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Upon a great wall there once lived a boy. The wall was so very high, that it was impossible to see what was below. Rising above the clouds the boy lived there for all his life. He did not know how he got there, all he could remember was being up there. He was all alone. He was not sad, because he had always lived that way. Not knowing anyone. Therefore he didn't even have a name. But it didn't matter to him. There was no one to call him, or no one to meet. He spent his days walking along this deserted place. He was a traveler, a journeyman not knowing where to go. So he kept on walking, seeing the world change around him. He always wore a cape protecting him from the strong winds and the heavy rains. His only true beloved possession, because he had it all his life, from when he was little.

The boy was always very careful. Especially when it was dark. At some places the wall wasn’t very wide or the wood would crumble beneath his feet, which was very scary. You see, his world went around this wall as well as the wall went around the world. He did not know what was down there. Sometimes, when he felt brave enough, he would go to the very edge off the wall to try and look down. He would only do this at daytime, and even then he felt scared. His head started spinning and he began losing his balance. Therefore, he always made sure he was at a save place at the middle of the wall and well before dark. So he could feel the protection of the wall. The only problem was, at the middle there was no food to be found. He ate from the plants growing from below. The boy thought that they grew out of the clouds. So every day he had to go closer to the edge to find some food he could eat.

To make sure he always got back before dark, the boy had a system. He looked up at the sky to see the sun at the horizon. Everytime the sun was about to set, he rushed back to safety at the center of the wall. Nothing could happen to him, when he was hiding there. But as the boy grew older he also became more reckless. One night he even dared to stay at the edge for so long, that for the first time he saw light coming out of the clouds. Not light like the sun at day, but tiny dancing light spots making a pattern of colours and forms. It was so fascinating! He tried to stay up all night watching and wondering what it could be, but eventually without noticing, he fell asleep. Dreaming of what he experienced, the next morning he woke up, so very close to the edge. His heart stopped for a moment as he realized that if he moved any further he could fell off! He tried to remain calm and think about what he should do.

Very slowly he moved back, little by little. Until he was sure he could stand up again, and he ran! He ran as fast as he could back to the middle of the wall. His heart pounding, cold sweat on his forehead, hands shaking and his legs barely able to carry him. He made it! He swore he would never go that close to the edge ever again! How could he be so stupid. The next few days he spend at the center. Still scared about what happened.

Years later, he would still remember that day like it was yesterday.Still he could not help but wonder wondering about what he had seen that night. The lights fascinated him, still! Nevertheless he always made sure that he got back in time before dark.

One day something strange happened. The boy went to the edge to gather food, but he had to go very close as there was not much food to be found that day. Suddenly he heard strange noises. Strange noises he had never heard before. Sounds of life. And they were coming from below! Very cautious he moved closer to the edge, so close he could look down. As always he only saw the white clouds. But the sounds where definitely coming from underneath there! For a few minutes he stood there silently, barely able to breath of excitement. The sounds even became louder and all of the sudden it became dark! Pitch dark, so he couldn’t

even see his own hands! Suddenly the sounds where gone. There was only darkness and silence. He was paralyzed for a moment. His memory flashing back to that night. Very carefully he took a few footsteps back. He turned around and started running as fast as he could. He looked up at the sky at and where the sun was supposed to be there was only a white outlining circle. But he did not care. He kept running and running. He didn’t know for how long or how far. Was he already at the center or not? He was so scared that he couldn’t think clearly and he kept on running. All of a sudden the light came back and he could see again. But by that time it was too late.

He could not stop anymore. Running so fast he already passed the center and was now on the other edge of the wall. He fell. He fell of the wall and of his world. He fell so so long that he thought he could fly . He fell through the clouds and saw the wall disappear. He closed his eyes ready to die he believed, because beyond the clouds there couldn’t be any life. He fell and fell. It became warmer, but still he fell down. Until suddenly he felt cold. He had fallen into a new world.


Little Story about a boy living on a great wall