n bi


ailable to v a s e s r u o c y n There are ma lus plenty p , m s ri u to d in get you starte you progress lp e h l il w h ic is of others wh ladder. Here r e re a c e h t further up tes towards u ro d e ri a v e a guide to th . t qualification to read abou e .i m s ri u to k ut Visit www.pic and to find o s e s r u o c t n the differe re on offer. where they a

;:BG <N E^o^e0 EBG:KR:K ML !IZkm& Mbf^"  MHM:E BFF ¾2f >KLBHG E^o^e/ hgmal !,]Zr p^^d" li^k


G:MBH MK:BG G:E >>L ¾+R^Z ABI kl E^o^e/ !*]Zr p^^d" i^k

>KB>G<> (CH; hk



GUIDE TO QUALIFICATIONS CHART: PINK – Full-time education opt ions GREEN – Earn and learn option s RED – Positions available with these qualifications

page 16




;; <NEBG LBG :KR ¾E^o :KML ^e0 Ab`a^k <^kmb_ bg:kml¾b\Zm^ <nebgZk  r: ¾E^o^ kml e/



>q^\n m A^Z] bo^ ( <a^_

Lhnl<a^ <a^_]^I _ ( Zkm <hffbl< b^ ( !,k] (-ma a^_ R^Zk"

<hffbl\ a^_ *lmr^Zk

I Ikh`hllb[e^  k FZg ^llbhg mh Z`^ =^` f^gm k ^ Ikh` ^ kZf  f^ K^lmZ n

kZgmH FZgZ i^kZmbh gl ` Li^\ bZe ^f^gm !2f Inkihl^: hgma l"¾E pZk] ^o^e 0 E>:OBG

@<> PHK KM( >QI>K D B>G<>

Ahl i FZg bmZebmr Z`^f ^g ¾E^ o^e2 m Ahm^ eZg FZgZ ]<Zm^kbg ` `^ Ahli f^gm ( b m Z e b mr FZgZ `^ ¾E^o f^gm ^e1

Ahm^e Zg] ?nkma^ <Zm^kbg` k> <hee^` ]n\Zmbhg ^l¾E^ o^e.


Ahlibm FZgZ` Zebmr Ahm^e ^f^gm ( Zg] FZgZ` <Zm^kbg` ^f ¾E^o^ ^gm e0 Ab`a^k< ^kmb_b\ bg:kml¾ Zm^  Ahli Lmn]b^l bmZebmr (Hi^kZ ¾E^o^e mbhgl /



@^g ^ FZg kZe Z`^ k :llbl mZ =^in gm ( Hi^k mr( Zm FZg bhgl Z`^k A^Z] :llblm ( Z A^Z gm =^iZ ]h_ kmf^g


Lni^ko blhk( =nmr FZgZ` ^k ?hh]L^ko b\^ ( ;Zkm^g]bg  `

page 17

be the boss

f o r e g a n a m e m a c e b ‘I ’ 5 2 t a l e t o h r a t s e v fi a RD JASON CLIFFO hat tells us about w it’s like to run a hotel. luxury five star

hotel business. y career in the mping rider ‘I didn’t start m hen sional show-ju es of pr a ly al and Germany. W tu I was ac in Switzerland ng ki l or te w r, ho e ge y th when I was youn cided I would tr e age of 20 I de ing up and I ow gr as w I n I gave it up at th he w B B& a n ra rents eeting people. business. My pa always liked m I . ry st du in urism enjoyed the to the Gleneagle a bartender in as e im -t rt pa I moved to the orking I started out w originally, then m fro I’m d by re he w ey, star hotel owne Hotel in Killarn , which is a five el ta ot go H t pe bu r ro de Eu a barten neighbouring plied for a job as yed it. jo ap I en . ly up al ro re G I . rr the Liebhe e for a season and stayed ther role as a porter ts Hotel, Aghadoe Heigh by d he ac I po as ar I w hile I was there The following ye l in the area. W te e ho th ar in st ns e tio fiv r e qualifica which is anothe t en good to get som be pm lo ld ve ou w De t it Managemen decided that e ne ai le Tr hi e w th e r plied fo y part-tim industry so I ap t as I could stud ea gr as e w nc It . rie IT GM t expe Programme at ts and I got grea Aghadoe Heigh d to me as in oo st ng ki ly or al w re as ch w I the hotel whi of t en had been m I rt e pa do in every de e I left Agha tim e th By . ed ress my career prog . sistant manager as to ed ot om pr to try something siness I decided bu l te ho e th s in which After a few year tment company oved to a recrui I was there m le I hi d w an as nt w re It diffe y industry. lit ita sp ho oe Castle came e nl th Du specialised in the helm at er ov the ke ta to unity r of roles with that the opport to fill a numbe es at es id ud nd cl ca in r d fo g Liebherr an up. I was lookin e ch is owned by hi th t w , gh up ou ro th G I el d na Sidhe, an Killarney Hot d Ár d an le I st b. nloe Ca great jo The Europe, Du sounded like a role in Dunloe ’s d our wedding er ha ag I an d m an l ra gene here my wife w s it’ as l el w l knew the hote reception. e t a while later th t going for it, bu ns e ai th ag e d m de d ci re fe In the end I de hael Brennan, of ing director, Mic time and I was e th at d ol s group’s manag ar ye 25 st ju as .Iw position anyway

