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Jelena Dragovic Doctor Pearson JRN 371 25 May 2013 Query Letter Dear Editor, I am sure you are aware of the many young adults traveling across the ocean to the United States to attend college. Due to the large interest in the western education system and the opportunities, there has been a huge increase in the past few years for students from Southeastern Europe to travel to the states to pursue their degrees. I have been inspired to write an article covering this topic. I believe that it will be a great success due to the growing interest among young adults in South Eastern Europe. I am sure you have wondered why so many of us are leaving our great homes to travel to an unknown land and receive an education. The article I will write will range from 500-750 words and will include crucial information for readers. I will cover topics from the desire to be educated, and compare and contrast the education systems. Furthermore, I will explain the admission process in order to allow readers to understand how they themselves can go about receiving and education in the United States. I will include an interview with an international student about their experience in an effort to give readers a first hand knowledge of what it would be like for them if they chose to take the jump. I am passionate about this article because I am an international student and have gone through the process of choosing a school and moving to the United States. I have a thorough knowledge in the process and what it takes for a student to pursue their dreams. I am a Public

Relations major pursuing my Bachelors degree and have an excellent ability to write journalistically. Furthermore, I am also an international student athlete. I play for my college’s volleyball team. This would give readers another perspective and draw a larger demographic to the article. I genuinely feel that this article would contribute greatly to the success of the paper and that I am the best candidate to write it.

Best Regards, Jelena Dragovic

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