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Tim and Rose. Once there lived two children called Tim and Rose Allslead. They lived happily with their mum and dad, Mary and Frank Allslead. Tim and Rose were twins. Tim was slightly older, but acted as if he was younger because always messed about. Rose was defiantly more sensible. Any way they had many very cool adventures…

One sunny hot day Rose was digging for fossils with Tim in the garden when Dad shouted, “the dinosaur park show’s on,” Rose and Tim raced to the TV not wanting to miss a second off it. Dinosaur Park was one of Tim and Rose’s favourite programs (as you’ve probably guessed). The show showed T-Rexs, Stegosaurus, Mammoths and all kinds of extinct animals! They had to do a project on dinosaurs so she wrote the end of her essay, while she watched. The adverts had just finished and Dinosaur Park was starting again, as Rose wrote ‘By Rose Allslead’, the Dinosaur Park Lake started spinning! A few minutes later the children landed under a tall beach tree by the lake that they’d seen on TV. “Where are we?” asked Tim looking around and seeing trees and mountains everywhere. “We’re in Dinosaur Park,” gasped Rose noticing a small sign. “How did we get here” asked Tim curiously. “I don’t know,” she answered. For the first time Rose had know answers. Tim was looking around when he spotted a round cream spotted egg, then from behind the egg popped a baby stegosaurus, Tim gasped “Rose come with me” he whispered creeping towards the baby dinosaur.

As they played with the little dino, Rose saw a T-Rex heading towards them! “A, a, a T-Rex!!!” screamed Rose. “Grab the baby I’ll distract it” ordered Rose quickly. The T-Rex was yellow and was at least 35 feet tall, (and that isn’t your feet!) When Tim got to the baby stegosaurus he was scared of the triangular armour on the baby’s back but bravely picked up the baby. Just then a male stegosaurus appeared, he glanced at the children, and Rose was still trying to distract the T-Rex.

The stegosaurus rushed towards the T-Rex and bit its leg, hard. This 8200 toothed T-Rex was ready to fight! The stegosaurus slapped his tail towards the hills. “To the Hills” cried Tim. They quickly ran to the hills so that Tim could tell them his plan. When they finally got to the top of the high hills Tim said, “We’ll make a nest for him” he said pointing at the baby stegosaurus. “Then place it near the lake”. Before Tim could continue the dinosaur corrected him, “My name is Zanaford,” There was a moment’s silence. “You can talk,” cried Rose and Tim in amazement. “Of course I can talk, I can talk for Dinomania,” laughed Zanaford. “What’s your are names” “Tim and Rose” they said together. “T I M…” “How do you

spell Rose” asked Zanaford there names on a stone. “R, wait something happening what are there names, Zanaford Rose. “The T-Rex is called Tiranacus, and the Stegosaurus is called Manamalla, whispered Zanaford, looking towards the fighting dinosaurs.

Suddenly Tirana cus ripped Manamalla open. After that Rose, Tim and even Zanaford gasped. Tiranacus turned to the children and started walking forwards but with Zanaford last ounce of strength he ripped Tiranacus’s back open and fell to the floor. Manamalla and Tiranacus lay dead on the floor.

There was a moment’s silence, and then Zanaforth said, “Let’s build the nest and put me by the lake”. They carefully made a nest for Zanaforth to sleep in. They put the nest by the lake. “Now will you tell me how to spell your name?” said Zanaforth. “R O S E” they suddenly started spinning. “Thank you Tim and Rose, but you must go home now”. “Good bye Zanaforth” said the children together. Five minutes later they were back at home. They promised never to tell anyone of their adventure.

Tim and Rose visit Victorian.