In Demand

Fact File

d Name: Jason Cliffor Age: 29 From: Killarney anagement Studied: Trainee M ramme at GMIT Development Prog er of the five Job: General manag Hotel in Killarney star Dunloe Castle became one of Claim to fame: He ral managers of the youngest gene land when he a five star hotel in Ire le at just 25 landed his current ro years old! page 18

es to after, which go ar hotel to look st ry. e st fiv du , in m is oo th dr in be ry quickly ve er handed a 102dd la e th can rise up show that you hael ork for and Mic t company to w ea ral gr ne a is ge is up d ro an the group The Liebherr G up s ad he own he y m Although aves me to is a great boss. e Europe, he le Th l, e te th ho n r ru te r sis ent to manager of ou usts my judgem oe Castle and tr nl Du in s ce vi de hotel. e a lot of hours ork and there ar Love It w rd ha s d It’ b. my jo mer season an I absolutely love en for the sum op ly ife is w on y is l M te e. e ho r if you lik involved but th off in the winte ch is e hi w tim es of os ty cl l en ter the hote af you can take pl st ju r be by em ild in Nov the new ba . due our first ch e to spend with tim of ty en pl ve great as I will ha well as the 102 s, 60 acres and as on d te ca lo three restaurant is l The hote erence centre, nf co , a ol ve po ha g in so al imm guestrooms we s, a 25 metre sw treatment room rdens and fishing o ga tw d , te rs lis ba e of s re re th ac 20 , tt pu d do! tch an there’s a lot to tennis courts, pi the grounds, so on g in rid e rs and ho hat I love so job and that’s w is th in ding, e m sa e the ing after a wed No two days ar u could be look yo n for e ig ut pa in m m ca ne O advertising w ne much about it. a on ng ki ing the hotel uld be wor ent, we are open the next you co om m e th at , stance busy ordering the hotel. For in I have been kept so n ng tio ca lo y dl for our advertisi up as a dog-frien ie photo shoots gg staff. e do th g r sin fo ni y ga lic er a dog po th dog baskets, or ge to g sy in tt bu pu pt ns and being ke and PR campaig stry. As well as du in is th it in es t ak ge u ch m I love the mix yo ess involved whi e is a lot of busin er th ts es gu ith w g. really interestin people g all the great definitely meetin yone from Willie is b jo y m of The best part e have had ever ugh the door. W When the Irish who come thro ger, to Jedward. sin y tr un of the co y ar nd g Club over 30 Nelson, the lege ey Golf & Fishin rn lla Ki e th at Open was on ch was great. ed with us whi pro golfers stay . There an amazing team as I work with b jo em is th th of in y y I’m very luck e hotel and man aff working in th d our maitre d’ are about 40 st ing our chef an ud cl in 20 s, ar ye r fo us for more than have been here have been with l ho al w it ) er ne ag do d an e seen an (restaurant m ager but they’v lot from a an n m ar e le th so be al I ay , years. I m guide them job, you learn le it is my job to before and, whi thing about this nt ia ill br e th ’s at Th . the team here day. so much every tely. My work in? Absolu od industry to go I have a at is th ism es ur iti e opportun Do I think to th n ve gi be to g and kful for it and I job is so excitin g. I’m very than in az am ly al re is had at this age e better to do.’ anything I’d lik couldn’t think of


Young G

able to aspiring

e course options avail Flip to page 17 to see th young hotel managers.

o president Jason is als f y branch o of the Kerr e id w d rl o w SKAL, the n for tourism organisatio s ls. As well a professiona est g n of the you being one r a st f a five managers o o nd, he’s als la e Ir in l hote of t n st preside the younge rope. SKAL in Eu

page 19

hr & events

Perfect Match

to improve her English MAGDA NAREJKO first came to Ireland Poland, but she loved it here after she finished school in her native rking in a UCI Cinema and so much she decided to stay. After wo pitality was the business for Insomnia coffee shop she decided hos ality Management in DIT. her and applied for the degree in Hospit home of Irish rugby and It was a move which brought her to the and Wimbledon in London. soccer in Dublin, via West Ham United ght that ‘I always liked meeting people so I thou n for me optio r caree good a hospitality would be there that out d foun I ge colle to got I but when working in was so much more to the industry than operations in the front of house. se. I I really liked the business side of the cour g as it untin acco like s thing at hard had to work yed enjo didn’t come naturally to me, but I really , pass Com n Whe ct. the human resources aspe us to talk to DIT to e cam p, grou the foodservice I thought pany com the with ns optio r caree t abou an it sounded really interesting. I applied for of the part as do to have you h internship – whic it in do d coul I if d aske I but – se cour r three-yea to sent was I and HR. Luckily for me they agreed on. Lond in ed, Unit Ham t the football club, Wes

