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Issue 4 - October 2011

Welcome to the fourth edition of the

Jellypark Magazine There is a slight chill in the air now to show that autumn is on it’s way after a bit of an Indian Summer here in the UK and I have to admit I love this time of year. I’ve never been one to enjoy very hot weather, give me a crisp October morning any day. It’s the rich colours that I really enjoy so much, the trees turning and the softer autumn sun gives everything a gentler glow. If you are looking for some autumn colour inspiration for your crafts then take a peek at page 10 and 11 where we have a feature on the brilliant Design Seeds website. We have plenty of inspiring design ideas packed in this issue to get your creative juices flowing. Enjoy!

Claire x 2

New Website We are almost ready to show you the new look website – still a few tweaks here and there to do but it’s close! We are moving our hosts to allow the instant download feature for all our digital products so we are taking advantage of that to redesign the whole look of the site too.

Congratulations to Kelly Clark, the winner of the competition in our last issue to win a set of Jellypark Greeting cards!

Hope to be up and running in a few days – watch this space!


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We are sure you must know a little girl who loves colouring? Enter this months competition and you could win her one of our fab big colouring poster sets! Three A3 posters on lovely thick quality paper with LOADS of detail to colour – plus a set of pencils are included in the tube. To enter, email your answer to the following question to by 4th November 2011: “What is the name of the designer who did this issue’s step by step card tutorial?”

Good Luck! 3



4 New Jellypark Digital Craft Stamps


…and as usual we have been busy creating some beautiful card designs with them!











Too early for Christmas? Not if you have a bundle of cards to make for your nearest and dearest or a craft fair to stock up for in the next couple of months. The Jellypark Design Team dug out their Santa hats and made quick work of rustling up these great inspirations for how you can use the 4 new stamps we have just released



Jennifer 5










Mel 8





Need some colour inspiration? A blank piece of paper can be very daunting as you sit and wait for a flash of inspiration. Other times you want to experiment with a dash of different colours in your crafts but can’t seem to get the combinations quite right‌ Design Seeds is a quite beautiful and inspired website from Jessica Colaluca who has a passion for colour and colour palettes. She has created such an abundance of amazing palettes, combining colours that I dare you not to want to spend simply ages wandering through all the different dreamy combinations.


Jennifer chose Design Seeds as one of the recent themes on the Challenge Blog and she got us all hooked on the website. Mel from the Design Team used this icy palette to base her card on - beautiful .


In a new regular feature we ask a set of questions to different crafters. This month we meet Ruth Cunliff, a member of the Jellypark Design Team and author of the Tip Top Toppers Things blog.

How long have you been making cards and what first inspired you to start? Been making cards for a long time - I made all our Wedding Stationery when we got married 11 years ago but really got the bug when my youngest was born 6 years ago and not looked back since!

What do you prefer when trying out something new, a bit of trial and error by yourself or following a step by step tutorial? I am very much a work it out myself kinda gal and I tend to learn by mistakes (not just in crafting!) but sometimes when my brain is fried I search for a tutorial but then sometimes I can't work out what they mean! Usually I have happy accidents!


Do you have a favourite crafter, blogger or website which inspires you? I get inspired by all sorts of things - cloud patterns, a colour, what someone is wearing on the train, advertising..... I don't tend to follow any trend - I just do my own thing and I'm usually about 2 years behind with whats hot!!

Where do you craft, do you have a dedicated creating area or do you drive the family mad by regularly taking over the kitchen table? I use the dining room table for crafting. It gets cleared at Christmas.....! I'm a fairly tidy crafter but I always have at least 6 or 7 projects on the go at any one time this gives me time to think and ponder as to how I'll do the next stage. Only sometimes do I sit down and make a card from start to finish in one go. I try and colour in bulk and ahead of when I need it - I plan all my DT commitments so I know what I'm doing and these take priority and then I colour other images that take my fancy and keep them in a box for use later! How do you prefer to get hold of your crafting supplies, going to craft shops or ordering online (and how honest are you with your other half about how much money you spend on them?!) I do a lot of recycling! I'll use any type of packaging and its not unheard of for me to get to the office to find a little bundle of ribbon from inside clothes waiting for me on my desk! I also visit my local scrap store on a fairly regular basis as this is a treasure trove of things to use on cards and crafting in general! My latest craze is embroidery thread! I'm very much a digital gal too as I can't always bring myself to use the sparkly papers....!! I'm very good about what I buy and I only use the money from selling cards to buy more stash! 13

What kind of cards do you like making best? Which ones make you pull your hair out? I'll try anything once but not yet found anything I don't like doing!

