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*A methodical synopsis of psychophysical insights into human photo-energetic transduction*

Stephen I. Ternyik Prepared for: 11th Annual ILA Conference: Life and Light Cycles 17-22 September 2014

Israel Hosted by: Institute of Chronobiology

Prof. Abraham Haim, U Haifa


Maimonides formulated, according to ancient Hebrew thought and learning, that time was injected into space and time appeared simultaneously with the origin of our universe; Spinoza explained that only finite phenomena are time-bound and that eternal truth is timeless. The natural extension of energy process levels determines the physical properties of time, all living organisms are time automata (local clocks) and the electromagnetic field of living time systems indicates their energy level or rate of time-flow while the human brain registers these differentials in scalar potentials of photonic electrodynamics. All cause-effect processes are linked to an initial position of energy as temporal causal mechanics and energetic level variations lead to causal variations; gravitational energy and longitudinal waves are even able to enter and leave atomic nuclei: light wave behavior is changed by variations of photonic reality. Moshe Carmeli (astro-ph-0103008) observed a backward motion of cosmological time or cosmic unified world time (global clock), leading to the physical consequence of universal extra-temporal causality; the quantum scientific method is applied research into the wave structure of matter which originated from extratemporal causality of light as Zeitgeber.

Stephen Jehucal Ternyik/social scientist/Techno-Logos, Inc., since 1985

‫סיבתיות על‪-‬זמנית‬

‫על פי החשיבה והלימוד היהודיים העתיקים‪ ,‬הרמב"ם טען כי הזמן מוזרק אל תוך החלל וכי הזמן הופיע‬ ‫במקביל להיווצרות היקום שלנו; שפינוזה הסביר שרק תופעות סופיות הן תלויות‪-‬זמן וכי האמת הנצחית היא‬ ‫על‪-‬זמנית‪ .‬הרמות הטבעיות של תהליך הארכת האנרגיה )‪ (extension of energy‬קובעות את תכונותיו‬ ‫הפיזיות של הזמן‪ ,‬כל היצורים החיים הם רובוטים של הזמן )שעונים מקומיים( והשדה האלקטרומגנטי של‬ ‫מערכות זמן חיות מצביע על רמות האנרגיה שלהם או על קצב זרימת הזמן‪ ,‬בעוד שמוח האדם רושם את‬ ‫ההפרשים האלה בפוטנציאלים סקלריים של אלקטרודינמיקה של פוטונים‪ .‬כל תהליכי סיבה ומסובב קשורים‬ ‫לפוזיציה התחלתית של אנרגיה כמכניקה של סיבתיות זמנית ושינויים ברמות האנרגטיות מובילים לשינויים‬ ‫סיבתיים; אנרגיה גרביטציונית וגלים אורכיים מסוגלים אפילו להיכנס ולהותיר גרעיני אטום‪ :‬התנהגות גל‬ ‫האור משתנה כתוצאה משינויים במציאות הפוטונית‪ .‬משה כרמלי )‪ (astro-ph-0103008‬צפה בתנועה אחורה‬ ‫של הזמן הקוסמולוגי או של הזמן העולמי הקוסמי המאוחד )שעון גלובלי(‪ ,‬שהובילה לתוצאה הפיזית של‬ ‫סיבתיות אוניברסלית על‪-‬זמנית; שיטת הקוונטים המדעית היא מחקר יישומי של המבנה הגלי של החומר‬ ‫שמקורה סיבתיות על‪-‬זמנית של האור כצייטגבר‪.‬‬

‫סטיבן ג'הוקל טרניק‪/‬איש מדעי החברה‪/‬טכנו‪-‬לוגוס‪ ,‬אינק‪ .‬מאז ‪1985‬‬ ‫‪‬‬


(Research letter: The Eco-Medical Point of View)

The methodical goal of this photo-medical synopsis is to provide a brief insight into the scientific currents of photo-energetic transduction in the human organism and its future potential for medical prevention and prognostics.

