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‫ערב יבנה‬

Erev Yavneh Dearest Friends--

This is a very exciting opportunity to celebrate Camp Yavneh’s 65th anniversary year and at the same time to recognize the type of leadership that has allowed Yavneh to reach this important milestone. Our honorees are indeed special, and have contributed uniquely to Yavneh over the many, many years they have been active members of the board. I will not go into their individual biographies and contributions because two of our past presidents who worked closely with them have done that so eloquently in this Tribute Book. It is written in Pirkei Avot (4:17) Rabbi Shimon said: There are three crowns- the crown of Torah, the crown of priesthood and the crown of kingship; but the crown of a good name surpasses them all. Our honorees have worked tirelessly for Yavneh over the years. They have done so not for glory or power - in fact most of the Yavneh family does not even know of their accomplishments - but they have worked for the good of the Yavneh community and all the families that it touches. Their humble nature and work for Yavneh in turn gives them their good name. It has been a privilege and joy to work with David, Lillian, Amy, Jordan, Bruce and Debbie all these years and I will miss seeing them at our future board meetings. Even though they won’t be attending future board meetings but will be on the Yavneh Board of Trustees, (like the Mafia) once you’re in the Yavneh family you’re part of it for life. By celebrating Yavneh tonight you are also supporting The Camp Yavneh Scholarship Fund which has allowed thousands of children to attend Yavneh over these past 65 years. Yavneh has truly been blessed to have these six wonderful people to honor, who whole heartedly endorsed and contributed to this important part of Yavneh. As our song goes, On and On, dor l’dor. Their accomplishments will be remembered for generations to come. B’ahava— Debbie Rosh Machaneh


Thoughts on our honorees from Past Presidents -

quietly and diligently attended to the task of developing a cohesive strategy for maintaining the current facilities and developing the new. Without Amy’s involvement, reshaping these critical board responsibilities would have been even more formidable..

Nathan Kaitz and Peter Nathan.


ordan Leff – Jordie has been a board stalwart for many years but his dedication to the camp is particularly demonstrated by his service each year as one of the camp physicians. He has always brought an exemplarily presence to our board meetings through his demeanor and sense of fairness and balance. One word in particular describes Jordie in his approach to his board participation and that is the word “Mensch”.

The Yavneh Board of Directors meets on a regular basis throughout the year in order to fulfill its primary function of contributing to the continuing success of Camp Yavneh in enriching the lives of Jewish children. For Yavneh to maintain and build upon the camp’s legacy of excellence, the Board of Directors provides for engaged leadership and for partnering with the executive director and other staff in crucial areas such as fiscal oversight, stewardship of the camp mission, governance, alumni outreach and fundraising. In that regard, our retiring board members who are being honored tonight at Erev Yavneh, have all been true to these ideals. Now, by passing the responsibility of board participation to others and by joining the Yavneh Board of Trustees, they play their part in guaranteeing our Camp’s success by allowing for board strength and diversity in the future


illian Gray – Lillian has tirelessly brought her commitment to the camp through board participation that has passed the Chai mark. In addition to her long service on the board Lillian has taken on various committee responsibilities during her tenure and served on the Nominations and Governance Committee in 2005 immediately following the Board Restructuring process. Lillian has been an example to all in how she has approached the task of ensuring the continuity of the board, recruitment of new members and the strengthening of the camp’s governance. She has never waivered from assuming the call to responsibility and has done so with the most pleasant of dispositions and the utmost regard for others.


my Klein – Amy is a person blessed with remarkable energy and perspective. Having joined the board in 2001, Amy then became a hard working member of the Task Force on Board Development that was formed by then President Peter Nathan towards the end of 2004. Having served on the Task Force, Amy took the fruits of this particular labor to heart and agreed to serve as a VP of the board, a member of the Nominations and Governance Committee as well as a co-chair of the Buildings and Grounds committee. Much has been said about the current positive condition of the Yavneh physical structure, however, we can all be grateful for the efforts of board members like Amy who behind the scenes have


ebbie Sheldon- Debbie's passion for Camp Yavneh is best demonstrated by the decision to send her daughters, Amy and Kari, to camp notwithstanding her husband Allen's strong ties to a different Jewish overnight camp. She has worked tirelessly on behalf of Yavneh as a Board member, finance committee member, vice president, as well as utilizing her accounting skills working on the camp financial records. In addition, she and her husband have been


strong financial contributors to the camp. We can all be extremely grateful that Debbie has contributed immeasurably to the camp since her introduction to the Yavneh family as part of Kerem 73.

