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Cox Communications 1400 Lake Hearn Drive Atlanta, GA 30319 Dear hiring committee, As an upcoming graduate of Savannah State University, I am interested in a position of Director of Public Affairs with your company. I reviewed an ad about the opening at Cox communication by utilizing career search databases. Being that Cox Communication is the third largest cable Internet and broadband service in the country it would be an honor to become a part of the team. I have Intern experience in Public Affairs and Crisis Communication, which are listed on the resume. I am young, dedicated, and innovative. I will build a higher clientele to your company through my strong ability to network with any audience. At your convenience, I am more than willing to interview for a position or to speak with an employer about more employment opportunities. I will follow up via e-mail or telephone within two weeks. I would be glad to submit any necessary documents needed. Sincerely, Jelesia Smith

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