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4. Emily Squires on UAL and Tour 6. UKC College Elect squad announced 8. Social Sevens plans hit the rocks 10. Saying yes to the dress 13. The Co-Operative Chesty Cough Liquid


Emily Squires tells Chat’s Jemma Came why she loves being a part of UAL Netball, and spills the beans on THAT VIP night out on tour

was the most fun I have ever had This was your first and last year as part of University of Arts London (UAL) Netball, how have you found it?

ny Spain for a week?! The tour was organised by ilovetour student events, and most of the University’s sports clubs attended—so It’s been such an amazing year, I feel so lucky to be part we were able to celebrate of a club that is as lovely and with them as well! successful as UAL We hear your club got the VIP treatment on tour, how How have UOA done this did you secure that? year? So well! We have 4 teams that compete in BUCS, and two more that compete in the LUSL League— all of them have retained their positions in their respective leagues. And you took your opportunity to celebrate on tour…

We, as a club, entered a competition run by the university, and supported by ilovetour, where the club with the most members going on tour would win a night out. Naturally ,with netball being the best sport, we won with 49 sign ups!

We just raised awareness of the tour within the club and then the girls had to sign up and pay by the closing date— most of the girls were going anyway, it didn’t take much convincing, especially as the prize was a VIP night out! So, what exactly did the VIP night involve? VIP access to the club— Pacha that gave us queue jump, entry to the VIP section which overlooked the dance floor and loads of drinks deals! They also gave us an array of free merchandise such as visors and mugs all with the ilovetour logo.

Wow, that’s a lot of girls go- Wow, so a pretty good prize Yes! When is there a better ing to Spain! How did you then! time to celebrate than with get them all to go? Yes, such a great prize! We all of your teammates in sun-


were also nominated by our head tour rep for being one of the best universities on tour and we won! 4 other Universities and ourselves won an exclusive pre party at a club with free bottles of drink and extremely good drink offers.

One last question for everyone else who is considering going on tour—what essential items should you take on tour?


Two.. Oh ok, dry shampoo is a must, you can not go on tour without it! Some days you just need to be lazy!

I definitely over-packed! I’m not sure you can ask me that And snacks, lots and lots of question! snacks for the coach journey Ok, pick five things you but also for when you get Why did he nominate you? couldn’t live without on tour there—some days you won’t It was because we were all Ok, I’ll try and keep it to five! want to get up for breakfast just really lovely, polite and Definitely a pillow for the and then you’ll have nothing fun and the reps thought we coach—it was so long! We to eat. And if you’re like me, would be a good university to only had twenty two hours, you won’t want to walk to put forward. And that was but the universities that went the shops! Is that five? out of 5000 students and we to Croatia had about twenty That is! Thank you for those had 110 students from our eight! helpful tips! And congratulaUniversity. Make up remover, obviously, tions on a successful year at Is there anything you didn’t and sun cream! I wasn’t ex- UAL! win? pecting it to be so hot. That’s No! We won best dressed not me complaining by the club on the first night too! way, I love having a tan, but some people got very burnt! So it really has been a successful tour for UAL this year How many items do I have then! You could say that! Tour with UAL Netball was the most fun I have ever had. Everything about the year with the club has been amazing, I have 70 new friends who are a part of 6 amazing teams, and I am so proud to say that I had the honour of being vice-captain! I’ll never forget this year!


University of Kent College Elect football team to compete in 2014 Mike Watkins Charity Trophy announced


he 2014 University of Kent College Elect football squad that will face the University of Kent 1s in the annual Mike Watkins Charity Trophy has been revealed. The 25-man provisional squad, captained and picked by Dan Ostridge and Will O’Toole, was announced by Kent Sport on the University of Kent College Football Facebook page at 3:30pm yesterday and is a selection of this season’s top college players: Goalkeepers Tom Cleeve (Keynes Athletic) James Fenn (Eliot Academicals)

Andy Moore (Eliot FC)

Joe O'Boyle (Eliot Academicals) Defenders Gianluca Cioffi (Eliot FC) Will Goose O'Toole - CoCaptain - (Eliot Academi- Zach Ahmimed (Eliot FC) cals) Tom Beresford (Eliot AcAde Ogunlaja – (Eliot Academicals) ademicals Frankie Carpenter (Eliot Wingers/Strikers Barnaby Ra Academicals) Jan (Rutherford Raiders) Joshua BebbingNathaniel Yohanton (Keynes F.C.) Justin Rock (Keynes Ath- nes (Rutherford Raiders) John Lee-Akinbile letic) (Rutherford Raiders) Will Smith (Eliot FC) Callum Godbold (Keynes Cyril Breining (Eliot Academicals) Athletic) Simon Pinter (Eliot AcaSam Martin (Rutherford demicals) Raiders) Nnamdi Odum Midfielders (Rutherford Raiders) Dan Ostridge - CoPhillip Peters (Darwin Captain - (Rutherford Evolution) Raiders) Sam Edis (Eliot AcademiNuno Nunes (Keynes cals) Athletic)