‫תודה רבה‬


ruce Micley- Bruce is one of a number of Board members whose family history is replete with summers in Northwood. Beginning with Gan Yavneh when his parents were teachers at camp, Bruce, along with his sister and brother, attended camp for many years. Then Bruce brought his wife, Lisa, and three sons to camp. If that wasn't enough, Bruce served faithfully on the Board for a quarter of a century, including time as the Secretary and on the Board Development Task Force. Bruce has been an integral part of Camp Yavneh for almost his entire life.

SPECIAL thanks to… The Erev Yavneh Committee would like to thank the following people and corporations for their generous support of this evening: For Online/Silent Auction Items Huntington Theatre - Howard Breslau Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions National Amusements - Rebecca Stein Magic Beans Dawna Levenson Allen and Debbie Sheldon Matt and Lisa Hills Gerry Bickoff Howard and Sheryl Bloom Rosita and Steve Fine Scott Rubins Yelena Lebedinsky Bigelow Cleaners Hebrew College Cafe Shari and David Katz Sealed with a Kiss Vicki and Lionel Lyon Bob Feingold Cold Stone Creamery


avid Decter- David has spent more than a quarter of a century on the Yavneh Board, including an important term as the camp's president. He has served as a mentor to the presidents who succeeded him and his level-headed, careful analysis of issues facing the camp has always been appreciated. The tradition which began with David's devoted Board service continued when his sons attended camp and is now even further strengthened with his grandson in attendance as well.

The Kerem ’09 Helpers And to Our Fabulous Erev Yavneh Tribute Band: Sam Forman K’08 Ari Sussman K’94/N’95 Jonathan Sussman K’97 Joel Sussman Nathaniel Stringfield


Camp Yavneh thanks the following people for making Erev yavneh a reality: Co Chairs: Nathalya Mamane and Lisa Micley

And a special thanks for all your help to: Tevy Dines, Liz Rosensweig, Sheryl Berkowitz, Allen Sheldon, Debbie Forman, Daniel Klein, Estelle Gomolka, Lisa Rubins, Margie Ross-Decter, Kerem ‘08 - Matty Elkin, Jeremy Grinberg, Hanna Aronowitz,Amanda Stibel,Alicia Hanau,Talia Kesselman, Alex Lyon


Todah Rabah to the Erev Yavneh Tribute Committee: Meryl & Rabbi Alan Albert Betty Bauman Margie Berkowitz Sheryl & Joshua Berkowitz Micki & Mort Brown Amy & Michael Chartock Julie Glick Davis Carole Decter Jonathan & Nikki Decter Sheila & Buzzy Decter Margie Ross Decter & Adam Decter Tevy & Karen Dines Ruth & Barry Ehrlich Risa Finkelstein Jeanette Fogel Debbie & Jonathan Forman Sara & Russell Forman Sam Forman Gerald Frim Jesse & Pamela Geller Scott & Tracy Gladstone Jonathan Golden Estelle Gomolka Rita & Richard Gordon Richard Gray Sue and Mat Green Matthew Hills Rose Hurwitz Andie & Robert Insoft Barbara Gaffin & Doug Kahn Sally & Nathan Kaitz

Michael Kaufman Daniel Klein Debbie & Michael Knight Raanan Korinow Toby Kuperwasser Brian Lefsky Rabbi Dov & Nancy Lerea Vicky & Richard Levin Barbara Levine Millie Levitt Sheryl Levitt Schwartz Hannah Levy Howard & Renie Mirkin Peter Nathan Rabbi Ellen and Dr. Martin Pildis Elizabeth Rosenzweig Lisa & Scott Rubins Ellen & Jonathan Schiffer Berkowitz Allen Sheldon Ed Shems Jennifer Smith Jill and Joe Smith Rebecca Stein Ari & Jessica Sussman Mera Sussman Joel Sussman Jonathan Sussman Marc & Susan Webb Larry & Roberta Yellen

