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These are the core strengths of i3, a pharmaceutical services organization committed to uncompromising quality that provides integrated scientific strategies and solutions throughout the product lifecycle. The impact of our powerful capabilities is measured not only by the return on investment they deliver for companies like yours, but by the difference they make in the lives of countless patients around the world.

The specialists you seek. Deep functional and therapeutic expertise. Innovative technology tools. Authoritative data assets. Expansive global presence, combined with extensive knowledge of local cultures, languages, and regulatory requirements. Consulting-firm flexibility and scalability that strongly identifies with the customer perspective. And a 360-degree view of health care that takes into account not only pharma, but payer, needs.

For the breakthrough they need.

We offer better people, better data, and better processes to bring you better results—because we understand that every stage of your product’s lifecycle represents opportunities to impact performance and improve quality.

spe • cial • ist


n. 1. an individual or enterprise dedicated to mastery of a sharply defined set of capabilities, such as functional expertise in: clinical research

2. one who is devoted to a particular branch of study or research, such as a specific therapeutic area, as in: cardiology



health economics, outcomes, and late phase research



biostatistics and data management


staffing and outsourcing


central nervous system oncology


respiratory and infectious disease


endocrinology and metabolic disease


pharma informatics


drug safety and epidemiology


3. see also the people of i3

The company of specialists. We call ourselves

And smarter means faster. With greater economy.

that for a reason. It’s because we hire only the

More efficiency—and more confidence.

best scientists and researchers in their respective fields—quality people who bring the functional and

So whatever your need along the entire product

operational expertise, and depth of experience in

development continuum, virtually anywhere in the

important therapeutic areas, to chart the smartest

world, look to i3 for a proven solution. And with

possible course for your research and product

it, a commitment our people share with yours to

development efforts.

meaningfully improve patient care, case by case and person by person.

i3 specialization: delivering positive impact across the entire development process

Getting products to market faster, more efficiently, and more cost-effectively. They’re not only your objectives, but some of the key reasons to partner with i3.

Our experience across multiple functional and

your goals are our goals:


Because safety is one of our core competencies, we’ve developed methodologies and analytical tools designed to help you formulate safety strategy before, during, and after product launch

therapeutic areas is foundational to accomplishing these goals—and, as we believe you’ll find in working with us, indispensable to your success. Count on i3’s deep reservoir of proven talent to help you: Reduce risk


Increase efficiencies


Our global regulatory services have been shaped by our experience navigating the patchwork of rules and guidelines enforced by various agencies around the world A regulatory compliance rate greater than 99 percent in pharmacovigilance, together with our experts’ hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed articles, has earned us widespread trust among clients and regulators alike

Decrease costs


Increase market impact


Maximize return


i3 global presence: offices, leadership, and teams aligned with key regions North America

Developing safe, effective pharmaceuticals is an expensive proposition.

South America

But the real bottom line isn’t an entry on a spreadsheet.

Europe–Middle East–Africa

Asia-Pacific Japan

We make our customers’ objectives our own. At i3, we know the challenges you face every day. With reductions in research and development productivity and constant challenges on the pricing front, we understand the tremendous pressure you’re under to bring premium-quality products to market more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before.

We also know that the pressure to perform—to do more with less—is here to stay. So we’re always pushing ourselves to develop new strategies and new efficiencies that can give you greater control over the market forces that influence your decisions every day.

your goals are our goals:

INCREASE EFFICIENCIES & DECREASE COSTS Access the United States’ largest private database of insurance claims to find new patients, perform clinical trial feasibility assessments, and locate superior study sites Make critical mid-course adjustments by relying on our extensive experience in biostatistics, data management, medical writing, and areas like adaptive design consulting Finish trials faster with innovative technologies like i3Cube™, our new clinical trial and data management system that makes study information more transparent and accessible Meet challenging deadlines and program goals with our dedicated, globally integrated, and therapeutically aligned project management teams and clinical monitoring services Streamline your patient enrollment process and achieve higher-quality results using our global database of more than 24,000 investigators Tap into the problem-solving power of strategic alliances and flexible staffing sources enhanced by global office setup capabilities, comprehensive IT services, and security expertise Leverage a full range of scientific services, including protocol development and feasibility studies, to keep your projects on schedule and within budget

i3 stands ready to provide services specific to your needs, from basic off-the-shelf solutions all the way to a highly customized and comprehensive approach.

