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Ken Bilsky,Ottawa,,K1Y 1T3,Canada,11/22/2011, "We want fairness, accountability and an open bidding system for Landsdowne Park. I think it is shocking and short sighted that this precious piece of land is being planned for yet another shopping mall and private condos. This is obviously not in the best interest of the Citizens of Ottawa but is in the best interest of developers. A sign of the times. Lobbying trumps voting...KBillings" Thomas Brawn,Otttawa,,K1C 5H7,CA,11/22/2011, "After three previous failures I think the idea of launching yet another CFL franchise in a region full of young soccer players is unwise and will fail ultimately, leaving taxpayers on the hook" Anna Cuylits,Ottawa,,K1S0R4,CA,11/22/2011, "I have lost confidence in the past process and hope that city council will protect local citizens in the future, including due diligence when dealing with developers" Daniel Mullaly,Ottawa,,K1R5M2,CA,11/22/2011, "I BELIEVE IT IS TIME COUNCIL TOOK ITS RESPONSIBILITY TO BE ACCOUNTABlE MORE SERIOUSLY THAN THEY HAVE TO DATE. The public consultation process was totally without merit.." Dorothy Phillips,Ottawa,,K1S 5J4,CA,11/22/2011, I think a competitive process is likely to allow the city and the taxpayers to have a better less expensive and more park-like Lansdowne. Earle Rheaume,Ottawa,,K4A 4H9,CA,11/22/2011, I strongly believe that an open competition is the only right way to obtain the most effective and efficient project. Deirdre Laframboise,Ottawa,,K1S 0T5,CA,11/22/2011, "I thought I lived in a democratic country, and in turn democratic city...the closed door process that went on with the City of Ottawa over Lansdowne STINKS on so many levels." celine bak,Ottawa,,K1N 7X2,CA,11/22/2011, "Only a competitive process ensures maximum value, legitimacy, and optimal outcome for our City and this nation's capital. I believe this more than ever." Joan Kuyek,Ottawa,,K1Z 7P2,CA,11/22/2011, "City planning processes should be transparent, fair and democratic." Denis Coote,Ottawa,,K2S 1B8,CA,11/22/2011, "There was a competition, then the city cancelled it, went behind closed doors and cut a ""friendly"" deal with local lobbyists. This is unacceptable to taxpaying Ottawans. " Catherine Johns,Ottawa,,K1S 2L2,CA,11/22/2011, "open competion is the only way to ensure good value for MY tax dollars, and accountability by government. If Lansdowne live is really a good deal for Ottawa citizens it would standup to competition"

Marvin Blauer,"Ottawa, ON",,K2A 3Y3,CA,11/22/2011, "Projects such as this must be determined via an open competion if we are to be sure the cost is the lowest possible, and, more importantly, if some accountability for decisions taken is to be assured. (Who for example, designed/built the south side stands of the current stadium which had to be dismantled long before their expected duration had passed? If what is being proposed is the most appropriate use for Lansdowne and such a reasonable deal it would have won out in an open competition. Given that everything possible was done to avoid a competition, even when Council decided one should be held, no one will ever believe the current project and its backers were/are the most appropriate or the most capable." David ross,ottawa,,K1s2j7,CA,11/22/2011, "This was not a public process, but a deal cut behind doors. It does not make sense to give scarce public land away with very little in return except to the developers." Anne-Marie Demers,Ottawa,,K1S 2S9,CA,11/22/2011,"I've been fighting for this cause since the beginning and I won't give up hope until they start building those horrible towers. Stop the rip-off, Mayor Watson!" don westwood,ottawa,,k1s2z1,CA,11/22/2011, "In a democracy, a competition is the only way to elicit the best ideas. In a capital city, it is essential. Otherwise, we will become the laughing stock of the other major cities throughout the world. In Europe, we already are." Andrew Cumberland,Ottawa,,K1S 4C9,CA,11/22/2011, "In a democratic society the powerful are not permitted to take the wealth of the public and give it to the powerful and wealthy. I guess Ottawa is a democracy free zone! Well done Mr. Watson, your developer friends must be very happy that you got elected!" Andrew Cumberland,Ottawa,,K1S 4C9,CA,11/22/2011, "In a democratic society the powerful are not permitted to take the wealth of the public and give it to the powerful and wealthy. I guess Ottawa is a democracy free zone! Well done Mr. Watson, your developer friends must be very happy that you got elected!" Andre & Jodie Vanasse,Ottawa,,K1J7L6,CA,11/22/2011, "IN MY OPINION: The process has been mismanaged from the beginning by council and unfairly favors certain business interests. Too much development has to be included to make the sport busines case viable.The park is not that big and should become an earthy oasis of sort, as originally contemplated by the design competition. This project has caused the Ex to relocate far from the centre of town and people will be discouraged by the long bus rides and will rely more on cars. The trade shows will be held way out near the airport with poor access. A small forest was cut down for this. If anything, Lansdowne Park should have been expanded to the North up tp 5th Ave. to have a larger permanent modern fair/ Winterlude village and keep the trade shows there sharing the pavillions. It's the wrong place for the stadium due primarily to poor access to transit for evacuating large crowds at major events. Bayview/Lebreton area would be much better suited. It would also work well with festivals already at the War museum within walking distance of many offices and residences on both sides of the river. It would also attract restaurants, probably a cinema