Camp Yavneh is grateful to our volunteers for making this event a success 5

Yavneh directors 1944-1947 Leah M. Hurwich z”l 1948 - 1963 Frieda Shore z”l 1954 - 1959 Walter Ackerman z”l 1960 - 1961 Baruch Levine 1962 - 1968 Moshe Avital 1969 - 1971 Abraham Yanover Z”L 1972 - 1977 Michael Libenson 1978 - 1980 Avi Teken 1981 - 1985 Margie Tarmy Berkowitz 1986 - 1990 Shoshana Marcus 1991 - Present Debbie Sussman Yavneh Presidents Albert Goldman z”l Samuel Nemzoff z”l Leo flax z”l Dr. Robert Friedman z”l Morton Grossman Z”L Martin Braver Clarence Jacobsen Z”L Lillian Yoffie Z”L Leon Brock Z”L Nathan Kaitz David Decter Michael Kaufman Peter Nathan matt Hills Jesse Geller

The entire Yavneh Community is proud to Honor our retiring board members: Amy Klein

Amy Klein has been involved in Yavneh since her daughters Sarah and Rachel Lefsky (Kerem ’05) spent their first summer there in 1999. Every year since, she and her husband Brian Lefsky would hear about the girls’ one month at camp (later two) for the remaining 11 months of the year.

When Debbie asked Amy to join the Board in 2001, she was happy to serve. Amy has real estate expertise to lend to the camp as we undertook projects ranging from building upgrades and expansions to site improvements and new construction. Amy served on the 2005 Task Force on Board Development, on the Nominations and Governance Committee, and as Vice President, Buildings and Grounds. She believes in the power of Jewish camping and says her only regret is she never got to be a Yavneh camper herself.

Bruce Micley

Bruce came to Camp Yavneh as a staff kid in the early 60’s. His father, Professor Mikliszanski, was the Director of Education and his mother, Dena Micley, was on the teaching staff. He was a camper, Kerem’71, counselor, rosh ayda, assistant head of the waterfront, rosh tefillah beginning in 1963 until 1977. He returned in 1983 as head of the waterfront. His son Jeremy, spent his first three summers at Yavneh while his wife Lisa was on the teaching staff. Their three sons all went through Yavneh as campers and Kerem and David and Joshua are currently on staff. Bruce has served on the Yavneh Board since 1984, when David Decter asked him to join the Board. He served as Secretary of the Yavneh Corporation for several years.

David Decter

David Decter has been a devoted Yavneh board member for many years. When asked to be President of the Yavneh Corporation he graciously agreed. He has served for over 25 years on the Yavneh board. David and his wife Carole sent their 2 sons, Adam and Jonathan to Yavneh back in the 80's and now David's grandson Noah is a camper at Yavneh! In his professional life David works at Levine Chapels since 1990 as Vice President and Funeral Director. David was also instrumental in securing a large matching gift for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation’s matching gift program.


Lillian Gray

Lillian Gray began her continuing relationship with Camp Yavneh the summer of '82 when her daughter Rebecca, then 7 years old, entered Gurim. Rebecca spent every summer at camp until her Kerem year - '89. Jessica, her younger sister, also started at age 7 in '89 and continued through Kerem '98, Na'aleh '99, and then as a counselor in 2000. When Debbie Sussman was first appointed Camp Director in 1991, she invited Lillian to join the Board and she has served ever since. In 2008 when Jessica married Ari, Debbie's oldest son, her relationship to camp took on another dimension. Lillian has been very active serving on many committees, including finance, strategy and planning. She is always willing to help. She also served on Erev Yavneh ‘07 committee and Online Auction ‘09 committee.

