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Pop Up Box Tutorial for our new box cards! dolor

Pellentesque Card Ideas

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Have you made one yet?

We have seen these cards appearing on the internet and thought we would have a go here at Jellypark too! These cards look amazing but are not as hard to make as they look – promise. The cards fold flat to fit a 6 x 6 envelope but pop up to make fabulous 3D greeting. .

We have pre printed kits in the Jellypark store to just print and assemble or you can use our templates to create your own design. Once you have made one of these cards you will be addicted to trying our new ideas and themes!

Tools and Equipment

Sticky pads help to build up more layers to get a 3D effect

Here is what you might find useful when creating your box card…

Glue – we prefer double sided tape but use the glue you prefer working with.

Scissors are just fine but you may want to use a craft knife to cut out the elements.

Card stock to print our card kit onto, we have used 120gsm weight paper.

A scoring tool to make the folds – a old ball point pen with no ink works well too!

Acetate or craft wire is useful to add some movement to some of the elements – try recycling old clear packaging instead of acetate.


The Template

To make it a bit easier to follow how the card is constructed, we have coloured the template for this tutorial


Trim out all the shapes from the template and score the fold marks. Fold the main box shape to construct the card, place glue along the red tab to secure in place. The yellow panel will form the back of the card, the green panels fold down to form the opened box effect.

2 Stick the brown panel to the back of the yellow panel – this will be where you can write your card message. Attach the four pink panels, one goes at the top of the yellow panel inside the box. The remaining three go at the side and front of the box. Stick the three purple panels to the folded down flaps.



Next it is time to insert the tabs inside the box, this is where you will be attaching some of the decorative elements. Fold the tabs where shown, the red sections are where you will add glue and attach to the side of the box. The tabs should be lined up flush with the top of the box, butting the red section to the front and back of the box will help to keep the tabs straight. Now fold the box flat as shown to check the tabs fold up neatly. Running your thumb down the sides of the box will help.


Now it is time to get creative!


You need to take care where elements are placed, remember the card needs to be able to be folded flat. It may be easier to lay out the elements first to arrange where they will go and tack onto the card lightly to test out the design as you go along. Keep folding the card up as you go to check elements are not stopping the box folding flat. Add elements to the back panel, the tabs inside, the front of the box and so on to create a 3D display.

Go to the Jellypark website to download our ready designed box cards, just print and start making or use the basic box template to start making your own designs!


Baby Boy Box Card

Here is one of our Jellypark box cards – more designs being added all the time!

We are showing you our Baby Boy box card so you can see one being made.



3 4 Trimming out all the pieces and starting to assemble‌


6 Main panels are all on, now inserting the supporting tabs inside the box.




10 9

11 12


14 The box is ready to be decorated.


Winding wire around a wooden skewer to create a spring and adding loops at the end to make it easier to attach.



Adding more elements and closing the box up to check it all fits! There are unlimited uses for these boxes, print out and colour digital stamps to create your own designs. Layer up with ribbons and lots of other embellishments, the busier the card looks the better! 11

If you want more card inspiration visit the Jellypark Design Team at our website or at the Jellypark Challenge Blog. We have a wide range of digital crafts at the Jellypark online store – come and see and then join the free Jellypark Club to get regular free images, lots of competitions and special offers!

Pop up box card tutorial  

Step by step tutorial for making pop up box cards

Pop up box card tutorial  

Step by step tutorial for making pop up box cards