etc. Maybe the Parkdale market could relocate there as well. If the project is to go ahead, it should be without the residential component to free up more space for a grand entrance from Bank Street and more fun stuff. As you can see, from our perspective, it's a lost opportunity. Once again, like the hockey stadium that was built on a distant farmer's field, our elected city representatives are missing an opportunity to do what Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary did - have major sports and recreation facilities in the heart of the city near offices, restaurants and above all, a main transit hub. Too bad that ugly DND building couldn't have been replaced by a stadium connected to the new congress centre. Now that would have been awesome and a smart business move for the city." Anne Hennessy,Ottawa,,K1S1X9,CA,11/22/2011, "The need to develop Lansdowne is valid but the process has been disheartening in it's corruption and lack of transparency and lack of imagination. The residents of Ottawa and the Glebe have been powerless. It is a scandal and exposes poor planning and power of influential developers to destroy one of the last parcels of green space in Ottawa. There is no architectural merit in the plan,and no answer for the transportation challenges arising. Will we end up with a mini Jamestown? Shame on our municipal representatives." farhat rehman,ottawa,,k1c 2k3,Canada,11/22/2011, "Only a competitive process ensures maximum value, legitimacy, and optimal outcome for our City." Clifford Garrard,Ottawa,,k1Y1Y3,CA,11/23/2011, "Because I'm alarmed and distressed at the degree to which property developers hold sway over the future direction of Ottawa, its beauty & elegance as our nation's capital. $$ alone should not rule." David Potter,Ottawa,,K1S 1X6,CA,11/23/2011, "I strongly dislike the proposed plan for Lansdowne Park redevelopment. We do not need more infill . We need more Parks and public recreation space. Give us back the old Lansdown Park of 1910! Less concrete ,more trees! Give us back the birds and the bees,please! " Susan Arab,Ottawa,,K1S 1T3,CA,11/23/2011, The existing plan for Lansdowne will be a disaster for Ottawa financially and from a planning perspective. We can do better! Joie Zeglinski,Ottawa,,K2B 7K5,CA,11/23/2011, I love the Glebe and am often there. It used to be my home. I would hate to see yet another ugly shopping mall that no one wants. There are malls all over the city. Preserve the Glebe as a place with quality and heart. That's my vote. David Moore,Ottawa,,K1S2k3,CA,11/23/2011, Lansdowne deserves better than to just be sold for short term profit. Liz Spencer,Ottawa,,K1S 1S1,CA,11/23/2011,