Jordan Leff

Jordan Leff has been associated with Yavneh since he was a camper in 1967. He credits his knowledge of Hebrew to his classes at Yavneh and listening to WYAV and Hebrew being spoken. Jordan sent his two girls through Yavneh, Tali (K'2001) and Hannah (K'2008). He has also been on staff for more than 17 years as a physician for two weeks every summer at camp. Jordan loves to swim and bike at camp with his good friend and (nurse at Yavneh) Debbie Forman. Their normal routine is a swim across the lake and a 30 mile bike ride! Jordan is a pediatric Dr. at Bridgewater Goddard Park Medical in Brockton since 1984.

Debbie Sheldon

Debbie Sheldon states “The best summer of her teenage life was Kerem ’73”. Debbie started her Yavneh career as counselor for Arayot in ’74. Her three sisters, Sheryl Miller, Beth Rosenblatt and Rhonda Cohen all attended Yavneh for many years. Both her daughters, Amy and Kari attended Yavneh from Gurim through 2nd year counselor. Amy was Kerem ‘01 and Kari was Kerem ’04. Debbie, who is also past Vice President of Camp Yavneh, has served on the Yavneh board for over 13 years serving on the finance committee most recently. She was on the Big Dig committee and chaired the first Yavneh auction. She enjoys working in the Camp office since 1991, providing monthly accounting services.



To Debbie Sheldon and all the honorees, Congratulations and thank you for your many years of service to Camp Yavneh! We are very proud of you! Allen, Amy, and Kari Sheldon


We join in honoring

Solomon Schechter Day School of Greater

Camp Yavneh’s 65th Anniversary and the 2009 Honorees

We are so proud of you!      We

love you! Dad, Sally, Sheryl, Michael, Adam, Rachel, Beth, Phil, Scott, Hayley, Rhonda, Mike, Allison and Deanna

for all you do for Jewish children.


Mazel Tov Debbie!

Yael Miller, President Arnold Zar-Kessler, Head of School S






60 Stein Circle




125 Wells Avenue

Newton, MA 02459




VALUES for Life

Go Camp Yavneh! Best wishes for your continued success in Jewish camping.

870 Commonwealth Avenue

Boston, MA 02215

T 617 536 6660


F 617 536 7776

Barbara A. Levine | David R. Decter | Paul Levine 1921 - 2003

Congratulations to David Decter Whose commitment, compassion and concern continue to inspire us to reach our personal best.

THANK YOU It is an honor to call you colleague and friend

470 Harvard Street | Brookline MA 02446 | 617-277-8300 | 800-367-3708 11

‫מדור לדור‬ ‫יבנה‬............

‫תודה רבה‬ ‫מחנה יבנה‬

Our family is proud to have been inspired by Camp Yavneh for three generations. With incredible appreciation for the wonderful influence Camp Yavneh has had on the members of our family and on generations of Jewish children.

Bruce (Kerem ’71) Lisa (staff ‘83-’87) Jeremy (Kerem ’01) David (Kerem ’04) and Joshua (Kerem ’06) Micley

uce) r B ( Dad Dear f ud o o r p re nt We a ommitme c o your ication t ed and d Yavneh. Camp

my, e r e J Lisa, shua , e v o o L and J d i v a D


Congratulations Debbie! Beth and Rich Fentin

Scott C. Gladstone, attorney at law Construction Conflicts Residential & Commercial

construction law and business litigation attorney

1244 Boylston Street, Suite 200, Chestnut Hill, MA 02467 T: 617-730-4525

David Decter & Lillian Gray are my Jewish community mentors. They represent the the best of Temple Emeth and Yavneh.

In honor of Bruce Micley and the other retiring board members. Avi & Shuli Rockoff 13

In honor of Bruce Micley

‫וכל מי שעוסקים בצרכי צבור באמונה‬

We are all the beneficiaries of your hard work on behalf of the Boston Jewish Community.

