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 artist: Jekaterina Suharenko 
 date of birth: 05 December 1993




2.1 Paintings
 2. 2 Prints
 2.3 Photography 2.4 Mixed media works

 3.1 Magazine “trickle.” 3.2 Collaboration with Kamile Grusauskaite 3.2.1 Mural in Academie Minerva 3.2.2 Installation“GLITTER MOUNTAIN” 3.2.3 “Shell” sculpture 
 3.3 Collaboration with Monika Balu 
 3.4 Collaboration with Eleni Tsompanidou 3.5 Collaboratin with Gheorghe Nastasiu



Photo series “Untitled”


Academie Minerva, Groningen

At my core, I lean on enjoying the present, keeping the state of tabula rasa, taking time to look up to the sky, exploring the light and shapes of clouds. The rhythm we experience in the post-modern quotidian, which seems to be speeding up, results in having no attention to pay to small presents of life. Beautiful morning frost on our windows on winter mornings, or a blooming flower coming through the concrete are therefore forgotten. The art works come across as exuberant by the use of texture, ornament, and vividness. The paintings offer a hand to the beholder in pursuit of a sense of celebration, the festivity of life, of its beauty and (im)possibilities. The wakeful attention of the audience and the crave for joy and excitement is the focus objective in the art works. It gives away a framework of naive aim for exploration and the feeling of youthful adventure. Which allows freedom in interpretation providing different viewing perspectives. There can never be too many decorative patterns and ornaments, as they are the basis of my oeuvre, with emphasis on the meaning of an artwork, making it more attractive. The urge to invite and overwhelm spectators with a jungle of complexity: bringing together a variety of visual elements, intertwined with adorning patterns, visual harmony, and anarchy of separate elements that coexist together in order. The term “amor infiniti” plays an important role in my works. Displaying the virtuosity in filling every area with unimaginably complex configurations, showing to the beholder an abundant imagination and order in complexity and layering. What occupies my artistic practice are the choices of mediums, techniques and styles, that serve a purpose of creating a distinct space for the viewer to be faced with enormous vibrance fluidity. In a while, the visuals come to life. Being a hybrid, mixed media artist, I take use of a wide range of materials (acrylics, ink, nail polish, textile, pastels, different kinds of glitter and crystals). The color range varies from the very dark to bright, interlacing with many tones and color combinations, diverse forms and patterns.

 I have a passion for fusing various visual elements and materials, making intricate works, rich with decorative patterns, charged with delight and excitement. The art works are distinct with colour, festivity, and is filled with an immense amount of detail, which aims at overwhelming the beholder from the very start. Playing with contrast and showcasing a playful and joyful attitude towards creating art. Although at first glance, it to be a beautiful chaos, the organic structures give a chance to create meaning drawing from the visual form and allowing a spectrum of interpretation deriving from the individual. 2.1 PAINTING

In the domain of my painting works I explore the possibilities of the combination drawn from diverse elements fused with the loss of sense of medium. The variations of color schemes retrieved from ongoing dimensions of decorative patterns create an almost white noise-like Universe wherein the beholder is invited to find his-hers own island to feast ones eyes upon.

“Untitled”, 2015
 3 m x 2 m
 Academie Minerva

Drawing \ Painting “Explore the Universe”, 2018 Acrylics, ink, glitter, nail polish, collage, textile, mixed media Groningen - Rotterdam 1,5 m x 1,8 m

Drawing \ Painting “Explore the Universe”, 2018 Acrylics, ink, glitter, nail polish, collage, textile, mixed media Groningen - Rotterdam 1,5 m x 1,3 m


“Untitled”, 2017
 Print \ Drawing
 Ink, pencil, nail polish, acrylics

In response to my panting practice I have went on to analyse the possibilities of the decadence of the reproductions of previous works through the use of the citrus oil printing technique, which bore unexpected minimalist print-works. these works sustain the ridiculousness of dadaism by incorporating surrealist elements, that map a narrative upon a paper.

“Untitled”, 2017
 Print \ Drawing
 Ink, pencil, nail polish, acrylics

Printmaking, series “Untitled”
 Ink, pencil, nail polish, glitter
 A2 Academie Minerva, Groningen


The medium of photography, for me, is an attempt to blur the borders of reality thought depictions of unrecognised objects and construction of dimensions balancing between bodies and prints.

Photo series “Self portrait”, 2016
 Academie Minerva, Groningen

“The World” Series of photographs Groningen 2014


The mixed media works represent the culmination of the use of versatile techniques. It is here, that I am able to manifest the liberty of artistic creation. It combines both the thematics and the mediums of the works above while representing the hybrid nature of postmodern life.

“Shoe”, 2017

Mixed media work
 Acrylics, glitter, pastel, collage, print, textile, marker

Academie Minerva, Groningen

3.0 GROUP PROJECTS Communicative and cooperative spirit of my creative habitude urges me to take a step forward and accept the challenges of todays world. Working together with other professionals from various spheres excites me the most as I can learn about other practices, cultures and develop as a person in different ways. The unifying spirit of having common goals with someone else is playing a crucial role in my life views. 
 3.1 MAGAZINE “trickle.”

“trickle.” zero issue (left), 2016
 “trickle.” 1st issue (right), 2017
 Collaborative project
 Magazine with Kamile Grusauskaite, Monika Balu and Dima Bondarenko

The magazine “trickle” evolved through a desire to combine visual arts with publishing media, including the writing practice. Me and Kamile were the founders of the artistic zine.