Get Real

Fact File Name: Magda Narejko Age: 24 From: Warsaw, Poland Studied: BA in Hospitality Management at DIT Works: In the Human Resources Department at Aviva Stadium. She also helps out in operations on match and concert days. Previous jobs: Internship at West Ham United and Wimbledon in London page 20

first real The placement was amazing. It was my you are like you treat pass Com at guys job and the g ethin som a full-time member of the team with on off you send t don’ worthwhile to offer. They the coffee runs all day long, or leave you with hted to delig was I . work real do to get You . filing and I also work in the HR department at the club game on side s ation oper the got to help out in of front g bein of buzz the y enjo to got I days so rs. playe the all g house too. It was pretty cool seein you but , them with n actio I didn’t have much inter d definitely would see them in the tunnel and you’ notice their cars outside reception! bledon so Compass also does the catering at Wim sent got I on was nt ame when the tennis tourn work hard was It s. week two the for down there rvisor in supe a as ed work I fun. really was it but training the restaurant right beside the players’ ams Willi the and all, them see courts. I got to

tennis sisters were really impressive. I wasn’t into I love but on bled that much before I went to Wim it now.

The Next Step

a great Getting the internship with Compass was me as for well really out ed work it and e experienc ium Stad Aviva when I finished my course the new with job a get to aged was opening up and I man ress on the the group again. I started out as a wait within 18 and in, adm in bit a out ed help and floor r, then rviso supe to months I had progressed first in the ime full-t work I now and assistant manager, which tant assis nt itme recru a as nt rtme HR depa me, as I I love. I think they must be happy with th a few Mon the of loyee was awarded the Emp months ago. is lots HR is such an interesting job and there le, which I peop involved. You still get to work with deal with you as d varie is really enjoy, but the work ent. lopm deve and ing train tion, selec recruitment, ing view It’s really funny because I’m now inter out in some of the students that were starting ge. colle in year final my in was I first year when rise up the to ity rtun oppo the have itely defin You prepared to ladder quickly in this industry if you’re work hard. nt I also As well as working in the HR departme the at days ert conc and h matc on out help y that enjo really I . stadium – as all the team does . place the nd arou re sphe as there is a great atmo up to have we e hous full a have we when On days ing after 1,000 staff working in the stadium look ing. excit really It’s . the 50,000 customers a totally I love the concerts the most. They have e We’v hes. matc the to re sphe different atmo

e many ents sector and th ev e th in ng ki or w .ie t www.picktourism to To learn more abou ad he r, fe of courses on different jobs and

had some really great acts playing at Aviva Stadium but my favourite was definitely The Script – they’re more my age group. As a team we work well together and really get on, so no matter what time we finish after a busy game or concert we all go out together to unwind. That sense of achievement at the end of the day is hard to beat. It’s hard work catering to all those people but when you do a good job and you make everyone’s day enjoyable - it’s a great feeling.

Stadium Stats

What would I like to do in the future? I’m not going anywhere now! I would like to stay on with Compass manager. and hopefully progress to recruitment le in peop 0 3,00 than more loys Compass emp is plenty there and pany com huge a it’s so nd Irela a such in work you of room for progression. If can’t you job good a do you fabulous venue and day.’ ask for anything more at the end of the

Top Tip:

When you are trying to college or IT decide what to apply fo r, check ou various inte t the rnship progr ammes on good place offer. A ment can m ake a real d as not only ifference will you lear experience n lots and ge , in some co t ol places (l in West Ham ike Magda and Wimble d a good imp on), if you ression it w make ill give you opportunit a great y to secure you finish co work after llege.

rugby fortress. Aviva Stadium has become Ireland’s new

• Aviva Stadium seats 50,000 fans and includes 39 bars and 26 food kiosks • Between 800 and 1,000 staff work on full match days • Typically on a full hospitality event the Compass team serve up to 3,000 guests in the stadium’s suites • For the first two Six Nations games in the stadium the bar staff served 100,000 pints, which equals to one pint per four-and-a-half seconds of trading • At soccer matches the team sell up to 7,000 bottles of Coke, equal to 3,500 litres • On average, the fans consume 3,000 hotdogs and 3,500 burgers per match page 21


ips to penses-paid tr x -e ll a n o d rl o g the w do. Fancy travellin URPHY gets to M N A S U S y k c That’s what lu


represent Irela

d n a l e r I g n i Represent e g a t S d l r on the Wo

Fact File

y Name: Susan Murph Age: 21 From: Kilkenny l Cookery at Studied: Professiona a three-month WIT. Susan also won nd college in scholarship to atte US. Rhode Island in the the Big Apple to Adventures: Flew paid trip to on an all expenses s as part of a cook for New Yorker otion with St Patrick’s Day prom boss) Neven celeb chef (and her wed this with Maguire. They follo in Philadelphia a trip to TV studios up some Irish where they whipped e QVC shopping culinary treats on th channel. presenting Next challenge: Re Skills Ireland at the World on. Competition in Lond s to head Future plans: Hope get work back to the States to tchen of the experience in the ki residence in Irish Ambassador’s Washington DC. set up her own Ultimate goal: To cookery school.

