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Jelica Todorovic Financial Consultant @ Eastern European Markets

Experienced Financial Advisor Consumer and corporate banking expert Jelica Todorovic is also an experienced financial advisor, having worked with many international corporate clients and celebrities both in the United States and in her native Serbia. Jelica Todorovic’s extensive experience as a financial advisor and her track record of success have made her a sought after commodity for those seeking wise financial advice. Jelica Todorovic is also an active volunteer in the community, giving back to those less fortunate.

Golf Club Belgrade Member Financial expert and international businesswoman Jelica Todorovic is a member of the Golf Club of Belgrade. Jelica Todorovic resides currently in Belgrade, Serbia, where she keeps busy as a respected financial analyst and expert in the Eastern European markets. When not busy at work, Jelica Todorovic relaxes by spending time on the first Belgrade’s golf course, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. Jelica Todorovic enjoys golf and is constantly seeking to improve her golf game.

Todorovic Expert in Consumer Banking In addition to her renown as a corporate banking expert, Jelica Todorovic also has a comprehensive working knowledge of the consumer banking industry. When not helping corporate clients through her consulting work, Jelica Todorovic also advises consumer clients as to the best strategies for personal investment and growth. Jelica Todorovic gives advice that is highly sought after, particularly that of her expertise in the Eastern European markets. Many consumer banking experts turn to Jelica Todorovic for her encyclopedic knowledge.

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Jelica Todorovic  

Jelica Todorovic is a consumer and corporate banking expert who also works extensively as a consultant for foreign investments in her native...

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