By creating it we were having several goals: 1. Creating each magazine with hand crafted embroidery, authentic pictures and design as it makes each copy unique and personal, it can be perceived as a work of art. 2. Including topics which intrigues us: nowadays culture, arts, travelling, programming, animal rights, and other social issues. 3. Creating a platform where more people would be involved, we offered to our fellow students to participate by writing an article, they also had an opportunity to exhibit their work.

3.2 COLLABORATION WITH KAMILE GRUSAUSKAITE Collaboration with Kamile started on the third year of our studies. The project “Untitled” wallpainting had opened a door to many other mutual works in the future. We have been creating works in versatile mediums, as, for example drawings, installations, sculptures, videos, photography and, later on , even a magazine. Working with Kamile helped me to evolve as a creative, opened my eyes on what art can be and how its qualities can transform into other spheres of everyday life. Collaborative work enlightened a desire to experiment with other artists with contrasting cultures and creative backgrounds. 3.2.1 MURAL IN ACADEMIE MINERVA
 With this project we wanted to create an impact on the beholder by experimenting with the scale of the work, the elements it holds as well as the theme of the mural. It narrated a story about the evolution of life, how every element of the ecosystem is dependent on another. The choice of visuals and materials was assertive and included our past works, recycled paper and the wall, which was used s a canvas, requiring no extra materials for a base.

The creation of the “Glitter montain” was an interesting experience as we had a chance to create a whole space, which you could enter and feel yourself as in a shelter. Inside of the mountain the projection of fishes was set, to relax the beholder. The mountain was created in a circle

Wall paining-drawing, 2015 Collaboration with Kamile Grusauskaite 5 m x 15 m Academie Minerva Groningen


The goal of this mountain was to connect people together, as it had a circular shape from the inside. Each person was sitting or laying in front of another. This construction provoked communication between everyone, providing a pleasant and warm atmosphere in the installation.

 Installation Collaborative project with Kamile Grusasukaite Muziek Organisatie Noord Groningen

My contribution to the project included building up the mountain in papier mache technique, using old paper and newspaper, creating visuals inside and outside of the installation. As well as creating the ceiling with collages and glitter. Later on I included video of fishes in the aquarium inside of the installation, creating a a sense of tranquility and privacy with nature.

Plaster sculpture “Shell” 2016


Cooperation with Kamile Grusauskaite Mixed media, plaster, acrylics, hair, glass and glitter
 1 m x 60 cm 

In this project we wanted to explore the medium of sculpture. The creation of “Shell” is the answer to global warming, as the sea level is increasing, the coral reef is dying and the ocean is polluted with plastic and other waste. 
 Our goal was to build a sea inhabitant, bringing awareness to the public.


“Unfunctional cuisine”, 2015

Photo series project with Kamile Grusauskaite and Monika Balu

Published in thve magazine “trickle.” Issue 0 Groningen

Collaboration with Monika was a fruitful experience reflecting in our mutual works. In “Unfunctional cuisine’we wanted to touch the subject of food advertising. As for promoting various products and dishes food stylists apply varnish, paint, wax and other artificial materials. The creation of “perfect burger” can take an hour or more, before it can photographed and promoted in the media. As an alternative, I created decorations on vegetables, covering them with threads, nail polish, sparkles and stones, so that the product becomes more “appealing” to the viewer. 
 In the series of photographs “Untitled. I have been covering already existing environment to enhance certain elements, bringing to live new characteristics of depicted objects. This allows me to transform all the shapes and colour for creating continuity of the space into a new reality. The interesting part of it was by doing these decorations by hand, printing out the photographs and drawing, collaging elements on top, without using photoshop or other editorial programmes.

“Untitled”, 2016

Photo series project with Dima Bondarenko and Monika Balu Published in the magazine “trickle.” Issue 1 Groningen


Collaboration with Gheorghe Nastasiu, 2015

Working with George gave me the experience of seeing the environment in a different perspective. We have created several installations together, reusing the works we already had. Gheorghe is a nature lover, who likes to have a balance between the detail and quantity.

“Untitled” Installation Mixed media Groningen

Working in the forest was one of the most interesting experiences for me, as we were surrounded by birds, insects and vegetation. Life going on around our work created a pleasant atmosphere for the beholder. The installation attracted passersby people and other creatives.


Collaboration with Gheorghe Nastasiu, 2015 Installation Mixed media, old art works, reused wood, photographs Academie Minerva, Groningen


The arts are strongly influenced by the global cultural and economic progress, the sympathy in exploring the possible roles of arts and cultures as catalysts in contemporary developments of social and cultural transformations. Creatives feel the need to connect with people from other fields, sharing ideas and thoughts for accomplishing common goals towards sustainable and aesthetic future. 
 For the design of the pots I have reused second-hand flower pots to give them an authentic touch by decorating ceramics with textures and painting them over with acrylics. Besides that I have also given names for the plants ( for instance: Ali Baba on the top left ) so it will create an awareness that plans are important and that humanity needs to respect and value the life of each plant. Plans can feel pain and if they receive care they will grow strong and tall. Planting flowers has calming and meditative qualities, which an individuals often lack in the modern world drawn by the fast rhythm of life.

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