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How do I get more followers on Instagram? Best quality service online

• Its no secret that Instagram has become very popular lately. So much so that Facebook bought them out for 1 Billion USD. Thats a hell of a lot of money for a photo sharing app… • Now that people are getting more and more active on Instagram, they want to become famous and see their images make it to the popular page. For that to happen, they need to have lots of active followers who will like their uploaded images. • So, how do I get more Instagram followers? I hear you ask… There are many ways, here are just a few.

How do I get more followers on Instagram? • 1. Search for people who upload similar images as yourself, follow them and hope that they follow you back. Don’t follow too many people in 1 day though, otherwise you will get your account red flagged. • 2. Search for images similar to yours and like 10 pictures belonging to somebody you want to follow you, they will see that your the kind of person who will like their pictures and 90%of the time they will follow you and return the gesture. A sort of token like for like exchange.

How do I get more followers on Instagram? • 3. Upload images and use hash tags targeted to things such as “followers” “follow back” “like4like”. This will get the attention of other people in your situation who are willing to do this same mutual liking of photos. • 4. Search for people offering shout outs and request a shout out.

How do I get more followers on Instagram