page 22

thing I in school. The only ‘I hated the books oking,’ co ed lov I me Ec as studied for was Ho chef ld r-o ea -y 21 e y, th admits Susan Murph r to he oking has taken whose passion for co St on rs rke for New Yo the States to cook on to London, where so d an y, Da Patrick’s ills land at the World Sk she will represent Ire Competition. Ec teacher arranged When Susan’s Home ire’s her in Neven Magu work experience for in nt ura sta Re use & famous MacNean Ho ed she lis rea e sh ar, Ye n itio Cavan during Trans g. llin ca r he nd fou d ha wanted had no idea what I ‘Until then I really as I on so school but as to do after I finished I at th ew kn I the kitchen started working in e Sh n. sa Su ys sa ’ a chef, wanted to become ven, of working with Ne te nu mi ery ev ed lov of er mb nu o fronts a the celebrity chef wh er ch tea at gre a . ‘He’s cookery shows on TV got it sy bu w ho r tte ma and mentor and no ch ays had time to tea during service he alw you something.’

mpetitions From College to Co bug Susan set off

Bitten by the culinary ar to take the two-ye to WIT after school r he on So e. urs co Professional Cookery was converted into passion for cooking n’s ting her talent, Susa real skills, and, spot in ete mp co to r d he lecturer encourage ns. culinary competitio

d of it tions, but at the en of intensive competi phant. Susan emerged trium n. believe it when I wo ‘I genuinely couldn’t e us Ho t in the Mansion They had a big even us rio va e th winners of in Dublin where the s nounced, which wa an re we ns competitio My . up d sse dre t ge great as we could all t up to support me, bu mum and dad came g hin yt an ct pe not to ex I had warned them n I had a chance. Whe ink th n’t did lly as I rea it. ve lie be d out I couldn’t my name was calle s ht nig st be e th s one of I was stunned. It wa .’ of my life

a culinary skills After triumphing in llege, Susan went co e competition in th at the National Skills on to represent WIT headblin where she went Competition in Du efs ch g of the best youn to-head with some It d. lan Ire s nology acros in Institutes of Tech ys da o tw ing lud inc mme, was a tough progra

achieve the honour Not only did Susan e of Ireland’s most of being crowned on e also earned the sh skilful young chefs, ills land at the World Sk right to represent Ire her pit ll wi e sh ere on, wh Competition in Lond 38 m st young chefs fro skills against the be e world. th countries around


in for the competition To help her prepare sm uri to l na tio d (the na October, Fáilte Irelan for d ge an arr s ha ty) development authori

cond y trip was Susan’s se The St Patrick’s Da th e on ut -m tit ree Ins th n a bli ing Du follow l time at visit to the States, in Susan to practise ful ty rsi e ive org Un s Ge h, ale ac W co & her stint at the Johnson of Technology where s rd g college. ‘When I wa r for London. ‘It’s ha he ng ini tra is , Rhode Island durin ith Sm m fro e ip th t sh lar jus ho n a sc intense as it’s studying at WIT I wo work and it’s really Johnson & Wales. I every day, from y, to da go all to d ng rki lan Ire wo ilte Fá her two of us I as fun from some of the ot t it’s really good went with students Monday to Friday, bu in ng d tti die ge stu I’m u r, ch fun. Yo ch. Even bette ITs and it was so mu had am learning so mu 2pm but then you to m 7a m o!’ fro college the paid for it to on all it e. We spent e rest of the day fre th to Susan will have beach.’ In the world finals, which ys, producing food da o tw compete for c ssi abroad, Susan n flair, as well as cla her next adventure r Fo will showcase her ow lly rea to America to gain the judges. ‘I am at the is hoping to return l represent Ireland dishes suggested by I h. ug to the Irish be at ll London: Susan wil en wi p it ch sto t kit xt bu e it th Ne to in e rd experienc looking forwa tion in the UK. tI Washington DC . World Skills Competi to be at my best bu ssador’s residence in ba Am DC n will definitely have gto t hin bu as velled to W I’m going for gold, ‘Neven and I also tra r hope I can do well. ased as the ple the Irish Ambassado be for I’ll ed ird th ok co or where we e if I get second g nic lon so as re we ink th ey I Th ss. ts. es first cla and his wife and gu y competition will be work experience an I’ll be happy.’ me st d be ere my off to ey rm th d rfo an efs as I pe ch h Iris for g ays lookin time as they’re alw er ov go to pe ho I ents. to cater for their ev World Stage d the restaurant for a s representing Irelan se to r clo ge n ve an str Ne no en is wh Susan ed urn , however. She ret month in January.’ on the world stage after college, ire gu Ma n ve Ne to work with h goal is to set up th him promoting Iris e Susan’s ultimate hil W and has travelled wi , fly n hool where she could last trip saw Susa her own cookery sc ep food overseas. The er th ge to ere ok, she’s keen to ke the US wh teach kids how to co . all expenses paid, to ge for sta ed rld ok wo co e th ey th on d e team, representing Irelan with Neven and th ustry, thing about this ind ial St Patrick’s Day at ec sp gre a e at th s rs at’ rke ‘Th Yo New l. I’m ve t tra go o to y als portunit Apple. They ael Collins you get so much op promotion in the Big h Ambassador Mich ne n do sa ve Su ha I ere ch wh ia mu and Neven with Iris w lph d Susan san de ho ite Su k ila inv Ph loo ve d to ha an le wn up only 21 to travel do ok help you co to Mrs Collins. The co to e, try wif us him his ind in the d for e an d ing nc az rie foo re to get work expe already. It’s an am helped Neven prepa ck to Washington DC ba . ls. nts ne wa an ch she r g .’ eve pin ens when see the world on the QVC shop Ambassador’s kitch ot ‘N n. good fun,’ says Susa ‘The trip was such lly cool rea e es th in ok co only did we get to us e off Neven brought places, during our tim uld co we ere wh ts tauran to some amazing res to nt we k’s Day. were doing. We rk green on St Patric helped turn New Yo see what other chefs e san th Su in up h hig Se, which is one restaurant, Per we Central Park, where g kin oo erl clouds ov chen kit e th o int go to t go ate 21 courses! We s wa ich et the team wh afterwards and me amazing.’