In honor of Bruce Micley and his selfless service to Yavneh and the greater Jewish community. The Israel Family Esther and Elliot, Rebecca and David, Naftali and Sam

with love from the Pick and Sultan families

Mazal Tov to The Honorees and Camp Yavneh M. Saunders Fruit and Produce 14

SHAS wishes Camp Yavneh a Happy 65th Anniversary Yaakov Spellman Early Learning Center Toddler-Kindergarten 60 Ashcroft Road Sharon, MA (781) 784-8700

Elementary School Grades 1-6 100 Ames Street Sharon, MA (781) 784-8724 Striar Hebrew Academy in Sharon is a Modern Orthodox day school, toddler-age through grade 6. An intimate, and stimulating, environment helps our students develop a passion for learning and a welldefined sense of their own Jewish identity and values.

  DAVID DECTER and DEBBIE SHELDON Thank you for your many wonderful contributions and DEDICATED YEARS OF SERVICE Hillery and Daniel Bauman 15

In celebration of the 65th anniversary of Camp Yavneh. We honor Debbie Sussman for her strong leadership and many years of dedication to Yavneh David Decter Lillian Gray Amy Klein Jordan Leff Bruce Micley Debbie Sheldon 16

Giving back to the community is a gift to us all. Citizens Bank is proud to support Camp Yavneh.

Member FDIC. Citizens Bank is a brand name of RBS Citizens, N.A. and Citizens Bank of Pennsylvania.




Mazel Tov to my fellow Kerem 71ers, Bruce Micley and Jordy Leff David Weinstein

Mazel Tov to


Debbie Sheldon


and all of the honorees for their

Mazel Tov David, Lilian, Amy, Jordan, Bruce and Debbie!

dedication and leadership 

Richard & Vicky Levin

Carol Harris and Bob Kann



Temple Adath Sharon A Conservative Jewish Congregation 18 Harding Street, Sharon, MA 02067 781-784-2517

Mazel Tov to Dr. Jordan Leff who has not only served Camp Yavneh but, also our congregation as Temple President, twice!

Congratulations to our friend Dr. Jordan Leff for his years of dedicated service to Camp Yavneh


Congratulations to Camp Yavneh on 65 Years!

Globex Kosher Foods 5600 1st ave Brooklyn NY 11220 718 630 5555

Sealed with a Kiss Camp Care Packages 800-888-7925

‫מזל טוב‬


Mazal Tov to Camp Yavneh on their 65th anniversary.

Camp Yavnehs provider of Airline tickets for Na'aleh

845-425-3300 Adina



Poison Ivy aside, You are the best subordinate MD ever! With love and gratitude, From your bosses SUZI, STACEY, AND DEBBIE

CHERYL, HOWARD AND LINDSAY Thank you to all the honorees for all your hard work



The Dushay-Gompers family sends thanks and appreciation to generations of Yavneh families, staff and administration. Sivan, Annika and Zoe live in an endless countdown to camp!

Combined Jewish PhilanthroPies congratulates David Decter, Lillian Gray, Amy Klein, Jordan Leff, Bruce Micley and Debbie Sheldon for their dedicated service to Camp Yavneh. thank you for all you do for boston’s Jewish community. may you go from strength to strength.

Mazel Tov To The Honorees And The Wonderful Camp Yavneh Memories That We Share.

Jay, Robyn and Kayla Kroopnick 21

In honor of our friend,


whose vision, heart, and dedication help focus our community on what matters. Mazel Tov and best wishes, The Swartzes and the Chiels As My Ancestors Planted For Me, So I Plant For My Children

Wishing a hearty

‫ישר כח‬

Mazal Tov to our Shul President

to David • Lillian • Amy • Jordan •Bruce • Debbie

Dr. Bruce Micley In proud recognition of his years of leadership in our community and his distinguished service to Camp Yavneh

For your dedication and commitment to service on behalf of Camp Yavneh

May Hashem bless you, the other honorees, and your families to go from strength to strength! Rabbi Benjamin J. Samuels

From the Nathan Family Peter, Debbie, David, Arielle & Uri

Congregation Shaarei Tefillah


Congratulations Debbie for all that you do!