2014 Rutherford Raiders squad featuring College Elect Co-Captain Dan Ostridge (Back, Centre)

The announcement was postponed twice to ensure the captains had equal viewing time of each team, but Co-captain Dan Ostridge believes they now have the selection right – ‘we have a friendly next week and a strong set of players, we look good’ The squad will be coached by former Kent FC player and University of Kent Sportsman of the year, Tommy Parkinson, who, alongside cap-

tains Dan and Will, will cut the 25 players to a final match-day squad of 18 that will be announced one week prior to the match.

year’s victorious Kent FC side that had a resounding 5-1 victory over the College Elect team, who have only won one out of the previous five trophy They face tough opposi- matches. This year’s team tion against a Kent FC have nothing to prove and side looking for a big win everything to lose. after winning the league The match will take place but narrowly missing out Parkwood’s 3G pitches on th on promotion, with Cap- the 15 June, with all tain Stephen Purcell un- ticket proceeds in aid of Pilgrims Hospice UK. doubtedly wanting to end Tickets will be available the season on a high. on and prior to match They also hope to emu- day from the Pavilion relate the success of last ception.


Social Sevens plans hit the rocks: a tournament in jeopardy afte


niversity of Kent Canterbury (UKC) Men’s Rugby’s annual rugby sevens tournament is in jeopardy of cancellation after a succession of poor behaviour from the club resulting in derogatory comments against a member of Kent Sport staff. The incident occurred at the Team Kent ball in April where Men’s Rugby reportedly arrived late, in a severely inebriated state, and continued by throwing food and table decorations, smashing their plates, and booing award winners. The club have been asked to apologise for the comments made or the Social Sevens event, run by UKC Rugby every year, will not take place. This is not the first incident of this nature that rugby have had to apologise for; Club Secretary, Nathan Spinner, was forced to apol-

ogise after making inappropriate remarks towards a female staff member at a committee induction in October, and a Facebook account allegedly linked to UKC Rugby in the name of Dennis Menace was removed for promoting and performing antisocial behaviour against other sports teams and their members, although the account’s administrator is yet to be confirmed. UKC Men’s Rugby’s Chairman for the season 2014/15 and current Vice-Chairman, Scott Dubery, is in talks with Kent Sport in the hope issues can be resolved and Social Sevens can run on Parkwood Pitches as in previous years. If unsuccessful, the event will be cancelled or another venue will need to be sourced. With noise complaints and a crack-down on alcohol at the same event two years ago, this may be the last

straw for Kent Sport and Social Sevens, and more importantly, UKC Men’s Rugby. Calls for playing bans and punishments have surfaced and, with University Rugby clubs at East Anglia and Durham Universities facing disciplinary measures for behaviour of extreme poor taste, there is now doubt over how long the club will be allowed to operate despite its numerous violations. When questioned, Men’s Rugby attempt to distract from their poor behaviour by emphasising the importance of their charitable work. Their annual Casino Night event raised £5000 in aid of Help for Heroes, the largest charitable sum by any club at the University of Kent – but Kent Sport officials, who are still waiting on a letter of apology from Men’s Rugby, may say this is all too little, too late.


annual University of Kent Rugby er club’s poor behaviour


easy one, at times it may even seem more difficult than that dissertation you slaved over.


Saying to the

dress University of Kent’s Summerball, or Party in the Park as it has come to be known, is but a month away, Kent student Jemma Came offers the quintessential guide to picking that ideal outfit.

May and June are the best and worst two months of a University student’s academic year. The stress of the exams and deadlines in May is forgotten once freedom arrives and you have a whole month of celebrating until the end of term. The biggest celebration of them all, however, is the Summerball – and it’s also a chance for everyone to look their best and party until the early hours. As dissertations and exams bring problems, so does the choosing of an outfit for an event thousands of students attend. This task could make or break your Summerball and it’s not an

There will be those that can skip the process all together by producing a gown they bought on impulse years ago and never found an occasion to wear, and even a select few who will re-wear an outfit they already own – these are the lucky ones. The majority of students will decide that the occasion deserves, or is an excuse for, a new dress and heels, maybe matching accessories too – this is where the fun begins. The first dilemma faced is the formality of the occasion – most Summerballs state the formality of the event and an appropriate dress code, but for those such as Kent who have rebranded the event as a Party in the Car Park, the formality of the occasion is understandably slightly harder to gauge. Here, I will take the opportunity to insist that although not necessarily black tie, a Summerball, regardless of its name, is still a


Summerball and effort should be made. It is not acceptable to turn up in an outfit you would wear to the Student Union, nor is it acceptable to wear an outfit overly revealing. If it is not black tie, the event is still of a high formality. This answers your next question – are maxi dresses too formal? No, definitely not - maxi dresses are encouraged, if anything, it saves the sight of poor application of fake tan. Now you have established the event’s formality, the hardest task begins – finding your perfect dress. You have an idea of style, and what is appropriate, but where are you going to source said dress? Will you risk high street stores, or will you

avoid the mainstream Miss Selfridge, Topshop and alike? Thousands of students will be attending the same event and will probably be shopping for a dress at a similar time – these will be the first point of call, and if you want to avoid the ‘who wore it best’ showdown, you have to think outside of the box.