Know? u o Y d i D

ed chefs in ortage of skill There is a sh pite the moment. Des Ireland at the work in Irish e is loads of recession, ther are crying restaurateurs kitchens and love food chefs. If you out for good g, then you’ll od at cookin and you’re go or abroad. gry at home never go hun page 23

expert tips for getting ahead

k r o W d n a p o T e h t ’ n w o D y a ‘Start at W your ‘I started my career with the famous chefs, the Roux brothers, in the UK before going on to work in country house hotels and later coming to Ireland to work in The K Club in Kildare. After that I went to work with the legendary Marco Pierre White in London and spent 10 years with him as his maitre d’, which means that I ran the restaurant floor for him. It was a brilliant time. Marco was a god in the restaurant industry then and working with him was like going to play football in Wembley. It was the best job I ever had and he was the best boss I ever had. We were a young team, everyone worked hard together and strove for perfection, but we had fun too. I learnt so much during that decade.

TÉ’s senter of R e r p o c , R ner IE NICK MUN ef TV show and co-ow t, rCh t restauran new Maste e h ic P r la u pop chefs of Dublin’s of the best e m o s h it w ont of has worked s run the fr a h d n a t e iting on the plan of Europe’s most exc en me who has be house in so e n o e m o s s. As dding restaurant e offers bu h , ll a it e n o e for there and d rs some helpful advic sta ess. hospitality in this dynamic busin ead getting ah

page 24

My advice to anyone getting into this industry has always been start at the top and work your way down. Work in good places where you can when you’re younger and get as much experience as possible. You won’t earn huge money, and you’ll have to work hard, but you’ll get phenomenal experience that will stand to you for the rest of your life. I did a two year course in catering which was great and gave me the basics, but it is so important to get experience in really good restaurants also. You learn so much when you’re working hands on.

How can you get your foot in the door of a good restaurant? First of all you have to get your approach right. Knock on the door, ring up, show willing and be prepared

to start at the bottom. I spent my first month in this industry cleaning toilets but I have gone on to run the front of house in some of the best restaurants in the world, I’ve filmed four TV shows and now I run my own restaurant. It’s worth it if you put the effort in. When you do get a foot in the door, keep the head down, work hard and ask plenty of questions. If you are really keen and you’re prepared to put the effort in then people will give you a shot.

What qualities do you need to get ahead in hospitality? You need to have a conscience. You have to be able to be nice to people and be prepared to serve the way you want to be treated. We get a lot of people coming into us in Pichet who view waiting or working in the kitchen as a three-month stepping stone – that never works. You have to be passionate and really want to build a career in the business. You also have to have a lot of stamina and be prepared to work hard. Everyone wants to be a celebrity chef, jetting around the place and appearing on TV, but you have to be able to put the hard yards in the kitchen. Join the industry if you want to learn, but if not, then it’s probably not for you.

What do you look for when hiring? We don’t necessarily look for experience. We can train you when you’re here.

like Nick? n restaurant just ow ur yo n ru arted. or f to help get you st d’s next Masterche es m an m el Ir ra og be pr to d t se an d work-ba Do you w .ie for courses an sm ri ou kt ic .p w w w Check out

Nick’s Top Tip for Success:

Nick pictured with his close friend and MasterChef co-judge, chef Dylan McGrath, on the set of the new RTE show.