It is a geriatric fact that human ageing is directly connected with a progressive loss of circadian photoreception; the stimuli or signal-processing chain of the ocular photoreceptor system works as a direct energetic path of the optic nerve as a neural cascade of the photo-neuron-endocrine system (PNES) via encephalic photoreceptors (EPRs). The structure of the pineal gland serves as a parietal eye and circadian generator via clock genes for neuron-endocrine secretion of local specialized nuclei in functional organs, i.e. the photoreceptors of the retina transduce certain stimuli/signals via neuron-endocrine channels into the human organism although we do not know about a photo-pigment in the human eye that transduces light (for circadian and neuron-endocrine regulation). However, in learning about synesthesia, we know that sound waves can stimulate special light and color perceptions in certain people, i.e. there exists at least a dual feedback system in the human body that interprets ocular and acoustic waves or frequencies. The photo-energetic transduction channel is most likely the dominant signal processor, followed by acoustic signals, pertaining evolutionary to the neural brain hierarchy of the 5 basic human senses in general and other specific channels of sensing, according to the standard physiology of human behavior.

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Lux agitat molem? It is safe to assume a vital pre-dominance of the photoenergetic channel in the human organism, operating in very close dual feedback connection with acoustic signal-processing of external physical (e.g. photonic, acoustic) stimuli into internal psycho- neuron-endocrine responses. It is also interesting to note an exact circadian and psychophysical restoral of the immunological biochemistry in the human organism at sleep, between 22/23h-3/4h, depending on the yearly photonic rhythm of light as Zeitgeber for the integral health of the human mind-body; the human brain registers these light differentials in scalar potentials of photonic electrodynamics, i.e. light wave behavior is changing the photonic frequency variations of the human organism as electromagnetic field (energy level=rate of time flow/cause-effect-relation). A relative quantum efficiency of light waves entering the human organism via the ocular pathway (and the skin) determines the health of the photo-neuron-endocrine recovery system.

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Understanding disease, from the viewpoint of human systems medicine and applying the philosophical approach of photo-energetic circadianity, does not provide for acute technical interventions, but enables the practicing physician to personalizing health care for a better diagnostics and therapy of chronic dis-eases, thus improving prevention and prognostics. The human organism works as a light-mind-body, transducing external physical information stimuli by relative quantum efficiency into internal psychic neuron-endocrine responses; this information-energy-field is driven by photonic electrodynamics, i.e. electromagnetic field variations (e.g. additional important parameters of signal processing are the quality of the inhaled air and average temperature of the habitat, concerning optimal blood circulation). Applying a new translational epistemology and ontology of medical cybernetics (information science/quantum theory) will make it easier to methodically reduce and understand the complex inter-connections of the living human organism. There is no need for a medical metaphysics, but a societal need to better comprehend the interplay of body and environment (eco-medicine); such a cognitive extension of medical professional knowledge can serve as advanced input for improved health care; this is truly a professional and societal challenge and innovation.

Advancing medical cybernetics is naturally not the road to immortality, but the sane way to life style improvement, health consciousness and longevity quality, thus providing existing medical technologies with a deeper understanding of the human light-mind-body, i.e. a precise cognition of the quantum energy flow in the living organism (e.g. the heart-brain neuronal response dialectics and its direct interplay with the respiratory system). Such a higher direction of medical research will ultimately result in a clear separation of humanistic and veterinary medicine in the history of science. In cybernetic terms, it is safe to assume that the direct photo-energetic pathway of the ocular-optic nerve into the human brain-body is the most powerful of all senses and this is quite in opposite to the underestimation of ophthalmology in professional significance and unfortunately also monetary salary of these physicians. The human organism is not an assembly structure of mechanical machinery or a dead tissue factory, but a medical information-energy network that functions in quantum-equipotentiality (only living tissue can absorb, transduce and emit light=dead cells are no more light responsive). Certain light (sound) waves and frequencies do definitely correspond to the health of specific structural functions in the human organs; these are measurable quantities and qualities, giving technical proof for new medical treatments of dis-eases, probably with newly elaborated (eco-medical) light and sound therapy techniques and technology.