"My main reason is that we could do so much better! Capital city of a G8 nation, with a site adjoining a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Does yet another shopping mall / hotel / condo complex, in a city covered with them already, really do justice to the site? I'm totally embarassed to live in this unimaginative city which fails to live up to its responsibilities." Allan Moscovitch,Ottawa,,K1S2P3,CA,11/23/2011, "A design competition was what we were supposed to have before it was stopped by the former Mayor. The current plans show that the vision of the Mayor, council and the developers is for more of the same - private condos, a shopping centre, and a stadium. We need a design competition to bring in some new ideas. " Elaine Konecny,"Ottawa, ON",,K1S 2T8,CA,11/23/2011, "Football has failed here 3 times-don't try it again. We need indoor & outdoor spors, income producers & a beautiful spot like Stanley Park or Nathan Square." Adrian Belanger,Ottawa,,K1S 2P4,CA,11/23/2011, I want an open and transparent bidding process for Lansdowne Park. denis cusson,Ottawa,,k1s3r2,Canada,11/23/2011, This is a great cause. The real price of the City's current plan is hidden from most of the citizens of Ottawa and probably most of the city counselors. Let's work for an open and transparent process. Let get it right! William Johnson,Ottawa,,K1S 1H4,CA,11/23/2011, "Competitions bring out the best designs, best ideas and best dollar values. No competition brings out a bad design, poor ideas and cheap dollar values. Presumably that is why the law requires competitions. " Jean-Marc Bezaire,Ottawa,,K2A 1Z1,CA,11/23/2011, In order that a fair process be utilized to decide who will develop Lansdowne Park and because it is a public asset. The current process violated the City's own procurement process to the benefit of developers. Chris M Herdman,Ottawa,,K1S 3B5,CA,11/23/2011," The Lansdowne Park planing process has been an insult to taxpayers in the the City of Ottawa. I voted for Mayor Watson with the expectation that he would have the courage to stand up to developers and would most certainly condemn a process that violated the most basic laws of how development is supposed to take place. By failing to take a stand against this flawed process Mayor Watson has joined the lower ranks carved out by former Mayor O'Brien. Mayor Watson, have you been in politics too long? Have you lost your connection to the people of Ottawa? Did you come to office with your backbone intact or have we perhaps simply overestimated your commitment to the people of Ottawa? The City, and its chosen developers, have created a number of smokescreens. One is the promise that a CFL franchise will be acquired and will be warmly supported by the citizens of Ottawa. Past experience has clearly shown that the CFL has a very limited fan base in Ottawa. Accordingly, although a CFL franchise may be acquired for Ottawa, this franchise will not last. In the long term, Lansdowne ""Park"" will be saddled with a seldom-used monstrosity that will take up a huge amount of space, which will limit options for other useful and desirable park-oriented development, and which will sit idle most of the time.

My message to Mayor Watson and the City of Ottawa administrators and Councillors - I feel betrayed. " Douglas Moggach,Ottawa,,K1S2K2,CA,11/23/2011, The taxpayers are assuming all the costs of building the stadium. Why give away the surrounding land to developers as well? Douglas Moggach,Ottawa,,K1S2K2,CA,11/23/2011, The taxpayers are assuming all the costs of building the stadium. Why give away the surrounding land to developers as well? Diane Haughian,Ottawa,,K1S0V2,CA,11/23/2011, I strongly bject to public land being given to the private sector and then expecting tax payers to pay for the development for years to come. frances montgomery,Ottaw,,K1S 2P5,CA,11/23/2011, Concerned about substantial encroachments on green space in the downtown core - a competitive bidding process is best for the citizens of ottawa Geoffrey Hole,Ottawa,,K2A2T6,CA,11/23/2011, "Competitiver processes yield projects we are proud of. A good example is one of the first in Canada, for the New City Hall (The Eye) in Toronto, Ontario." Evelyn Gigantes,Ottawa,,K2A 2T3,CA,11/23/2011, The City has a duty to conduct its business in a way that is open and honest. M.G. Claire TrĂƒÂŠpanier,Ottawa,,K1S 2R&,CA,11/23/2011, I believe an open competition will allow more ideas to be considered. Darryl McMahon,Ottawa,,K2H 8J8,CA,11/23/2011, "We need an open and transparent process for something this important, not just accept the first greed-based proposal to come along." patsy royer,Ottawa,,K1S 1P2,CA,11/23/2011, "Using city money to fund a doomed football franchise will prove as futile as the last time, when the team lasted until a Grey Cup Game and then left town, along with the owner. Let's be honest, open and democratic with this process, unless the Council wants to look as thought they are in bed with the developers. " Glenn Hansen,Ottawa,,K1S 1N3,CA,11/23/2011, "If the current Mayor had an integrety he would have cancelled this project, which is strictly supporting developers at the already over taxed city tax payers. One can only that Watson has some vested interest and is out to continuescrewing the citizens of Ottawat" Rev. Frances Deverell,ottawa,,K1K 4S4,Canada,11/23/2011, "I believe a big project such as Lansdowne should have gone to an open competition. I don't necessarily believe the city would have to take the lowest bid, but they should have more than one proposal and take the best bid that most suits our vision. The lack of competition stifled debate on vision, and that is why we still have no resolution today."

