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‫קשר‬ Kesher

Dec 2013 Tevet 5774

The Newsletter of the Camp Yavneh Alumni Association

‫שבעים פנים לתורה‬ 70 faces of Torah Dear Yavneh alumAs Yavneh is about to celebrate its 70th year we have chosen, from the Talmud, a fitting theme for our upcoming summer - 70 faces of Torah-Shivim panim l’torah. The Midrash teaches us that there are seventy faces to the Torah – or many valid ways of understanding the Torah and our tradition. At Yavneh, we have often felt we represent 70 faces of Torah since our campers and their families belong to many communities and celebrate Judaism in many ways but yet manage to come together beautifully each summer to celebrate Jewish life together- the essence of YavnehK’lal Yisrael! I am humbled to be honored by the Yavneh community in March at Yavneh’s 70th celebration. I hope you will be part of the celebration, benefitting the “The 1944 Tribute fund”, thereby giving the gift of Yavneh to so many campers that need our help. In this issue you will find (unsolicited) quotes from members of the Yavneh community about what made their Yavneh experience so special and unique for them which relates to our upcoming theme.

‫ד"ש חם‬

Warm wishes-

Arnie Band holding David Band (baby), Esther Band (Arnie’s mother) is across from him. Ethel and Murray Smith are closest to the camera (they are Allan Smith’s parents) Circa 1957 or 1958

David Micley K’04 Click on the photo to watch the video

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