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What is going wrong with my drawing?... Why Can't I draw? Here are 2 questions that are asked by people who think they can't draw. Do you know something... "Yes, you can draw" And, what's more you can draw anything you want to draw... Landscapes, Portraits, Cars, Cats and Dogs. Its easy when you know how... But first learn to draw. Learn to draw 'simple' before you try complicated stuff. Watch a professional artist draw a portrait... An artist puts in the simple framework first with light pencil marks. Then the artist looks again at the subject in front to make sure that everything is right. Only when satisfied does the artist move on towards the finished drawing A professional artist is careful about preparing properly before working towards a finished drawing. "So, how can you expect to learn to draw without equal care?" The artist makes simple marks to learn about the subject... To get the idea of form. To understand the function of the object. To feel the sensation of texture. "Do you really think you can learn to draw expertly without keeping it simple first?" Imagine you have a bowl of fruit on a table... 2 Apples, 1 Pear, a Bunch of Grapes and a Banana. You want to draw a picture. It is a simple still-life study. But, you will make a mess of it unless you see...

The Apples are almost circular

The Pear is 'Pear-shaped'

The Grapes are round but smaller than the apple

The Banana is long and curved

The top edge of the circular bowl looks like an oval (a squashed circle)

The straight lines of the edges of the table sides seem to want to join somewhere in the distance

All of this is obvious to you... Yet, unless you see the key words in the list you can't start to draw well. The key words are... Circular, Pear-shaped, Round, Curved, Oval and Straight lines. Here's a 3- part challenge for you before you try to draw anything... Learn how to draw lines... Practice drawing circles... Discover how to sketch with curves. Even if your lines aren't perfectly straight your drawing will improve. Even if your circles aren't exactly round your drawings will become better. And, when your curves are drawn loosely and freely your own individual drawing style will be released. Transform your drawing skills... Learn to draw simple stuff first... Draw Lines, Circles, Arcs and Curves. Get your Free Drawing Lesson [] and discover how simple lines and circles help you create a Moonscape Drawing.

Michael Dale is the author of 1- Color Is Best (the quick and easy way to learn to paint watercolor) and 3- Colors Are All You Need (mix any color you want fast using only 3 colors). Contact to find out more.

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==== ==== For Great Information on learning How to Draw and other tips, Check This Out: ==== ====

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