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Chemical Research Products Industrial Sales, Inc. 3203A PSEC Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Paig| Telephone No. : 6876541|

October 25, 2011 Mr. JoseDe Jesus President Chemical Research Products Industrial Sales, Inc. 3203-A PSEC Bldg. Exchange Road, Ortigas Center Pasig

Dear Mr. De Jesus, Technology  has  really  been  accelerating  at  a  very  fast  pace.  PCs  and  Microsoft   ruled  during  the  PC  revolution  of  the  80s.  During  the  last  decade,  a  new  set  of   technology   players   have   evolved   and   are   changing   the   way   we   perceive   and   use   technology.   The   disruptive   technology   shift   resulted   in   strong   following   for   social   media   and   networking,   the   You   tube   era,   mobile   devices   and   tablets   as   alternative   to   PCs,   and   many   more.   Today,   we   hear   the   emergence   of   cloud   computing  and  web  2.0  technologies  and  is  continuously  allowing  the  business   enterprise   to   be   innovative   and   responsive   to   the   demands   of   the   new   consumer.     The  irony  of  education  in  our  society  is  that  students  are  trained  in  technology   that   will   be   obsolete   by   the   time   they   enter   the   workforce.   Continuous   education  and  training,  therefore,  becomes  important  for  enterprises  to  avail  of   these   technologies   to   work   for   the   business.   There   should   be   no   letup   in   updating  skills  especially  with  the  new  digital  and  online  tools  used  in  sharing   and   collaboration.     In  line  with  this,  I  would  like  to  offer  you  our  training  programs,  which  intends   to  make  your  workforce  more  productive  and  attuned  to  the  new  technologies   in   the   market.   See   the   list   of   topics   included   in   the   training.     For  more  information  with  regards  to  the  training  proposal,  please  contact  us   at  the  following:   eportfolio : facebook : find profavila group twitter : @profavila Cellphone : 63 906-5577-933 Thank  You.   Yours  truly,  

(Prof) Benedict L. Avila President and General Manager

P2-De Jesus