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Jelena Dragovic Dr. Pearson JRN 371 20 May 2013 Freelance Assignment #1 I found this week’s assignment really interesting and helpful. Even though I never really thought of this kind of writing these kinds of articles, I figured that I actually might be able to make some really nice money on the side. I ran into a couple of issues while researching about the whole thing. I signed up to a website called and started getting emails about some of the opportunities for writing that would match with my interests and capabilities. There were a lot of topics that I could definitely write on, things that I am actually interested in and that was really exciting. I also got a lot of offers about translating and I believe that this might be something I could work on since I am fluent in several languages (Serbian, Montenegrin, Croatian, English, Spanish and Italian). However, I almost completely forgot about the fact that as an international student who is currently on a student visa, I am not really eligible to work and make any kind of money outside of school in the United States. I am not allowed to pitch, write for the websites or magazines and do anything that would include me being paid in any way. I was not sure what I was supposed to do. Finally, I informed Dr. Pearson about the problem I ran into and she gave me a couple of options that I could choose from. These include either pitching for some of the CBU publications or some of the newspapers, magazines or websites back home since that would be completely legal. I contacted some of the editors and got a couple of replies. Now, I am really happy and excited since I will get a chance to write in my first language and stay in touch with Serbian public through writing for some of their publications.