Human photo-energetic transduction processes are the initial basis of the psycho-neuron-endocrine system that keeps us healthy by the organic translation into immunological (biochemical) responses. The human lightbrain-body works as a sensible psychophysical network that converts external signals into internal responses; illness and dis-ease are rooted in the pathological disturbance of this physiological signal transfer from the environment into the body; this eco-medical point of view perceives, observes and measures medical pathologies as a communication disorder (entropy) in the human body; the retro-causal restoration of communicative order (syntropy) in the human organism is therefore the radical aim of ecomedical health care (healthy health care); by gaining a deeper understanding of the material universe, we can wisely and creatively extend our limited temporal momentum in time-space.

Bibliography Boscovich RJ. 1763 (1922). A Theory of Natural Philosophy (Latin-English). Chicago: Open Court.

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Stephen I. Ternyik Social Scientist/researcher & entrepreneur Techno-Logos, Inc. (1985)




(Research letter)

The human organism can be understood as a tempo-causal living system that processes signals via a dual flow of information and energy where short-term neuron-electric stimuli are converted into longterm chemo-endocrine responses. This complex type of signal transduction is the psychophysical enigma of the human mind-body-medicine that could not be deciphered by the anatomy, physiology and pathology of dead tissue, cadavers or animals as veterinary medicine; today, it is well known that ž of all signals have to pass the neo-cortex and Ÿ passes neural (archaic) sub-functions of the brain. It is to be expected that these scientific research frontiers will be surpassed in the very near future by a methodical integration of informatics, medicine and psychology; however, this technical success can only happen if the cognitive categories of investigation are wisely chosen and the temporal network of causal connectivity fits the psychophysical reality of the human mind-body. Furthermore, medicine is first and foremost a profession, built by the empirical wisdom of regular human experiences and true medical healing is a painstaking endeavor of various drugs, surgery and applied life philosophies.

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Almost all Holy Scriptures tell the human being to keeping the ‘house’ in order and to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body, but the dis-ease of pain, illness, disorders and death is constantly knocking on our house door, endangering our health and longevity. Any pathology of the human organism is therefore based on signal processing, e.g. loud noises are perceived via neural channels and then transduced into stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol that in consequence weaken our immune system. The coupling of psychophysical stress and various pathologies such as coronary problems, infections, allergies, diabetes and various cancers is well tested by empirical evidence medicine, concerning the internal response processes of the nervous and endocrine system. Brain imaging technologies can actually show mind-body-functions in real time, like the limbic system which is the emotional center for memories as cognitive thought processes; magnetic resonance imaging can practically map the emotional entities of the working brain, even during prayer and meditation. The root of many physical problems is seated in mental health and it is more than likely that most physical symptoms cannot be treated and healed effectively without addressing the patient’s implicit mental problem by enhancing the psychological well-being. Treating superficial symptoms by pills and surgery only means to relocate the physical malady to a different place in the human organism which calls for a redesign of the patient-doctor-relationship in search for psychophysical sanity. From a tempo-causal point of view, healing is a retro-causal remedy towards life-sustaining syntropy (negentropy) and consequently the slowing down of increasing entropy (dis-order) in the human organism; it is important to take notice of the quantum theoretical principles of non-locality and duality in medical healing (i.e. the symptom is local, but not its cause; signal processing is dual, with nervous and endocrine responses). Thus, the communicative inter-action of external information processing into internal energy transduction is at the ontological core of a biomedical science of healing that goes definitely beyond isolated facts and nomenclature; physical indications surely match with psychological states of well or wrong being in terms of natural law science. If we really want to identify stress triggers as the leading causes of morbidity and mortality like cancers, strokes and heart attacks in contemporary societies, then we have to reorient to ancient China where a doctor got more money from the government when his community members were kept as healthy as possible; our real logic today is: more sick people= more surgery= more drugs= more money (for the pharmaceutical industry), the monetary incentive is clearly not on preventive medicine and we are consequently less healthier than we could be and by prolonging this medical system, we may well run out of money. The human physical body mirrors its psychological mind and with this psychophysical inseparability does preventive medicine start; transgressions involving the psychological state of mind do result in medical effects of the human physical body, i.e. both entities are permanently linked or interconnected: it can be safely concluded that there exists a working medical symmetry between the physic-organic structures and psycho-mental functions in the living human organism. Thus, it is not necessary to assume a meta-life-energy in the human organism, but an information-energy-flow as tempo-causal event chain; consequently, it is methodically possible to creatively design a working biomedical ontology as empirical model of humanistic science (in cognitive distinction to veterinary science), starting at the quantum level of neural coding; such an approach can also make practical use of the principles (laws) of harmonic bio-resonances, as applied to the medicine of the human mind-body, because the human organism constantly converts external frequencies into internal signals. The higher order of the physicality of this world is being permanently revealed in the workings of the human body; it is no coincidence that our major acute and chronic dis-eases are mathematically mass phenomena like collective epidemics (some are even more significant than the medieval pest) and not some statistically isolated individual events, which also proves that exact social science methods are very helpful for medical research, i.e. the methodical application of precise methodology is a key to future medicine and the advancement of clinical practice. The medical approach of Maimonides (1138-1204) can be seen as a historical role model for future medicine as humanistic science; the medical literacy of Maimonides as rabbi-physician-scientist comprised Hippocrates, Galen, Rhazes of