What we look for is someone who is nice and polite. You need to have a sense or humour, a good personality and you must have a strong character. That’s the stuff we can’t teach you. Everything else you can learn.

experience all the more. If they ask you questions, such as ‘what is the soup of the day?’ and you can’t answer them, then you’ll just look stupid.

Do you need to be a foodie to succeed in this business?

For a start, you’ll always get fed. And if you get experience in a good place it will look great on your CV.

Having an interest in food certainly helps if you want to work in the restaurant industry and like any job in life it is so much easier if you are really interested in what you’re doing and you have a passion for your work – whether it’s in the kitchen, on the floor or working in a hotel. When you start in a new restaurant, take the menu home with you, Google the different dishes and ingredients, learn everything off, and ask the chefs questions about how the food is prepared. Learn about a few wines on the menu and find out what works best with the different dishes.

Work in good places where you can when you’re younger and get as much experience as possible. It will stand to you for the rest of your life.

What’s the best thing about the hospitality industry?

If you work in this industry you can travel the world. You’ll be able to get work everywhere you go, and you can get to learn a language while you’re at it. If the industry suits you and you like the work, then you’ll also have great fun. There are huge opportunities to get ahead in this business and work in some great places with some great people at a really early stage of your career. You can’t ask for much more than that.’

If you can talk to the customers about their meal they will appreciate the Nick spent 10 years working with the legendary British chef, Marco Pierre White and filmed two TV shows with him, Hell’s Kitchen and Marco’s Great British Feast. page 25


d e fi i l a u Q g Gettin

t e Restauran th e s o o h c u rse? Why did yo ement coraunt g a n a siness M s n o Operati orking in the family restau tbusome

I wanted to ge urses and I have been w decided that I d an le hi e various co w for a around at th ed mme ok lo I s. ement progra qualification rations Manag -month course and pe O nt ra au the Rest It’s a nine also work good option. llege so I can co seemed like a in k ee w ree days a you spend th ch suits me. num Thai whi Ka in e part-tim

volve? learning the course lin s e o d k. As well as t or a w h ca W get to ry and practi

for RRIS applied KARL FITZHA nomics in Trinity Eco l Business and nished schoo fi e h n e h w e anage Colleg e course to m th ft le r te t la but hai restauran T m u n a K ’s y his famil d to w he’s decide in Dublin. No e new llege to do th o c to k c a b ement o g tions Manag ra e p O t n ra Restau IT. t Waterford a e m m ra g pro

eo also lectures you It’s a mix of th restaurant in a ry. I think this g st in du nn in ru e t th in abou ng ki or e working y a week w e what it’s lik nc spend one da rie pe e ex to ill get ness. Over th is great as I w e family busi th nce rie an pe th r ex k he s ot hours’ wor 0 40 in restaurant t ge u is work in th e course yo duration of th lpful for anyone looking to he ly al which is re industry.

nish when you fi o d to n la p u What do yo ? the moment, the course ily business at

m franchised king in the fa own chain of y While I’m wor m p. A ve ha to I’d like esh and chea in the future ething fast, fr m ent so rr cu do e to th e in lik on restaurants. I’d restaurant is a good opti style casual dinert. en environm

Fact File

nt wit and I are ne en a restaura No, my family decided to op ness and he si o bu ag e s th ar working in then two ye n ga be and I I . rs jo brothe ry social b my mum and y bug. It’s a ve people. it al it sp ho e th with got bitten by e and dealing front of hous ng ki or w e lik

ut the st thing abo e b e th s t’ a Wh ame? e climate. restaurant gss to be in, no matter what th product,

ris Name: Karl Fitzhar Age: 20 nt Operations Studying: Restaura Management at WIT , his family’s Works: Kanum Thai bridge and restaurants in Balls Rathgar, Dublin

sine good It’s a good bu u can serve a it. eat and if yo to ople will buy pe ve , ha gs in le nd Peop ou rr su ce iced, in ni reasonably pr

one Ballsbridge, Kanum Thai in nts run by the ra of two restau ily in Dublin. Fitzharris fam

page 26

the nt to work in a w s y a lw a Did you dustry? . My dad was a builder and restaurant in w to it h

in the blood What’s it Like … … Growing Up in the Hotel B usiness? Hoteliers’ daug hter, ELEANOR ROSNEY, talks about life grow ing up in an Iris h

Growing up in a hotel is… different to say the least. I have great memories, and have had even better opportunities. As children my siblings and I spent many hours running wild in the gardens, baking cakes in the kitchen with the ever patient chefs, and gladly accepting a few bob from the many American guests delighted to see real Irish red-headed kids! I grew up in Killarney, and my parents own and run the Killeen House Hotel.

