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ONLINE COMMUNITY     Some  games  try  to  encourage  co-­‐opera1on  and  teamwork  and   an  online  community,  however,  you  frequently  come  across   gamers  who  think  either  they  should  have  all  the  rewards  gained   and  you  should  have  none,  or  if  they  are  out  of  the  game  and   rely  on  their  team  to  win  but  don’t,  then  they  send  text  message   and  voice  message  abuse  to  their  so  called  teammates  out  of   spite  and  frustra1on,  at  their  own  inadequacies.  

WHAT THE  ^&>}   YOU  D±§\   HEAD!?!?  F@=$   YOU  YOU  STUPID   C*£+!!!  

ISSUE Gamers  who  are  arrogant  and   obnoxious  seem  to  have  the  tendency  to   send  verbal  and  text  message  abuse   across  to  gamers  when  their  objec1ve  in   a  game  doesn’t  go  their  way  or  are  just   looking  to  blame  someone  for  their   terrible  play.  As  a  bi^er  loser  would  say   over  a  video  game  “It’s  never  the   gamer’s  fault!  It’s  the  game’s  fault!”  

The  online  gaming  community  is   suppose  to  be  a  place  to  meet  new   people  and  share  enjoyable  video   gaming  and  social  experiences,  not  be  a   place  where  gamers  are  abused  on  a   daily  bases.  

SOLUTION Gamers  are  driven  away  from  their  gaming  systems   because  of  these  cyber  bullies  online,  which  damages   the  experience  of  online  play,  or  become  so  annoyed   by  their  own  behaviour  at  their  frustra1on  to  the  game.     My  solu1on  would  be  to  introduce  a  voice  recogni1on   an1-­‐swearing  device  to  prevent  or  limit  the  gamer’s   swearing  and  frustrated  behaviour  over  games.  


A  games  console  such  as  the  Wii,   PS3  or  Xbox  360,  has  a  voice   recogni1on  chip  able  to   differen1ate  swear  words  from   normal  language.  If  it  picks  up  a   limited  amount  of  swear  words,  the   console  shuts  down  and  bans  you   from  using  it  for  a  while.    

It would  be  a  tool  to  encourage  gamers  to  not  get  raged  up,  trash  talk  to   other  gamers  online,  and  abuse  their  neighbours  with  noise  pollu1on.     Picture  this  like  a  swear  jar.  As  punishment  for  unpleasant  language  you   sacrifice  your  1me  you  could  be  having  playing  your  video  game  console.  

SWEARS &  RACISM   F***(ing)   S***(ing)   God   Hell   The  voice  recogni1on  catches   the  swear  words  in  order  to   func1on.  Above  are  some  o  the   swear  words  my  experiment   responds  to.     Like  the  Xbox  Kinect,  it’s  voice   command  only  func1ons  if  you   say  specific  orders,  but  it   requires  the  first  word  “Xbox”   and  then  the  name  you  need  to   read  out  to  get  it  to  work  (e.g.   “Xbox  Play  Disc”,  “Xbox  Sign  In”,   etc.).   This  acts  immediately  aner  a   swear/racist  word  is  read   instead  of  requiring  a  full   sentence.  

(jesus)(christ) B****   Ass(hole)   Damn  

Piss(ed) Goddamn   C**t   D***  

W***(er) Ni*****   C**n   B*****d  

N**i B****y    


Interface Experiment Jack  

Interface Experiment Jack GDNM Year 2

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