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General Presentation Manufacturer of ovens, machines and automatic production lines for industrial bakeries

From individual machines to a Turn Key project

About us The MECATHERM Group designs, manufactures, and installs industrial bakery equipment all over the world. The Group’s history goes back a long way in time (over 80 years) and is closely linked to the history of industrial baking which began in the 60s. The Group has always been a source of proposals for its customers, constantly innovating new bread making processes and equipment installed in factories. With 400 automatic lines installed in 40 countries worldwide, the Group has solid experience that guarantees the safety industrial customers expect from their equipment.

Our core business is the supply of automated baking lines with capacities ranging from 700 kg to over 5 tons of dough per hour. Our customers’ great diversity in size and geographical location has led us to develop our offer for projects of various sizes. • We can deliver an individual machine, a production line, an oven, a scoring device, or a mechanical module as a first step towards automation or to complete an existing equipment. • We can also provide comprehensive project management that includes construction, roadwork, utility equipment, machines before and after our own ones, etc. as part of a “Turn Key“ project.

A Group with a solid foundation The MECATHERM Group belongs to a French group of investors that has been steeped in industrial culture for decades. This group fully supports and assists MECATHERM in its development and future projects.

1964 Founding of MECATHERM and creation of the first multi-deck Tunnel Oven

1972 First automated production line with proofer and multi-deck Tunnel Oven

1985 First automated “frozen food“ production line

1990 First specialised automated “pre-baked frozen food“ production line

1995 Invention of the modular system

2000 Development of the MEGALINE concept

From Bakers to Major Industry Leaders For 50 years, we have accompanied many of the current market leaders from their first automated production line up to their current pool constituted – for some of them – of more than 30 automated production lines. These companies are still growing rapidly and some belong to international groups. In many countries, urban growth has favoured the emergence of new industrial baking players. This is why we have already installed over 700 automated production lines in 40 countries all over the world.

Personalised customer support The technical directors of companies already in operation expect contacts that are very up to date with industry requirements, able to provide detailed responses to every technical aspect. We constantly work with them to improve or design new equipment. For less experienced customers, our advisory role is more important. The investor expects our assistance in industrial, economic, sales, and logistics issues. Our “project“ teams constantly back up our sales managers to provide the right solutions and get involved in the customer’s development projects.


Over lines installed in 40 countries Concentration of Mecatherm lines installed all over the world

2005 Invention of the Tunnel Oven with BBB “Bottom Bake Booster“: first hearth/ tray combined Tunnel Oven

2006 Invention of the “TraDivider“

2007 GOUET joins the MECATHERM Group

2010 The new Mecaflow put on the market

2012 The Combi Bloc presented for the first time at the Europain Show before marketing

2013 Development of the new HQ* process for the production of High Quality Product at high tray speed

Each speciality has its own Technological Recipe Depending on the nature of the desired products and your preference for specialisation or adaptability of your production lines, we will choose equipment especially dedicated to make-up and baking. The level of automation depends on the production volume, desired flexibility and your company’s business model...


Crusty bread

Soft breads

Dry bakery products

The crusty breads sold in all the countries with a Mediterranean culture have the particularity of keeping for only a very short time. In this context, for 24-hour industrial production, it is advisable to produce freshly baked bread during part of the day and par-baked bread during the low-consumption hours of the day, which can then be wrapped in plastic bags or frozen. The bread can then be distributed in “semi-finished” form, for final baking at the point of sale just before it is consumed.

These breads keep for longer, between 3 and 21 days. They are wrapped immediately after production either in individual forms for children’s snacks for example or in the form of family-sized sliced loaves. In this case, it is important to be particularly vigilant on respecting hygiene rules in the wrapping area; the bread’s shelf life depends mainly on the absence of contamination before wrapping. These products are often consumed for sandwiches: hamburgers, hotdogs, club sandwiches.