Margaret Ford,"Ottawa, ON",,K1S2B5,CA,11/23/2011, "Open, transparent competitions are an important and honest means of governing this city. There was no good reason to cancel the competition that was underway. In addition, we should restart the process so we can get other things right too. Particularly important is getting adequate public transportation to a new football field. Why not re-situate the site to LeBretton Flats?" Jay McKechnie,Pond Inlet,,X0A 0S0,CA,11/23/2011, "Public space needs public consultations." sylvie royer,vancouver,,v5y 1v1,Canada,11/23/2011, "if you are spending public money, the public gets a say on how." Greg Leese,Osgoode,,K0A 2w0,CA,11/24/2011, Jim Watson admited himself that competitive process works and is more cost effective for the> demolition of the south stands! Fraser Pollock,Ottawa,,M1T 2G9,CA,11/24/2011, "Beyond the lack of transperency, we are building a major complex of buildings in a area that can not handle the extra traffic. " Rosaleen Dickson,Ottawa,,K1N 9M3,CA,11/24/2011, Responsibility and concern for the great community in which I choose to live. Josh Pattison,hull,,kiv 6p3,CA,11/24/2011, "Why are 12 people's ""complaints"" about a singing bus driver enough for Watson to leap into democratic action, but thousands of citizens presenting arguments about what to do with their money don't matter? " Joshua Pattison,gatineau,,j9a 3k3,CA,11/24/2011, "Why are 12 ""complaints"" about a singing bus driver enough for Watson to leap into antidemocratic action, while thousands of people who disagree with his plans for their money don't count?" William Sewell,Ottawa,,K1S 3G8,CA,11/24/2011, "The ""deal"" with OSEG was signed by a weak council and a mayor ""well out of his depth"". I don't blame the developers for taking ""unfair advantage"" while they had the chance; but in truth we could all live to regret this one sided deal for years. Please, Jim, fix it - for all of us." Janet Fraser,Ottawa,,K2P 2N7,CA,11/24/2011, Because public land should not be used for condos for rich people and big box stores. Also the City of Ottawa had no business allowing one group complete control of this valuable public resource with no design competition. This is a disgusting example of why citizens no longer vote.

Paul Hargadon,Ottawa,,K1S2H9,CA,11/24/2011, no public consultation in Ottawa Barbara Lunney,Ottawa,,K1S 1M9,CA,11/24/2011, "Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is uniquely situated at the cross of three rivers, has a plain to the south, and a rising backdrop towards the north into the Gatineau hills. The space occupied by Landsdowne PARK has ecological, historical and cultural significance. The development of this area will inspire and define the core of Ottawa for at least the next half century. The project must attend to the unique significance of this space as open space in a neighbourhood, nestled along a UN Heritage property.. THe Rideau canal," michael gazier,ottawa,,k1s3b3,Canada,11/25/2011, to get a deal that doesn't increase our taxes Robert Pushman,Ottawa,,K1S 4C8,CA,11/25/2011, It's time to stop the giveaways to the insiders. John Williams,Ottawa,,K2B 6G1,CA,11/25/2011, I am totally opposed to the way City Council has dealt with the Lansdowne redevelopment. Robert Aikens,ottawa,,k1g3j1,Canada,11/25/2011, Ottawa city hall is hiding something..this has to be one of the biggest abuses in municipal political office in Canada.. and what is really going on? Jason Kania,Ottawa,,K2C 4C5,CA,11/25/2011, My tax dollars and the value of publicly funded park space are on the line with the current illegitimate process. Clyde Sanger,Ottawa,,K1S 2G7,CA,11/25/2011, "I have followed OSEG's t wists and turns long enough. The city manager should never have suspended the international contest, for which the council voted funding, in the first place. " Kevin Brand,Ottawa,,K1S 0R1,CA,11/25/2011, "This deal will end up costing taxpayers significantly for very little return, and at great risk to traffic flow, the local neighborhoods, and to democratic governance (establishing a disquieting precedent for backroom deals)." Robert Stoakes,Ottawa,,K1S OS9,CA,11/25/2011, like proposal Stylianos Perrakis,Ottawa,,K1S2Z8,CA,11/25/2011, The city is subsidizing heavily a private sport franchise that has already failed twice. Roger Martin,Ottawa,,K1S4E3,CA,11/25/2011, I want open competition. John Davidson,Ottawa,,K1S 2P7,CA,11/25/2011, I feel strongly that the bidding process for the Lansdowne Park redevelopment has been seriously flawed.