it, these two may not be the best options for you. They both offer next day delivery and free returns, however, online shopping, especially for a special occasion, is always risky. From experience,’s dresses run true to size, if slightly short, however tends to be more hit and and miss, this is definitely worth are the less obvi- considering if you need to ous, but very good choices - they both re-stock weekly and are often the most affordable options. stocks additional branded items for a greater budget and has one of the largest selections of dressfind a dress within the week. es to be found. For those on a strict time lim- A traditional shopping trip is certainly the best option. It is important to try the dress on before you commit to it, especially if you are on a time limit and don’t have the luxury of exchanging a dress by post. Zara is always a good option, although it too is risky - it is a less obvious option for formal dresses, however it is a popular high street shopping destination. This being said, they always have


stunning dresses in stock and all means wear insoles, gel their online shipping is very pads and blister strips if fast and efficient. needed, but if you are still Although these are all things unable to walk in them, they are simply too high for you. If you are not willing to practice before hand, there is nothing worse than tottering about in heels that are too high for you – you will feel and look awkward. There is nothing that need to be considered, wrong with a lower heel or having the same dress as flats, in fact Carvela have someone else is not the end some lovely embellished flats of the world. Avoid the awk- in their Summer 2014 collecward moment by laughing it tion that would match any off, hold yourself with confi- outfit – sometimes comfort dence and if you accessorize can come in style, and at an correctly, you will be wearing affordable price. Try looking on for deit best. signer shoes from Kurt GeiShoes and accessories should ger, Nine West and Carvela be considered carefully – brands at outlet prices these must match or contrast, in a good way. Do not ruin an amazing outfit with a poor choice in finishing touches – if your dress is embellished, consider minimal jewellery; likewise, if you have chosen a nude dress, add pops of colour with your accessories – too much nude can wash you out. Finally, I end with a personal plea – if you cannot walk in your heels, do not wear them. By

starting at just £12.99 – there are some great bargains to be found. Again, the same risks of online shopping apply, although they offer next day delivery – at a cost. It is also worth considering a clutch bag that is big enough to fit flip flops or purchasing fold up flats to slip into a smaller clutch bag for the end of the night. Even faithful heels can be a pain after 8 hours of dancing, there is nothing wrong with admitting defeat and walking home in flats. No matter what you wear, this will be a night to remember – have fun, feel comfortable in what you’re wearing and hold yourself with confidence – you’ll be sure to look gorgeous no matter what!


The Co-operative Chesty Cough Liquid – Cherry Flavour.


he moment you leave your teens often results in celebration, jubilation and a long, hard, night of booze-filled merriment. Ironically, the morning after is when you realise there is a down side to reaching the big 2- 0 – at a time when you need it most, it is no longer socially acceptable to drink Calpol. Unfortunately calling out for your mummy and the comfort of that strawberryflavour goodness isn’t the done thing anymore, and pretending that because you’re still in your teens, you are still able to drink the magical elixir is no longer possible. You are now 20 and probably living on your own you can’t be seen to be purchasing Calpol of all things, I mean, do they even sell it at University? I’ve been stealing it from the back of my mum’s medicine cabinet for years, I’ve never actually had to buy it, heaven forbid.

Fear not, an own-brand, cherry –flavour alternative is available: The Co-operative Chesty Cough Liquid, ‘for symptomatic relief of chesty coughs’. Maybe I’m just biased, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? Unfortunately I was in no position to argue last weekend when I’d have taken any cough medicine I could find, all the while complaining my mum, and her magic Calpol, were too far away. In my desperate state I drank the Cherry-flavoured concoction and just hours after almost spitting it out in disgust, I began to feel the effects. The medicine doesn’t contain Paracetamol so additional medication has to be taken for aches and pains, however, for the chesty cough, it certainly does its job. The instructions state to take a dose every two to three hours, and a maximum of four dosages a day. For me, the number of coughing ‘attacks’ decreased after the

second dose, and the pain lessened almost immediately. Yes, I am still sat in bed three days after taking my first dosage, but that probably has more to do with the Bones marathon I am currently completing than anything else. I never accepted that it isn’t appropriate for an adult to drink Calpol when unwell, however there may be something to theory that medicine that ‘works’ tastes disgusting. This Calpol wannabe lacks the comfort of home and may not be at the top of my list of things to drink at university, but it certainly is not the most nauseating available. It’s also not that bad price-wise, one alcoholic shot costs more than a whole 200ml bottle of the cherryflavoured, slightly sickening, tonic. Now my maths isn’t great, but there’s a lot of shots in that one bottle alone – students, is that enough incentive to invest? I think so.

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