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Apple launched the iPad Tablet Computer with great fanfare at the end of January. But should you get one? First of all let's look at the features of the new iPad tablet. It allows you to browse the internet using Apple's Safari browser. It allows you to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Apple's iWork 2010 Office Software (which is currently used on Macs). It has an eReader, allowing you to read books on the iPad, and Apple have launched the iBooks store which allows you to buy eBooks directly from Apple for your iPad. It allows you to watch videos, and play games. And you should be able to read newspapers on it as well - the New York Times has already developed an app to allow their newspaper to be downloaded to the iPad. Essentially Apple have made a single all-purpose one stop tablet computer in a handy size that is portable. Whether you should buy one depends on what your own needs are. Book readers were disappointed to learn that the iPad did not use the iInk technology that is incorporated in the Amazon Kindle and Sony Digital reader. (iInk technology is kind to the eyes and allows you to read for hours without strain). However, Apple pointed out that their device was backlit and allowed you to read in bed. If you are a book-lover who only wants an eBook reader you might want to try the Sony Digital reader or Amazon's 6" Kindle, both of which are cheaper than the iPad (because both only read books and don't have the other functions of the iPad). If you are a business person who spends a lot of time travelling, an iPad might be ideal for you. It will allow you to create documents, contact your office via the internet and read newspapers such as the Financial Times, all on the go, on a single tablet. And the size of the iPad (9.7" screen and weighing 1.5 pounds) makes it less cumbersome to carry than a portable laptop. The iPad doesn't have a USB port - but Apple sell dongles that attach to the iPad which do have ports and which you can use to transfer documents to and from your PC. Gamers might also be interested in the iPad - but note that Sony are also releasing the Sony Dash, which allows you to play games, listen to music, watch video and browse the internet, and is cheaper than the iPad (because it doesn't have the eReader functions or the office functions). However, if you are a gamer who also wants to be able to write essays, do work and surf the net, then the iPad is a better solution. If you simply like gadgets and want a handy sized tablet computer to use while in the garden or while lying on the sofa, then the iPad is a must-have. It's simply the most advanced tablet device on the market right now. Apple have released a software developers kit so that software houses can develop apps for the iPad. As with the iPhone, it is the apps that will make or break the device, and it is likely that the quality and breath of the apps mean that you should go ahead and

buy the Apple iPad tablet.

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==== ==== Test and Keep an Apple Ipad 2 For FREE ==== ====

Should You Get the Apple iPad  

Test and keep an Apple Ipad 2 for FREE!

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