What do you colour your Jellypark digital stamps with? I have a very lovely collection of Aquamarkers and Promarkers and these are my primary colouring medium. I do use watercolour pencils sometimes and proper watercolours but I do like my Aqua's and Promarkers! I did use felt tips before I discovered Promarkers!

Is there a technique or style that you haven't tried yet but really want to? I'm scared of grungy and steampunk!

What was your worst ever crafting disaster?! Ah. Assisting my youngest with a sparkly creation that involved glitter glue. The gold would not come out of the squeezy pot, so typical hosepipe style, I looked in the end and squeezed...the kitchen floor is still sparkly and it won't come out of the grouting! I wore it for a while too and had to wash my hair to get it all out!

Do you do any other types of crafts? I can sew and love photography!

Is there anything that would really improve your enjoyment of crafting? More time and not needing to work!


What do you do with your cards once finished? Are they made to give to family and friends or do you sell them? I use them (and I'm always late in sending them!) plus friends and family buy them too. I do a few craft fairs a year usually in the run up to Christmas.

Why would you recommend to someone that they start card making as a hobby and what advice would you give to them? Experiment and do what you like to do - doesn't matter if it goes wrong as long as you enjoyed it!

Tell us a random non crafting fact about you! I've got a double jointed thumb (defective gene passed to youngest too!)

Ruth admits to being a bit Christmas mad and is launching a special Christmas challenge blog this month – so get yourselves over there to join in and get some festive creativity started!


1 2

Card Making Tutorial A step by step guide to making this cute card using our new digital stamp‌


From Lisa Sumpter

All measurements are width x height and in inches. You will need: • • • • • • • •

paper trimmer adhesive clear glue paper scorer pencil scissors acrylic block circle cutter

• • • • • • •

• • • • • •

ribbon ribbon cord (or embroidery floss) white gel pen red button white snowflake die cut Christmas sentiment of your choice Colouring medium of your choice

Card base at 4 ! x 5 ! 1 x patterned paper at 4 x 3 " 1 x patterned paper at 4 x 1 # 1 x 2 ! patterned paper circle 1x 2” cardstock circle Image trimmed to 2 3/8 x 3 !


Step 1 Stamp your sentiment on the cardstock circle and adhere to the 2 ! patterned paper circle

Step 2 Trim the sentiment portion in half, making a semi circle.

Step 3 Colour your image


Step 4 Create your card base. If you’re using A4 cardstock, like me, score and fold the A4 paper in half and then trim it down to 4 ! x 5 1/2. If you’re using US sized paper (8 " x 11), fold in half and then cut the paper in half. Adhere the patterned papers as shown and add the sentiment.

Step 5 Adhere your coloured image to the card front as shown

Step 6 Run a line of clear glue along the join of the two papers and adhere the ribbon. Normal PVA glue will also work just as well but I like to use clear just in case.


Step 7 Tie some ribbon cord around the ribbon.

Step 8 Thread ribbon cord through the button holes, tie a bow and then adhere to the centre of the snowflake. You could also use a flower of small doily instead of the snowflake.

Step 9 Adhere your embellishment to the card


Step 10 Add some faux stitching with the white gel pen and your card is complete!

The finished card!

Visit Lisa’s blog to see more of her card designs at 21

One of the challenges on our blog this month is ‘Pink plus a ribbon’ for Breast Cancer Awareness.


Octo Canc ber is Br e er A ware ast n Mon ess th

The Jellypark Show and Tell Page

You know we love seeing everything you make with the Jellypark digital stamps and scrapbook kits. Share your creations and inspire others with your ideas! Here are a small selection of the fab creations we have come across or been sent this month‌

Jean Manis

Kelly Clark

Lindsay Weirich 23

Leann New

Carol Franz Krueger


Amber Hight

Jean Manis

Christina Fischer

Linda McClain

Thank you – we LOVE these…now it’s your turn! Lets see what you make! Email us your pictures or you could post

them up on our Facebook page or at the Paper Craft Planet group. We’ll look forward to seeing them all! 25

Where to find us‌ We can be found just about everywhere! Come visit us for a chat, keep up to date with all our news and join in all the fun!

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Jellypark Magazine - Issue 4  

Online magazine for Jellypark, we sell original art and digital craft supplies from the whymsical images of illustrator Claire Keay.

Jellypark Magazine - Issue 4  

Online magazine for Jellypark, we sell original art and digital craft supplies from the whymsical images of illustrator Claire Keay.