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Freedom of



ight here, right now, in high chutes and back tees, whiteout wind and drumming rain, face shots, chip shots and long shots, Sunice chases extreme wonder, extreme impact and extreme pleasure with amateur joy and professional aim, celebrating and facilitating your hard-driving, first-tracking, long-lunching, unshakable, irrevocable freedom of play.

And it’s a beautiful thing.

Gore-tex® is Forever Sunice is partners with Gore because that’s the only way we can offer our Lifetime Guarantee to Keep You Dry. Gore-Tex®, the only fabric in the world that’s requested by name, helps us make a promise more powerful than a typhoon.


ignites us.

unice is Canadian, and we have the elements in our bones – fog, sun, rain, sleet, breeze, gale, and a hundred words for snow. We smell fall in the air; we know windchill and bone-chilling. After all, it was Sunice on the backs of the first Canadian Everest expedition, playing with ice – and fire – at 29,000 feet. Since 1976, Canada’s pioneering performance outerwear brand has learned that the elements can outnumber, outlast and outfox us – and in return, we’ve learned to design clothing that makes you invincible. That’s how we’ve earned official supplier and partner status at two Winter Olympic Games.

And why so many PGA TOUR professionals, north and south, step up to the tee in Sunice outerwear.

designed in Canada

since 1976

play inspires us.

t rains sideways, and yet we play 18. It howls out, and yet we ski. Because we never know when the sweet magic will fall from the sky and we’ll be pure, fearless, gravity-defying grace in motion. We fall back to earth with a humble chip, a missed turn, a caught edge, yet we laugh, go for lunch, and come back for more. But when we seek the shiver of epiphany, we don’t wear just anything.

We wear confidence.

We zip up courage.

And we go in style.

The Science of Style The “V� on the back collar of a Sunice garment has been our signature for decades. Today, we have the know-how to weld our icon to garments with laser precision. We make Sunice with pride. You can see it, and feel it and zip it up.

empowers us.

play rewards us. Freedom

here’s not a seam we haven’t considered and sealed; there’s not an innovation we haven’t studied and incorporated if it elevates performance. From Gore-Tex® to FlexVent® and Zephal™ to Windstopper®, our thirst for smart technology has made us an outerwear of choice on the PGA TOUR®. Pros choose Sunice because it’s as exacting as they are – gear that quiets the wind and shields wrists from rain, clothing that gives with every swing and gets out of the way of every putt.

And even when the shot takes your breath away, your Sunice keeps its cool.

Mathew Goggin Golf is a passion with peaks and valleys, and the pros that keep our attention are the ones that ride the rollercoaster with grace. Mat Goggin, a great wind player, has the determination that stands out.

Mark Wilson Golf is a game of head and heart, and Mark Wilson plays them both exceptionally well, whether he’s making a top 25 finish or funding a charity that makes sure needy kids have enough to eat on the weekends.

Jill McGill Golf’s “free spirit” takes the polish and poise she shows on a golf course to other playgrounds, from the curling surf of Hawai’i to the top of a double black diamond ski run. Wherever, whenever, Jill’s got game.

Zip Tight A simple zipper pocket offers a sliver of opportunity to defend and protect. Sunice dissects every element, building in game-changing waterproof technology: lock-down zipper puller so nothing moves, zipper garage to keep ends dry, laser cut pocket framing because you’re not in the game if you don’t look great.

Freedom adorns us.


delights us.

unice is specific to its sports but general in its cool. It’s right in rain, good on golf courses and mountaintops, comfortable at the bar après and the clubhouse before, loves the brisk hike out and the slow stroll home. We play on the snowy streets of mountain towns and on warm southern coastlines; we savour oxygen at altitude and tasting menus at poolside.

It’s all a game, the fields are everywhere, and we’re dressed to play.

SUNICE SILVER FABRIC x-statictm Silver is pure gold as an anti-microbial agent that’s also thermo-regulating, anti-odor and anti-static. Smooth to the eyes and the touch, comfortable as nothing else, this is the way to wick.

Never forget that style, too, is a game.

And when you play, you’re forever young.

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