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Philosophie der Lebenswissenschaften

This presentation (or workshop) shall focus on the concept of life energy, concerning the psychophysics, causality and entropy/syntropy of the human body, however not metaphysically. The quantum level of signal waves in energetic matter, the levels of cause-effect temporality and its biomedical application for the future treatment of the human body are of decisive significance in this respect. The current view of the human body as a bio-machine will be challenged and an alternative psychophysical model for advanced healing techniques proposed, by clarifying the vital scientific differences between veterinary and human medicine; a special methodical focus shall be the indicative degrees of entropic disorder (pain, illness, death) in human bodies and the eminent role of medical prevention as a psycho-neural function, i.e. conscious and un-conscious control of signal processing as energetic process. A practical reconciliation of technical and alternative medicine will be outlined, following new approaches in biophysics, psychophysiology and neural cognition, with special emphasis on the physiology of human behavior. The understanding of causal discontinuity on the quantum level of the human body in depth and the methodical assessment of its temporal momentum, will be the core foundation of a new medical science of healing; the rising epidemic incidence of chronic (e.g. arthritis, diabetes, depression) and acute (e.g. heart problems, cancers) diseases calls for elaborating concepts of medical provision via the empirical rationalist method that apply a practical philosophy of life energy.

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Vorschlag/Kommentar: Zu diesem Thema wĂźrde ein kurzer Workshop besser passen als ein Vortrag; das Abstract ist Englisch verfasst, damit es international zirkulieren kann.

What about life energy ?  

Life energy as a key concept of biomedical science.