As a child I did not think my life was any different, it was completely normal to me. I did however count my lucky stars when I got to meet Hugh Grant – be still my beating heart. I was about 13 at the time, my sister Michelle was 12. My mom brought us up to the hotel under the pretext of meeting old family friends. We waited in the lounge while mom went to get the ‘old family friend’ and the next thing I knew, I saw Michelle’s jaw fall to the floor and her eyes fly open. I looked up towards the door and there, in all his charmingly awkward glory, was Hugh Grant. We managed to get up off the couch and shake his hand. He tried to make small talk with us but we were both literally rendered speechless. To this day I do not know what he must have thought of these two pale Irish red-headed girls, both staring at him, completely mute and mouths agape. In all seriousness though, without a doubt the best opportunity I had was learning the ins and outs of a hotel. Now don’t get me wrong here, I am not claiming I could run the place if my parents gave it up tomorrow, but I got great experience working in all areas of the hotel. I spent many summers working in either the bar and restaurant, or in housekeeping. ls in Now to an e t o h 887 re a e r h a ic e r The of wh ich , many wh Ireland businesses y down il d m e s a f n pas rations. e e b e hav gene h the throug

ow? n K u Did Yo

outsider looking in you might think how hard is it learning to pull pints or make beds? That is what I thought. It is not as easy as it looks at all! There is a lot to learn but it is a great experience.


Summer Skills I never wanted to go into the hotel business but looking back I do not think I could have made my way through college without it. The skills I learned all the summers ago in the Killeen House have proven to be invaluable to me. I have lived in both Cork and Dublin during my student years and have luckily always been able to pick up bar and restaurant work for a bit of extra cash. I knew I did not want to go in to the hotel business, I enjoyed it immensely but it just was not for me. The same cannot be said for my sister however. She studied in the Shannon College of Hotel Management for four years and is firmly following in my parents’ footsteps. She learned everything from accounting to food science in a practical environment. She had an absolute ball in her four years in Shannon and one of those years was spent working in the Conrad Brussels Hotel. Other people in her class went to Germany, Spain and even the United States. So if you are maybe wondering what you would like to do with your life and where you would like to go, you should definitely give the tourism and hotel industry some consideration.

Eleanor with her sister Michelle who is following her mum and dad into the hotel business.

The hotel won the prestigious Hotel & Catering Review Gold Medal Award for Customer Experience, sponsored by Fáilte Ireland in 2009. Eleanor’s parents are pictured receiving the award from Sean O’Malley, manager of education operations at Fáilte Ireland.

Besides the great fun you will have, the places you may travel to and the people you will meet, being the envy of your friends when you meet people like Hugh Grant is not too bad either!

The family have a unique security sys tem: Leprechauns!

page 27


Cool Things Do in Touris To m

Does spending the next 40 yea rs sitting in fron a computer fro t of m 9am to 5pm sound boring? we think so too Y ep , . But never fear, by choosing a ca in tourism you reer could do somet hing different ev single day. Her ery e is our pick of so me of the coole things to do in st tourism.


Meet and Greet Your Heroes

Like the All Blacks (pictured) when they stay in hotels or run onto the pitch at the Aviva... If you work in tourism you’re sure to bump into plenty of VIPs, from rock stars to sporting heroes.



Embrace the


at Outdoo Does a life at the desk soun rs d like a snooze if you’re sport fest? W y an there which w d adventurous there are load ell then, ill take you ka yaking, mounta s of jobs out riding and mo in climbing, ho re. There is al rs so plenty of o your own busi pportunity to st e ness in the ad ar t ventu be your own b oss and surf fo re tourism sector. You cou ld r a living.


Weddings by Franc’s Peter Kelly with a model bride

Create Lifetime Memories

in an Become a wedding planner could Irish hotel or venue and you true me co s help couples’ dream s. live ir on the biggest day of the Feel the love!

Rory at the Irish Op


Get Social

ok, Twitter, Foursquare Social media such as Facebo y important marketing and more are becoming hugel es and they need web vehicles for tourism business maximise their message savvy sur fers to help them ’re a whizz on the web through these channels. If you nity to carve a career then there’s plenty of opportu to get bigger. in this area. It’s only going

page 28

Read more about


ww.pickt s in tourism on w er re ca ol co e th of


The spa at the Redcastle Hotel


Shake & Stir

We all know James Bond likes his martinis shaken, not stirred, but there is much more to learn about the fine art of mixology (that’s cocktail making to you and me). Good mixologists can travel the world with their skills and are in big demand in bars and restaurants. Cheers.

Soothe Away Stress

It’s a rat race out there, but if you’re a caring person with an interest in wellness and beauty then there are loads of jobs suitable for you in the tranquil environs of an Irish spa.


The team at


Star on the Small Screen

Chefs and hotel managers are the new rising force in celebland. But remember, you need to be good at the day job first. No producer worth their salt will give a TV show to an unknown. If you want to make your mark on TV we suggest you hone your skills in good kitchens first. Oh, and if you like the idea of filming but you don’t want to be in front of the camera, why don’t you try and get a job with a film catering company? Someone has to feed the troops.


use in Dublin

the Cliff Ho

Rock Out at Festivals

nt like Gaga to You don’t have to have a tale love the buzz rock the festival scene. If you are plenty of jobs of the music biz then there From festival on offer in the concert sector. and campsite organisers to onsite caterers ose from. operators, there’s loads to cho

liday Rep Become a Tour Guide or Hoay – except you have to work! Tour guides

ryd It’s like going on holidays eve touring through ntline of tourism, whether it’s fro the at and holiday reps are . It’s a great way it up in the sun for a season ng livi or ow ckl Wi of ds wil the to spend your days..