Half-way between bread and biscuits, dry bakery products are a form of “long-life” bread. These include rusks, crispbreads, croutons... They are distributed in family packs, individually sliced or loose in sealed bags. They are often offered with different flavours (croutons), sprinkled with herbs or sugar... These products are first baked, then in a single operation, dried/ toasted/finished.

Oven unloading

Needle depanner

Detail of outlet

Flat breads

Tarts and pizzas

These types of bread mainly come from the East and South Mediterranean rim countries and may be made with or without yeast (unleavened breads). Depending on the region, they come in strip, large rectangle or oval shapes. They are baked quickly, at very high temperatures, and do not keep long.

Savoury (pizza, “flammenkueche”...), sweet tarts, made with pastry or sponge bases, this is a market that is growing fast all over the world. Although the base production is totally automated, the decoration and assembly operations are mostly done manually. These high value-added products are very often frozen and custom-made.

Puff pastry products (sweet, savoury)

Bagels, pretzels...

Croissants, pains au chocolat, cheese puffs, puff pastries filled with meat, jam... these products can be made with an unlimited variety of finishes. Delicate and tasty, they are sold fresh or frozen, individually wrapped or in multi-packs.

Large loaves

Cake dough

This type of bread is mainly consumed in Eastern European countries. Often containing rye, this type of dough is baked slowly, and keeps for a few days. Most of the time, it is sold in family packs.

These are products that do not go through the fermentation phase and are dosed into individual portions with a large variety of flavours, shapes, toppings and colours.

Line for chocolate fondant

Proofer TFM

These products have a dark brown, soft crust and tight crumb, and are often dipped in a lye bath before baking. Bagels and pretzels, frozen after baking, are mainly consumed in sandwich form.

Proofer MVS

From the study of your project...

A customised approach Although our lines are composed of standard modules, the configuration of each line is specific to each project: daily capacities, product range, labour costs, skill level of labor, building, logistical, budgetary and financial constraints... all these factors are taken into account during the study to provide the best solutions to the project environment.


Bloc COMBI upper resting belt

Bloc COMBI rolling of dough piece

Bloc COMBI moulding of Baguettes

Bloc COMBI exit of Baguettes

Brush for stones its completion


Scoring knives

Lubrication device

MVS pusher

Scoring detail

Oven loading


Considerable resources and an innovative organisation Our development is based on 4 key pillars:

Experienced employees, with proven expertise and always supported by new hirings. This allows us to combine experience with innovation, risk identification, and implementation of new tools to perpetuate the company’s unique expertise.

Innovative industrial policy The modularity of our equipment allows us to constantly improve basic technical modules - already on the market in hundreds of copies while offering lines customized for specific customer applications. This modularity, which is a unique concept in the bakery equipment industry, allows us to provide unparalleled service quality. The density of our subcontractor network enables us to deal with all the changing demands specific to our business.

Demonstration and R&D demonstration resources Our 4,000 m2 laboratory includes four automatic production lines. It offers our customers a unique industrial demonstration and product development tool. We can also invite all project partners there such as mixer, ingredient, flour, and baking tray suppliers. Finally, this laboratory constantly serves our Research and Development Department for their studies in matters of improvement or new production lines and ovens.

Individual Project organisation In addition to this industrial organisation unique amongst the bakery equipment manufacturers, we have a project-based organisation where the customer has a one single technical contact for the entire project, taking care of the project during all its stages for the customer. This contact person is the link between all the skills of the company and external services (architect, partners...). This organisation, which has a very strong structuring impact on the company, has proved to be advantageous in managing complex projects in distant countries and it guarantees the customer a successful operation.

GOUET SAS F-49310 MONTILLIERS (near Angers) Phone: +33 (0)2 41 58 90 00 -

Manufacturer of ovens, machines and automatic production lines for industrial bakeries

Juin 2013

MECATHERM SA F-67133 BAREMBACH (near Strasbourg) Phone: +33 (0)3 88 47 43 43 -

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