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Introducing Harrys Choice Feeds Bringing years of knowledge and professionalism together as one! Harrys Choice™ and Hi Form perfection at its finest, offering horse owners the most unique, exclusive concept, from paddock to the feed shed! Harrys Choice™ is a unique, high quality feed formulated using the latest cutting-edge research and ingredient technology available. Hi Form Australia, one of Australia’s most advanced, successful and reliable equine supplement companies has joined forces with Moulamein Grain Co-Op, t/a Northern Valley Stockfeeds, to produce the best feed options for the ongoing health and well-being of your horse. Manufactured in their Organic Certified Mill, Harrys Choice™ contains a natural high roughage content which is exceptionally important for the horse’s gut health and longevity. Harrys Choice ™ and Hi Form Australia offer the horse owner the opportunity to meet their horse’s daily requirements in exact measures. Benefit from our obsession with quality, research and a scientific approach to equine nutrition.

Introducing our brand ambassador Harry Coffey An amazing young man who was diagnosed with Cystic Fybrosis as a child. Despite his illness Harry has defied all the odds to become a successful Jockey. Having already ridden over 330 winners, Harry refuses to be beaten! With every bag of Harrys Choice™ sold $.50c is donated to Cystic Fibrosis Victoria. Harrys Choice the only choice! WA Distributor Equine Advantage Liz James 0418368673 1300GOHARRYS OR 1300HIFORM |

Harrys Choice™ is a complete feed and is designed to be used in conjunction with one of Hi Form’s daily formulas: CompletaVite, Oxydane or BreedPlus! No By-products - No Added Nasties - No Molasses -Using all-natural oral grade, vitamins, amino acids, organic herb extracts, trace elements and mineral tissue salts - High roughage - Supports digestive health - A pure natural feed, exactly what horses should be eating Supporting local farmers.

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