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Persia, Al-Farabi and Ibn Zuhr (i.e. a Greco-Arabic medical legacy) and preventive medicine is understood as one of the highest ethical imperatives that human beings can achieve in a professional manner: medical healing cannot be disconnected from the sanity of the human mind and this view of the human body includes also the self-healing forces of ‘spiritual physics’ or ‘auto-imagination’. Consequently, the underlying etiological causes that produce a disease have to be researched in the first place and gradual or even instant remedies have to be sought after in the second place; humanistic medicine is an empirical science that should follow a rationalist methodology which treats mortal human beings as mind-bodies, paying ethical respect to the real-world complexity of living matter.

Following the spiritual anatomy of ancient intuitions and classical traditions of medical healing, it is necessary to develop the model prototype of modern information medicine on the ‘simple’ fact that the 100 trillion cells of the living human organism (which are as a totality renewed in 7-year-cycles) have to communicate in energetic harmony; health is, of course, more than the absence of symptoms, it is a sane state of psychophysical well-being. The major cognitive challenge and first problem-solving step will consist of creating out of the puzzle of isolated facts a psycho-physical analogy (causality network) that implies the properties of digital application for precise methodical medical reasoning.

Such a scientific learning process of understanding the living matter of the human organism is bound to advanced integration of informatics, medicine and psychology; the working body of existing knowledge can only be expanded if the facts are combined on a natural-law level of higher order, i.e. it

is probably more realistic to think about medical logics than to expect one simple logic formula, e.g. there seem to be distinct levels of medical healing and the natural complexity of the physical world is already revealed in the living human mind-body, but has to be unveiled by diligent scientific research work that goes methodically beyond linear biomedical ontologies; in addition, this new type of medical information science and information medicine needs extreme robustness against false speculations from meta-physical remedies (‘quackometrics’). The above mentioned ‘monetary bias in our medical system’ has to be rectified by ethical and professional reform, with the aim of holistic health science and socially responsible health economics/management, realizing new medical ideas that work to meet unmet human needs; more effective health models and solutions are badly needed for a more sane society. Let us now draw the essential conclusions of our philosophical reflections on future medical science: the vital organs of the human mind-body behave as a working duality of physic structure and psychic functions via neuron-endocrine transduction of external information into internal energy; the sanity of the human mind-body is dependent on a harmonic vibrational flow (bioresonance) of external stimuli to create healthy internal responses; effective medical ontology and information science is based on the principle of tempo-causal connectivity, with medical healing being a retro-causal remedy on a temporal scale . Information medicine will apply the quantum scientific method to holistic healing where the pathological locality of the symptom is not the single informative cause of a disease; every disorder has to be treated as a psychophysical imbalance of the whole person, to restoring a healthy mind-body.


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