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Jeiran Shenasi

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for medical equipment The company is a branch of an interntional company which is located in Dubai. In designing the logo I tried to evoke Burj Al Arab as a symbol of Dubai.

Identity for Soor* advertising group

*“Soor� in Farsi is th horn blown on the day of resurrection by the angel Seraph.

Logo &

advertisement for


eye center Eye surgery center’s logo

The logo is the word “laser” written in Farsi and is designed for the laser department of an eye surgery center. This connection is shown in the laser center’s logo.

Logo for

“Debate Europe� web site

Debate Europe is a debate forum on European Union’s website. The biggest challenge is to make it appealing and -off course- understandable for all the audiences who are from 27 different nationalities with 25 different langages. The one on the left is designed to interact with the audience; so that by rolling the mouse over the logo, the intentionally misspelling gets corrected.

Arabic FedEx

In translating the FedEx logo into Arabic letters, the biggest challange was to make the visual similarities between the original and the translated logo. Being faithful to the values of the Latin logo, I tried to make the hidden arrow visible quiet naturally in the Arabic logo. considering the writting direction in Arabic, which is from right to left, the arrow is mirrored in the translated version.

Arabic Nestlé

Arabic Nestlé logo is design to have an equal function as the otiginal logos. They appear directly on the product, and in somecases even replace the Latin logo. Therefore I chose the legibility of the logo over visual similarity. However, beveled strokes, rounded shapes, similar curves and the recognizable accent on the “e”, which I reflected in the Arabic word as a vocalization mark, make a visual link between the Latin and Arabic versions.

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“Hello” exchange postcards

Project Hello, which is basically exchanging postcards with random Addresses, is created as an initiator for cross-cultural communications, based on the idea of social dialogue elaborated by my friend, Sanneke Duijf. As many of the recent conflicts involve Arab countries the project facilitates a communication channel between people involved in the wars and the world outside to share stories, wishes and their problems. The mirrored word implies a sense of dialogue that is also perceptible in different languages. In addition to make the brand more recognizable, I have benefited from the format of the postcard as“the fifth element” in a design program.

My Presentation for the final examination at


For my final MA examination, I had to present my MA project including the whole precess, to the examinors. I used the computer filing system to illustrate the process and to create an interactive experience. “My Documents”, “My References”, “My library” and “Recycle Bin” are designed as real folders which the examinors could open to find detailed information and materials.




KHiO, End of the year show at DogA

CIRRUS Tangram


The poster is a report written by Theodor Barth on Cirrus conference held in KHiO in 2008. The reportposter includes both text and pictures from the conference, which was sent to the participated schools to be printed and stuck on diverse side of a foamboard. The goal is to create a playfull and engaging way for all the scholls who participated in the conference to be involved in the report. Tangram poster is a group work of first year students in MA design.

Poster for


insurance company





correction pens

Newspaper Ad children’s magazine & for

newspaper fair

Information for


newcomers to


The project is an attempt to answer the question “what is the difference between social responsibility and social responsiveness for the designer?� I started the project based on my personal experiences in integrating myself as a foreign student in the Norwegian society. I also interviewed a number of foreigners about their needs to primary information about Norway. The result is a package of three small illustrated books which explain the recycling system in Norway, biking rules and some small facts about the everyday life in Noway. The package contains also a set of lables that helps newcomers to find contacts and ask for help from other foreigners with minimum use of language.

Jeiran Shenasi's Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio

Jeiran Shenasi's Portfolio  

Graphic Design Portfolio