Congratulations to Bruce Micley and the Honorees Joe & Helene Tischler

To Amy

Debbie, Dan, Alex, Jamie, Haley and Dakota

With much appreciation and love, Lisa and Matthew Hills. Jessica, Meredith, Benjamin and Amanda

In honor of our Friends

David Decter and Amy Klein Gerry and Debra Bickoff


Critical Minds. Compassionate Hearts. Best Wishes from The Rashi School Special Greetings to all the Rashi students who summer at Camp Yavneh, one of our partners in developing the next generation of Jewish leaders.

Boston Area Reform Jewish Day School 15 Walnut Park, Newton, MA 02458 • 617-969-4444 •

Moving in 2010 to our new campus on the Needham/Dedham line! 24

In honor of

Mazal tov


Jordan Leff

We’re so proud of you!

My oldest and dearest friend.

Your friends at Temple Emanuel

Arnie Mandelstam

Congratulating all the honorees from Nathan, Sally, Robert and Joshua Kaitz 25

��� ����� ��� ���� ����� …� ��� ����� David Decter, Lillian Gray, Amy Klein, Jordan Leff, Bruce Micley, and Debbie Sheldon For all their generous years of service on the Yavneh Board.

,����� KEREM ‘89 Jaymee Alpert Dalya Berger Arielle Gradman Berlin Lauren Dropkin Rob Finkelstein

Jonathan Golden Rebecca Gray Ilana Goldwasser Ivan Sandra Machtiger Katz Ilan Katz


Elissa Mirkin Oransky Dalyah Ronzio Joyce Shems Sharon Rebecca Stein Naomi Bloom Wurtman

In memory of our dear friend Andrea Fernbach You are forever missed.

In honor of Amy Klein

wishing her good luck in her new adventure as President of Temple Emanuel of Newton and thanking her for all the wonderful productive support she has given the Jewish Community and Camp Yavneh.

We love you and Camp Yavneh. Love, Kerem ‘92

‫תודה רבה מחנה יבנה‬

Barbara and Frank Resnek

Thanks Camp Yavneh

for all you do for our kids

From Your Friends at Camp Bauercrest! Building Jewish Identity and Self-Esteem through Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Achievement & Responsibility Contact: Rob Brockman, Executive Director 20 Normandy Drive, Sudbury, MA 01776 978-443-0582 on Lake Attitash Amesbury, Massachusetts

Mark and Debbie Lovich

‫מזל טוב‬

Mazel Tov to all the Honorees thank you for your commitment to our children and our camp


Shari and David Katz,

With fond memories of the first time we took you to Camp in 1963 and pride that you and your children are still involved with Camp Yavneh.

Shoshana, Nava, Ami and Yardana

Boston Renovation and Construction - for all your renovation projects

Love, Mom

339-364-0952 27

Congratulations Debbie on a well deserved honor. Your family and friends are so proud of you. Love, The Glovsky Family

Congratulations to the Yavneh Honorees from

Mazal Tov to you, our dear friend, Bruce Micley for your dedication and devotion to Camp Yavneh!

Keshet: The Center For Educational Tourism in Israel

Your address for group and travel needs in Israel

May H' give you continued strength to lead our shul and the many other wonderful organizations you and Lisa support!

Yitzhak Sokoloff, Executive Director

With great affection and friendship,

Operator of the Na'aleh Israel Program 1995-2010

Shelly and Harry Bloom and Family 28

khj kt khjn Congratulations to Camp Yavneh on Your 65th Anniversary!

Since its founding by Hebrew College in 1944, Camp Yavneh has earned a treasured place in the hearts and minds of thousands of young Jews, and inspired many to live committed Jewish lives. May you go from strength to strength.

Thanks to our outgoing board members for all your contributions to Camp Yavneh. May you go from strength to strength!

