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if nike can own the air, why can’t sperry own the water?

Inspired by Crunch’s question, Sperry asked its own: How can we introduce this new vision across our sales, marketing, and product development departments? How will we maintain market share when the ‘nautical lifestyle’ trend fades? How can Sperry turn a $150 million opportunity into a leading company initiative? Crunch created the answer: unite paddle, boat/fish, and sail categories into one dynamic performance platform.

For the Advanced Water Technologies (AWT) platform, Crunch created a logic behind Sperry product development and a storyline for consumers that focused on needs identification, technology solutions, and performance benefits. By creating an association of “inspiration, technology, and experience,” including a library of visual assets, we charted a new course for Sperry Top-Sider that helped the company research unique and specific solutions for serious athletes across paddle, boat/fish, and sail categories.




Paddlers face rocky trails, sandy streams, and blind seabeds.


“When portaging, you’re feeling your way through the water because you just can’t see what’s underneath.”

See With Your Feet™

Allows you to respond to what’s underfoot.

Boaters and anglers face waves, engine vibration, and g-forces.


“You have to protect your hips and joints from the pounding to make it through the day.”

Stop Shock & Vibration™

Disperses shock and vibration forces.

Sailors face shifting winds, big waves, and tricky conditions.


“You have to have really good grip. If your feet move at all, game over, you’re out of the boat.”


Grab More Grip™

Provides ultimate 360-degree grip.


Whether you paddle, boat, fish, or sail, Sperry’s goal is to provide ultimate grip, cushioning comfort, sensory feel, increased protection, and maximum performance for water-sport athletes in all conditions.

SON-R technology SON-R Technology™ Heightens Natural Sensory Responses: + Articulating Outsole Pods: Transfer information from ground to feet + Interactive Footbed with Independent Chambers: Improves sensory feedback + Hydro-Grip™ Rubber: Maximum outsole traction increases stability and agility

INSPIRATION Rocky trails. Sandy streams. Blind seabeds. Churning water. From the second you unload your kayak, your balance is under attack. Craggy creekbeds, slippery streams, and blind seabeds put you through a gauntlet of rocks, logs, and sketchy terrain. And that’s before you even navigate the real thrills and spills of your sport.

TECHNOLOGY Feedback to your brain about what’s happening beneath your feet SON-R Technology heightens natural sensory responses to improve stability and agility.

EXPERIENCE Peak performance, from coastal waters to class-five rapids Feel the rush of a more connected and inspired paddling experience.

Imagine for a moment that you are one with your kayak as you push off with the current. Information shoots to your brain and instinct fires back. Your muscles make subtle adjustments in response to rushing water, waves, and wind. You grin wide and breathe deep.

christie glissmeyer In taking SON-R Technology down river and stream, paddling phenomenon Christie Glissmeyer helped Sperry connect her closer to her sport. Career highlights: • 2011 Eddy Flower Vertical Challenge, Gold • 2009 Tribe Rider, Rider of the Year, Best Women’s Drop • 2009 PDX Kayaker Film Festival, Gold

connect to your sport and distance from everything else

ASV technology Anti-Shock and Vibration™ (ASV) Technology Increases Comfort: + ASV Technology:™ Dampens vibration and reduces shock forces by up to 40% +L  ateral Dispersion System:™ Deflects pounding forces for a less punishing ride + Hydro-Grip™ Rubber: Provides maximum outsole traction and on-deck grip

INSPIRATION Waves. Engine vibration. G-forces. A punishing day on a powerboat can leave you feeling tired and sore. It’s not just sun and exposure. The real problem is the pounding you take from waves, engine vibration, and g-forces. For a comfortable day boating or a successful chase and catch, you need technology that gives you stamina. That’s why ASV is go-to gear for boaters and anglers of every stripe.

TECHNOLOGY The mechanics of lower energy return ASV Technology reduces shock forces by up to 40% via Sperry’s Lateral Dispersion System,™ and a dual-density midsole provides anti-shock and dampening protection. So you’ll feel less pain and less fatigue with more energy to run offshore or cruise until sunset.

EXPERIENCE A more comfortable day on the water By deflecting punishing g-forces outward rather than up through the soles of your feet, this unique energy-transfer system means you’ll feel less beat down, and feel up for staying out on the water longer.

Imagine roaring out of the harbor for a big day on the water, fishing, or cruising. You brace yourself for the slap of the hull against the waves. Then you hit a swell and take a punishing bounce. But you’re not going to pay for rough seas with sore legs and a throbbing back.

chris fischer World-renowned angler and Shark Wranglers maven Chris Fischer helped Sperry put ASV Technology to the test as captain of the adventure-and-conservation vessel, M.V. Ocearch. Career highlights: • Emmy Award Winner for Offshore Adventures, ESPN 2002–2008 • Founder, Board Member, OCEARCH, a global nonprofit dedicated to the ocean’s giants • Expedition Leader, Host, History Channel’s Shark Wranglers

more energy to run offshore or cruise until sunset

GripX3 technology GripX3 Technology™ Provides Maximum Traction: + Hydro-Grip™ Rubber: Stickiest outsole for ultimate on-deck grip + Adaptive Wave Siping:™ Disperses water underfoot to reduce slippage on wet/dry surfaces + Sperry Top-Deck 360:™ Integrated rubber outsole and upper for all-around performance

INSPIRATION Shifting winds. Big waves. Tricky conditions.
 Sperry Top-Sider worked in close collaboration with its team of world-class sailing athletes to close in on the demands of competitive sailors. Not surprisingly, traction on slippery decks topped the list. Because when captains and crews need to stick tight or lock in, grab, and grip can be the difference between winning and losing.

TECHNOLOGY Control in uncontrollable situations Sperry lab-tested more than 1,000 rubber compounds and tread patterns to create the stickiest outsole ever. And then put the winning combination on sailors’ feet to see if it made the grade. It’s the reason GripX3 Technology lets you grab more grip with all-around traction.

EXPERIENCE Tame your environment Regardless of conditions, boat, or event, GripX3 Technology provides sure-footed agility and stability onboard, so you’ll have the confidence you need to hike hard during extreme conditions and stick to the boat in the most challenging situations.

You’re in the last leg of a race and the pressure is on. The wind gusts and the lines burn as you trim the sails. Then the boat heels and you hike out further. But you won’t lose grip because you stick every move you make.

zach railey Olympic Silver medalist and US Sailing Team Finn Class champion Zach Railey helped Sperry put GripX3 Technology through its paces, so he could better grip the deck and take the podium. Career highlights: • 2011 ISAF World’s, 9th • 2011 Finn US Nationals, Gold • 2008 Olympics, Silver

stick your moves and tame your environment

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