Donal Skehan, the blogger and cookbook writer who has his own TV show, Kitchen Hero .


Work on Your Game

land’s Golf for a living on one of Ire knows, you o Wh es. championship cours y. Ilro Mc could be the next Rory

page 29

pay & perks

p U g n i h s Ca

ith er a fun job w ff o st ju ’t sn urism doe ou can also the world, y A career in to l e v a tr to l an a tenti ickly and earn E u q plenty of po ry e v r e d reer lad MICHELIN climb the ca the process. in t e k ialists c a p y a itment spec ru c re impressive p ty li a earn and Firm hospit can expect to u CORR of The o y y e n o m ind of with it. reveals the k erks that go p g n ti p m te T some of the ARTING OU U’RE ST



But wait, there’s more… It’s not just about the money, there are great perks too. Here are just a few:

20K to €22k

From €

KITCHEN f Commis Che ISION ROOMS DIV st ni io Recept ion Assistant at od m om Acc T RESTAURAN age Server er ev B Food & BAR/CAFES Bartender age Server Food & Bever

€24K From €19K to €22K to K 20 From € From €21K to


€23K From €21K to €24K to From €21K

€24K ING From €21K to EVENT CATER €23K age Server From €21K to Food & Bever €29K Bartender From €24K to er college) ft (a €24K er to ag K an eM From €22 ) Post Graduat er ag an te (trainee m Undergradua



ager General Man Head Chef ager Deputy Man ting Director ar Sales & M ke ting Manager Sales & Marke r age Directo Food & Bever ion Manager Rooms Divis er Events Manag ager an M Catering anager M Restaurant ager Revenue Man g Head Chef Retail Caterin e Manager Leisure Centr Spa Manager inator rd Events Coo Supervisor t Departmen page 30



€100K From €55K to €70K From €40K to €55K From €40K to €65K From €40K to €45K From €30K to €65K From €40K to €45K From €30K to €45K From €30K to €50K to From €30K €65K From €30K to €50K From €35K to €45K From €35K to €40K From €35K to €40K From €30K to €40K to From €30k €30K From €28K to

TRAVEL: With tourism and hospitality skills on your CV you can travel the world. Everywhere needs a good bartender, chef, hotel manager and so on… TIPS: As well as your wages, staff in the service sector can also expect tips. But remember, you need to work for them! The waiter with the biggest smile always gets the best tips. TREATS: If the hotel you work in has a spa, you could be offered discounts of up to 30%. Likewise if the hotel has a gym you could get free membership or if it has a golf course you could make out like Rory McIlroy and hit the greens for gratis. Complimentary nights and discounted rates for friends and family are universal hotel perks and so are discounts from preferred suppliers, such as reduced rates on dry cleaning and valet services, VIP cards at the Kildare Village shopping mecca or discounts on driving lessons. Even better, if you work with an international hotel group you can also get huge discounts when you stay in their hotels around the world. You can get a luxury break in the sun for a fraction of what the average customer pays. Nice. HANDY THINGS: Free uniforms and meals on duty are handy when they’re provided as part of the package. THE SERIOUS STUFF: Pensions (yawn!) might be the last thing on your mind now, but in order to have some serious wedge to spend when you give up the day job you need to start putting some money away in your 20s. Many employers offer pension contributions which you will be thankful of when you’re older, trust us. A number of employers will also offer a contribution towards healthcare insurance. Icing on the cake: As well as great pay and conditions at home, if you work in an international hotel group you can stay in sister hotels around the world for a fraction of the regular overnight cost. What a great way to see the world on a budget.

Like What You’ve Read?

Do You Think Tourism Could be just the Career for You? If so, check out where you’ll find loads more ideas about exciting jobs in tourism plus plenty of advice on how to kick start your career.


Institutes of Technology and Colleges of Further Education across Ireland offer a wide range of courses to get you started in tourism. So whether you want to stay close to home or go away for college, there are plenty of options to suit.


:maehg^ @ZepZr

And remember, if full time study isn’t your thing, there are a number of industry-based programmes which will allow you to earn while you learn. Log on to to learn more and take your first steps towards an exciting career in tourism.


=n[ebg <knfebg

Ebf^kb\d PZm^k_hk] MkZe^^ <hkd DbglZe^

page 31



Work in a professional restaurant or kitchen and attend an Institute of Technology or College of Further Education 1-3 days a week whilst continuing to work Chef Training

National Traineeship Programme in Professional Cookery (2 years) Total Immersion Programme for Chefs (9 months)

Restaurant Management Restaurant Operations Management Programme (9 months)

For further information and an application form see:


Publication promoting careers in the Irish Tourism Sector

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