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I'm going to eat too some sweets

Now I have a full belly and I'm fine

I can‘t stop eating food, and I always vomit

I would like to be healthy. What can I do?

The best solution is to burn all those sweets!

I'm very hungry anyway‌

Hi Cristian, how are you?

They’re fine, thanks.

I'm fine, thank you. How is your family?

I feel sick.

You wish to acompany the cliff?

It's a good idea. Let's go.

Wait Cristian and Mary! I think that you should find a solution to this problem. Eating so many sweets is unhealthy.

: I can’t help it. I have to eat sweets… I can’t stop. Oh no… I'm getting dizzy…

I think I need to go out and breathe some fresh air….

Are you ready?

Yeah, let's go.

I'll pick a few flowers.

I'm tired I'm gonna fall help!

Cristian!, Are you okay?

I'm coming, but I do not think anything has happened to Armando help me! Call a doctor!

I am very hungry. I'm getting dizzy ....

You could lose weight if you go to the gym and to get fit.

It's a good idea

I don’t know.

Care that you fall, you know something to help with this problem?

I now exercise on the treadmill

Where I start, and this, by bike

After all the effort, Cristian gets better and overcomes his problems with sugar.

I'm already thinner, I feel much better

You should follow the example of Christian.

I think I will go to the gym too

It is worth going. It will help you a lot.

Cristian, your parents are coming.

Hey, Cristian! We must have a look at that new body

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hello my name is jesus