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2 Science Discovered how to manipulate the genes of a particle named “Raulstonia Eutropha”.

3 Technology Microsoft introduced Windows 8 special hardware.

4 TechnologyTechnology-Curiosities -Don´t Waste Your Waste. -A Long Drive. - Standardizing auto safety technologies could halve number of fatal highway accidents.

5 Urban Life Parkour. The art of overcoming obstacles.

6 Urban Life Parkour -Life Experience (Juan David Monsalve)







Technology (MIT) discovered how to manipulate the genes of a particle named “Raulstonia Eutropha”, which has resulted in a kind of alcohol called Isobutanol that could








Christopher Brigham, the author of this

sufficiently large, researchers

discovery, affirms that when the

demonstrated that they could obtain large

bacterium “Raulstonia Eutropha” stops

amounts of Isobutanol. Brigham also

growing used all his energy in the

affirms that the objective is to increase

fabrication of complex carbon compounds.

the production of this fuel and the

And is when his essential source of

implementation of bioreactors in the

nutrients is restricted and has not access

industry to get large quantities of

to it, mainly Nitrate and Phosphate, that

Isobutanol. Who knows if we are in the

initiating a storage mode of carbon. That

front of an important advance in the

carbon storage has a composition very

search of natural sources of fuel, but we

similar to the petroleum-based plastics,

have to wait that the different

and it’s here where the Brigham team,

researchers of the world progress in their

modifying some genes and introduce

research to discovered new fuel resources

another from another organism have made

that could replace the gasoline and reduce

that this bacterium could produce fuel

the pollution and the production of CO2 in

instead of plastic. In cultivation samples

the Earth’s atmosphere.


Microsoft introduced Windows 8 special hardware

The mouse was named Wedge Touch Mouse (USD $69.95). The novelty of this gadget is that has touch sector whit 4 directions of scrolling.

Microsoft is taking advantage of its latest release, the operating system Windows 8, which as we now has some visual and operative differences; and now they launched special hardware that in theory will allow better interaction whit it; we are talking about keyboards, mouse and screen designed for improve the performance of “Metro�.

A second keyboard is Sculpture Mobile Keyboard (USD $49.95). In this case an interesting characteristic is that related whit the energy saving of the battery.

The first keyboard introduced was named

When the keyboard is not use for a while is

Wedge Mobile Keyboard (USD $79.95).

put in inactive status that and change his

This model came with special keys for

status when pressing a key.

Windows 8.


TechnologyTechnology-Curiosities Don’t Waste Your Waste. There is one resource that is not limited around the world: Urine. Three young girls in Africa develop a generator that can provide almost 6 hours of power for every liter of urine fed into it. Most people produce a couple of liters of urine per day.

Standardizing auto safety

The device uses an electrolytic cell to

technologies could halve

extract hydrogen from the urine. The

number of fatal highway

hydrogen is then purified with a typical water filter and fed into a cylinder of


liquid borax to remove excess humidity.

The USA government should require

From there, the purified hydrogen can

automakers to make the latest collision

power a generator to produce 6 hours of

prevention technologies standard


equipment on all new cars and trucks, a

A Long Drive Sunita Williams, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, recently used a laptop to drive a robot in Germany. She was testing Disruption-Tolerant Networking, or

move that could reduce fatal highway accidents by more than half, federal accident investigators said Wednesday The technologies include lane departure warning, forward collision warning, adaptive

DTN, an Internet for space. Problems with

cruise control, automatic braking and

sending and receiving data in space include

electronic stability control. They are

interruptions when craft are behind a planet or

available on many cars and trucks already,

moon, solar storms, and of course delays as

although some are limited primarily to

signals may need to travel long distances. The

higher-end models. The National

Curiosity rover on Mars, for example, receives

Transportation Safety Board said they be

signals direct from Earth, or sometimes via

should require on all vehicles, despite the

satellite orbiting the planet. Interruptions and delays mean data can be lost. The DTN will take currently discrete items, such as the individual rovers, and build them into a network that can

auto industry's concern that doing so would add thousands of dollars to the cost of a new car.

store data and send it on once a connection becomes possible. The Internet here on Earth has transformed how we do things. Do the same for space is a new challenge.



Parkour requires... consistent,

Parkour is the physical discipline of

disciplined training with an emphasis on

training to overcome any obstacle

functional strength, physical

within one's path by adapting one's

conditioning, balance, creativity,

movements to the environment.

fluidity, control, precision, spatial awareness, and looking beyond the traditional use of objects.

Parkour movements typically include... running, jumping, vaulting, climbing, balancing, and quadrupedal movement. Movements from other physical disciplines are often incorporated, but acrobatics or tricking alone does not constitute

Parkour practitioners value... community, humility, positive collaboration, sharing of knowledge, and the importance of play in human life, while demonstrating respect for all people, places, and spaces.



The main benefice of the Parkour is only mental “If you practice Parkour,

nothing is too big for you, you can solve problems and take decision quickly in just seconds” Affirms Juan David.

Parkour training focuses on... safety, longevity, personal responsibility, and self-improvement. It discourages reckless behavior, showing off, and dangerous stunts.

Life Experience Juan David Monsalve Correa, an instructor of physical education at the Antioquia’s University is one of the pioneers of Parkour in Medellin, “I

started with other two friends to

Parkour is assigned to the area of new

practice at the university and then we

tendencies at the INDER, and what

was making training groups in different

Juan David wants is keep show this

places of the city, where joined us kids

practice to public in general to become

and teenagers”

it in a sport discipline.

Juan David clarifies that the Parkour is

Today in Medellin there are around 20

not only jump a wall and, although

large groups of Parkour and around 60

anybody can practice it, because the

small groups for a total of almost 700

movements are adaptable, clearly,


requires a training phase in ground where it works on the movements awareness and prepare for beat fears.


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