The CRO as consultancy. We bring a consulting-firm sensibility to our work, being flexible and pragmatic—and listening carefully—so that every i3 solution is driven by your needs, tailored to your unique set of circumstances.

Data that affords your researchers and analysts a unique perspective. As a division of UnitedHealth Group, one of the world’s leading health and well-being companies, i3 has access to one of the largest and most robust health care databases ever assembled.

This key asset—mature, geographically diverse, and extremely detailed longitudinal data from both commercial and individual plans, plus the largest Medicare prescription drug plan and supplement plan—enables us to investigate any number of patient, physician, treatment, and clinical attributes.

i3 data can help you: See the market more clearly and in greater detail


your goals are our goals:

INCREASE market impact & maximize return Our closed system of de-identified patient-level data with linked socioeconomic information can yield valuable insights in areas such as pharmacy reimbursement and specialty prescription drugs, physician and facility claims, lab test results, diagnoses, persistency and compliance metrics, and Medicare Part D The clearer vision of the marketplace made possible by our leading expertise in HEOR and real world/late phase research can help you realize the full potential of your brands We’ve combined our unparalleled data assets, online tools, and scientific expertise with innovative market intelligence to create clinical development and commercialization services and solutions that are designed to deliver greater competitive advantage

Gain insight into how your products are used and


the people who use them Make more informed decisions in tune with


rapidly changing marketplace dynamics

An extraordinary depth of resources, all dedicated to your success. Our relationship with UnitedHealth Group also puts us on a solid footing financially, with resources that keep us exceptionally strong—starting with those very experts of ours who will partner with you in a way that builds real trust between your team and ours.

We can draw on proprietary data to identify more efficient ways of treating diseases or to help you position your products to greater advantage, physician by physician.

i3 gets its name from a shared commitment to integrity, intelligence, and innovation.

Businesses that work together to deliver more. As the company of specialists, we deliver our tailored solutions seamlessly through our network of dedicated service providers:

i3 Research offers therapeutic

i3 Drug Safety has the scientific

expertise in five areas—cardiol-

rigor to manage risk across

ogy, central nervous system, oncology, respiratory

the entire development cycle, offering the data,

and infectious disease, and endocrinology and meta-

services, and expertise you need to meet regulatory

bolic disease—for an understanding of clinical trial

requirements and support risk management

design that goes beyond regulatory requirements.

programs for drugs, devices, and biologics.

i3 Statprobe advances

i3 Innovus offers real world/

pharmaceutical data services

late phase research solutions

through experienced process design and superior

that are informed by a scientific view of the

quality, with solutions that include data manage-

marketplace to help you make smart decisions that

ment, biometric services, medical writing and scien-

demonstrate your products’ value in the market

tific communications, and strategic alliances.

and gain greater competitive advantage.

i3 Pharma Resourcing is a leader

i3 Pharma Informatics combines

in clinical staffing solutions that

unparalleled data assets, online

offers expert pharmaceutical personnel placement

tools, and scientific expertise to help you attain a

supported by world-class service, and has the

clearer understanding of your products’ potential

ability to meet virtually any kind of staffing need,

and actual performance as well as corresponding

anywhere on the globe.

market dynamics.

i3 Pharma Informatics Decision-making tools for market impact

i3 Statprobe Superior clinical data solutions

from the combined insight of thousands of i3 professionals whose cumulative experience spans the entire development process. This singular perspective, which is further enhanced by our comprehensive understanding of pharma and payer needs, can uniquely assist you in realizing your vision for greater quality, speed, accuracy, safety, efficiency, economy, market impact, and ROI.

i3 Research Therapeutic specialization in clinical research

Our signature 360-degree view of health care draws its strength

i3 Innovus Leading HEOR and late phase research solutions i3 Pharma Resourcing Flexible staffing solutions i3 Drug Safety Deep expertise in all aspects of drug safety

But all you need to remember is Contact us today to let us prove what a difference i3 can make for you—and for the people whose lives you’re dedicated to improving with your products:

Our collaboration. Their celebration.

i3 global brochure  

Brochure promoting i3's global services to companies in the pharmaeutical industry.

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