On the other Tim hated history and said it was the worst subject ever. Tim and Rose were getting dressed-up for the event. “I don’t want to go to school today.” Moaned Tim. When they got to school, they found the whole classroom had changed. They settled down quietly and books. Started to write there names on there work sheet. Suddenly there was whooshing noise around them; they started whirling and spinning with lights flashing just like a fair ground ride. Then all of a sudden it sucked them out of their class room into a thick mist! Five minutes later the mist cleared and they found themselves not in their own classroom but in a strange old-fashioned looking classroom. From her history book, Rose recognised it as her school in 1920 (Victorian time!) Before they realised just what was happening to them the bell was rung. It was playtime, quietly all the children stood up and walked, in silence, out of the classroom and into the playground. All accept one small boy; he had mousey brown hair and lots of freckles. He was not going out to play; the teacher had kept him inside. He came out five minutes later then everyone else. He was crying and rubbing his hand. Tim and Rose looked at him because they wondered what was wrong. “That’s Edward; he’s been caned” came a voice. Tim and Rose turned around to see who had spoken. It was a little girl dressed in Victorian clothing. “Why?” asked Rose. “Because when the teacher told him write the eight times table on the black board he wrote 8X4=30,

This was the wrong answer. I’m Katie” the little girl added. “Hi” stuttered Tim going red in the face. Rose had to help out, “I’m Rose, and this is Tim!” “I think he fancies you” Rose whispered. “Why did that little boy get caned?” asked Tim changing the subject. “Because he didn’t know his eight times table and we were meant to learn it.” Said Katie “I’m glad our school is not like that” thought Tim. “Do you want to play hopscotch” said Katie. I hate hopscotch” whispered Tim. “Let’s play hoop and stick” Rose suggested quickly.

Ten minutes later the bell rang. “I’ll get the hoop and sticks, and put them away.” Shouted Katie as she ran of to collect them. “I wish we had that games at our school, it was so fun” said Rose smiling. “Yes it was Ok,” said Tim. “Much better than sat at the computer”. Because Katie had been putting the stick and hoop away, she came in 2 minutes late to class. The teacher was very angry with her and told her to stay behind at the next playtime. When Rose heard this she told Tim and they both felt very guilty. YOU ARE LATE! Stay in at playtime.

So at play time Tim, Rose and Katie went to see Miss Read but she told them “I only want Katie, please leave immediately.” “We came to say that Katie was being kind” started Rose “We were playing with the hoops and sticks and when the bell went Katie offered to get them to tidy away.” Tim explained. Miss Read seemed to soften a little and after a stern warning about being late back to class she allowed Katie to go out to play with the rest of the children. After everything was settled they got the teachers spare set of hoops and sticks for being kind. “Thank you you’ve saved me from being caned,” I think you should go home to 2009 now don’t you?” said Katie. “How do you know?” asked Rose quite puzzled. “It happens all the time” she laughed. “You two, the children that are trying our school for the day what do you think?” Said miss read. Thinking quickly rose said “we have a Better offer sorry.” Miss Read was about to walked back inside when she asked them to write there names on the slate board so that she would always remember them. As they did they started spinning and spinning again. “Goodbye, thank you for playing with us!” said Tim and Rose together. Then they disappeared and never saw Katie again.

Tim and Rose visit the Titanic. Tim and Rose got very exited on the first day of the summer holidays. They were going on a submarine trip to see the

Titanic. Luckily they had won the lottery. Seven thousand pounds, just the cost of a trip of a life time! At last it was - the long awaited day, Tim and Rose were to drive down to the harbour. “Are we there yet?” asked Tim. “No” answered mum, for the 100th time.

When they finally got to the boat filled wooden harbour they boarded a large, dark, blue submarine called, ‘The Titanic Re-made.’ Mum and Dad had to be in a different part of the submarine because they wanted to listen to some “boring” information on the Titanic. This gave Tim and Rose time to explore the ship. When the submarine reached the broken and ancient Titanic, Rose and Tim looked though the dirty porthole glass in the side of the submarine. What the saw through the grease glass and the murky water was unbelievable! The Titanic in all it wonders was looming up to meet them. Then suddenly there was a shout from their mum, Mary. “Kids I need you to sign this postcard for granddad and grandma who are on holiday in Italy.” Five minutes later the children were passengers on the Titanic. “Tim we’ve gone back in time again!” gasped Rose in horror. “Don’t worry Rose, now lets go and play with that little boy over there ” suggested Tim, pointing a small boy dressed in old fashion looking clothes. “Hello my name Tom” said the little boy Tim and Rose approached him.

