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Letter of Reference: Prof. Stephen I. Ternyik Social Scientist and Futurist Germany.

It is a pleasure and privilege to write this letter of Reference, on merit. I have known Prof. Ternyik for over two decades now, as an incisive thinker and pragmatic visionary in the true tradition of German philosophy of thought and action. As a man of Peace, his approach to life and letters is inter-, cross- and multidisciplinary. He represents a rare example of a scholar searching creatively and critically-analytically for the truth in economics and business studies, science and technology, human and social sciences, art and architecture, language and literature, and comparative religious, cultural and religious studies. Above all, he is truly a noble person with endearing qualities of head and heart, being receptively open-minded and large-hearted. Prof. S.I. Ternyik is a Distinguished PFI Fellow as a Researcher, Resource Person and Writer. He is the author of a PFI Publication titled: The New Ethical Economics Science. (The PFI; 2012). With this rich background and cross-cultural credentials, he is eminently suited for a Ph.D. programme. Any university in honouring him with a scholarship-based admission, will be honouring the cause of higher education, learning and scholarship. Finally, I wish Prof. S.I. Ternyik God-speed, good luck and every success, prosperity, health, happiness and best blessings in life, letters and learning!

Dated:- 21st February, 2014.

( Dr. R.M. IKRAM AZAM (‘ndc’) ) Co-Founder; Donor and Hony. Chairperson, The PFI & MVs.

letter of reference