Kevin O'Brien,Ottawa,,K1Y2S4,CA,11/25/2011, "To make the city more accountable, open and transparent in how my tax dollars are spent." Wendy McRae,Ottawa,,K1S0B9,CA,11/25/2011, "The competition for the development of Landsdowne Park should be an open competition, not a closed, one bid, take it or leave it option." Michael Wright,Ottawa,,K1S0N9,CA,11/25/2011, Council seems to be under the total control of the developers. Joanne Butler,Ottawa,,K1Y 1A7,Canada,11/25/2011, "I expect a just, fair, open competition to be implemented by the City of Ottawa regarding the future of Lansdowne Park. Anything less I regard as an abuse of public trust and a public resource." Michael Walker,Ottawa,,K2E 7R1,CA,11/25/2011, "A sole-sourced, privately negotiated contract between city politicians who do not have a conflict of interest policy and private developers is a formula for the misuse of public assets and a disaster for taxpayers." Heather Dunlop,Ottawa,,K1G 0K4,CA,11/25/2011, "We need an open, transparent request for proposal process and procurement process. Otherwise, how can we assess what you have spent our money on? I believe we need more common space, not more commercial spce. " Wayne Goodfellow,Ottawa,,K1S 2V8,CA,11/25/2011, "Because there has never been an open process to decide the fate of Lansdowne Park. As a result, decisions that violate this process will always be open to suspicion because the corruption of government officials and politicians by developers cannot be ruled out. Just follow the money and decide who benefits from this process; clearly not the taxpayers of Ottawa who are on the hook for $300 million!" penny sanger,Ottawa,,K1S 2G7,CA,11/25/2011, "After years of consultations across the city, submitting many many written opinions, and appearing at City Council meetings arguing for an international, national or at least city-wide competition we are still facing a Lansdowne Park plan that is sole-sourced and grew out of secret negotiations and utter lack of political transparency. At this stage ""they"" may think they are wearing us down. They aren't and they won't and they can't!" Peter Cantelon,Ottawa,,K1S 0V6,CA,11/25/2011, It is simply outrageous what these clowns are attempting. Len Kowalik,Ottawa,,K1S 1N6,CA,11/25/2011, "The process by which we arrived at where we are today smacks not only of incompetence, but corruption. "

Nancy Watters,Ottawa,,K1S 3A2,CA,11/25/2011, "I completely support this vision for Lansdowne being 100% publically owned with no private condo or mass retail development. I also support this being a competitive bidding process for redevelopment. Nancy Watters" Keith Anderson,Ottawa,,K2J 3K4,CA,11/25/2011, Because I believe the City would get a better price under competitive proposals. Russell Domina,Ottawa,,K1V6N3,CA,11/25/2011, I believe in open competion. David Rampton,Ottawa,,K1S 2S8,CA,11/25/2011, The City of Ottawa broke its own rules in approving this development. Will Hallam,Ottawa,,K2A 3R2,CA,11/26/2011, "Locating a stadium in the part of the city that does not have adequate parking, transit facilities, or cycling facilities makes no sense" Kate Hurman,Ottawa,,K1T 2E3,CA,11/26/2011, Urban planning must remain an open and transparent process and can never favour the developers alone; it is about stewardship of public land not profit motivated back room deals.

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Comments from the online petition between Nov 22 and Nov 26 2011

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