“Do you want to play a game of explorers?” asked Tom. “Yes please! Said Rose. Oh by the way I am Rose and this is Tim” she added. After a few hours of playing Rose looked out to sea and saw a small lump in the sea. As she stared at the lump it got bigger and bigger and closer and closer. Suddenly Rose understood what she was seeing and shouted “Look it’s a, a, AN ICEBURG!”

‘CRASH!’ Suddenly they crashed into the huge ice burg! Screams, shouts and cries came from every direction. After 20 minutes of chaos only a few people were left on bored (most of the others had gone home on little boats. “Tom go to your mum” shouted Rose. Tom ran to were his mother was in an escape boat, but he was too late. Tom fell in to the sea just as the ship pushed away from the boat. “I have to save him!” shouted Tim running off to get some equipment. A few minute later Tim came rushing in. “Where did you get that stuff from?” asked Rose. “Just found it” he answered. “I’ll go get him” he said bravely. SPLASH!

While Rose got a boat ready Tim grabbed Tom and pulled him to the surface and on to the ship. “Get in the boat now” Rose shouted! Tom snapped a piece of driftwood from a raft. T I M and R O S… Suddenly Rose, Tim and Tom got washed up on land. Tom found his Mother. “Where’s Farther?” asked Tom “in the carriage waiting over there” she answered in a posh way. “Mother these people are my friends because Tim saved my life when I fell in the water. Rose brought me back on a boat” said Tom. “Come on” said toms Mum. Tom quickly tom wrote the E on his drift. “So thank you and bye Tim bye Rose” said Tom.

“Bye Tom” said Tim and Rose. They zoomed off home … Suddenly they were back in the submarine.

Tim and Rose go to world war2. Tim and Rose were at the schools World War 2 parties. Tim and Rose were looking at a picture of 3 men 3 woman and 3 children in what looked like a prison. Just below there were words: In the war people were taken prisoners, and shot if they did not give information about there country’s plans. “This is a nice way to end studying world war 2” said Rose “yes” agreed Tim. An old man with a clip board came up to them. “I’ve got some sheet for your school dear’s would you give them to your teacher for me, and just put yours names on them so they don’t get lost. Then it happened again they started spinning. 5 minutes later they landed in a cold, dark, damp and quiet room. “I, I think we’re in one of those prisons” whispered Tim. There

was a man standing at the other side of the room Talking too the 3 men in the picture. “He’s got a gun.” Said Rose.

“Please don’t kill me I know nothing.” Pleaded one man. “Why should I keep you alive if you know nothing?” asked the man with the gun. I need to stay alive so I can look after my family.” Answered the man. There was a moment of silence which was broken by the “BANG!!” of his gun. On the floor lay the dyeing man, moaning and groaning. I love you Alice. He croaked. “Mummy he killed dada” cried the girl. “I know Alice he a nasty man” said the woman. “BANG!!” “No need for back chat” the man at the front sighed. “Well now that parents have died I mite as well kill you” he spat.

“We’ve got to do something Tim” whispered rose in dismay. So they quickly put their plan into action. Tim bravely grad the bullets held by the soldiers and wrapped it round their mouths so they could not make a noise. Then the soldier at the front of the room (who Rose had worked out must have been the general) turned towards them. Tim being a very fast thinker pushed over the soldiers and stole his gun! Meanwhile Rose had crept round the back of the room and got the little girl to follow her back. Tim peered at Rose and the terrified girl; he stared to shoot at the roof. Everyone started screaming the tied up soldier managed to untie themselves and ran after Tim, Rose and the girl. They ran to a nearby shelter. “We should be safe in here.” Said Tim, locking the shelter. “Is everyone alright?” Asked a concerned Rose. “Yes” chorused Tim and the girl. “Not to be rude but what’s your name?” Asked Tim curiously. “I’m Alice and I’m 8½ years old. She said confidently.

“Tim” whispered Rose “We need to go home soon.” Tim had completely forgotten about getting home. “But how? There’s no magic here.” Alice who had been listening said quite plainly, “your from the future, aren’t you.” Without thinking Rose answered “Yes.” “Well it’s simple really. Think of all the other adventures you’ve had. What the one thing that right at the end you’ve always done?” after a couple of minutes they both said at exactly 4:23:06, on the 12th September 1940 “Write our names!”

Tim and Rose  

This is a book complation of childrens stories about two chlidren.