Amy Klein

Barbara, Jeff, Kobi, Shai & Ezra

For all you do We thank you


Yael and Stuart Need a Vacat ion? Caribbean • Cruises Europe • Hawaii F a m i l y Va c a t i o n s Honeymoons C o r p o r a t e Tr a v e l > > > >


Exceptional value Per sona lized ser vice Knowledgeable professionals Destination specialists


Serving the Community for Over 60 Years Roz Garber, President

Mazel Tov to the Honorees from the Frim-Forman Family

Yasher Koach to Lillian & David for Their Many Years of Wonderful Service on Behalf of

David, Lillian, Amy, Jordan, Bruce and Debbie

Camp Yavneh.

Mazel Tov and thank you! With much love and appreciation-

Harvey & Beverly Albert

Erica, Rick, Alyssa and Nicole Kaitz

Y our name is your bond.................................................................... BRUCE MICLEY A lways articulate...........................................................................................AMY KLEIN V olunteer extraordinaire..............................................................DEBBIE SHELDON N othing deters her..................................................................................LILLIAN GRAY E xceptional with fundraising.......................................................... DAVID DECTER H ealthy approach to campers...............................................................JORDAN LEFF

The Sussman’s thank you for your significant contribution to Machaneh Yavneh! Love, Debbie, Joel, Ari & Jess, Jonathan and Mera 30

“Mazal Tov to all 6 honorees for your dedication to Camp Yavneh” From the Greatest Kerem of All Time Kerem 94

Mazal Tov Zayde Decter We are so proud of YOU! Love your

‫לדור בדור מחנה יבנה‬ Margie and Adam (K’85), Noah (K’2015), Jacob (K’2018) and Zach (K’2020), Jonathan (K’87), Nikki and Lila, Carole and Reggie 31

David and Lillian

For all the hours, through all the years For the difference you made To Camp Yavneh and to all of us who know, respect, and love you Thank you. Howard & Rena Mirkin Mort Hoffman and Edie Goldman Rabbi Ellen & Marty Pildis In Memory of Rachel Albert

To honor the wonderful staff of

A friend and supporter of Camp Yavneh always

Camp Yavneh With gratitude,

From the Camp Yavneh board and Staff

Rebecca, Ike and Davida Herschkopf 32

From Yavneh to the Chuppah… Yavneh Zoogs who Married: Judy White & Seymour “Shalom” Schiff

Jody Berkowitz & Adam Glasgow

Mimi Furman & Jack Aronson

Karen Jacobs & Tevy Dines

Arleen Berger & Warren Bargard

Carrie Wald & Jeff Budd

Roberta Mades & Norman Milgram

Jenn Judd & Jeff Finkelstein

Margie Tarmy & Stan Berkowitz z”l

Ellen Schiffer & Jonathan Berkowitz

Ora Gorovitz & Arnold Band

Melanie Levy & Doron Fagelman

Tova Feivou & Chaim Heifitz

Shire Loewenstein & Yehudah Potok

Ruth Hurwitz & Barry Ehrlich

Daniella Pressner & Saul Strosberg

Roz Tabachnick & Paul Schneid

Sara Paster & Josh Haskin

Carol Helfin & Ira Wallach

Becca Slotnick & Steve Shimshack

Gilda Micley & Alan Flashman

Nat Strossberg & Shira Garber

Joan Paller & Harvey Bines

Jessica Gould & Efraim Yudewitz

Rosalyn Kestenbaum & David Clayman

Margie Ross & Adam Decter

Laura Bailen & Howard Kaufman

Jessica Gray & Ari Sussman

Margie Pepper & Jeff Kaufman

Lexi Schieber & Jon Gradman

Sue Unger & Matty Green

Nicole Greenberg & Jon Lopkin

Gwenne Berger & Craig Forman

Renee Greenberg & Jef Bratspis

Barbara Wolf & Steve Jablow

Ari Rosenblum & Ariel Eder

Beth Goldberg & Ronnie Forman 33

Thanks to our Friends Farla and Massimo Russo Susan and Marc Webb Debbie and David Wolf Gene Schwarz Ruth Shir Jacob and Maybeth Lichaa Naomi and Keith Osher Rabbi David Lerner and Sharon Leven Linda and Daniel Chessman Israel Hurwitz Deborah de Winter and Philip Sussman Philip and Karen Platcow Risa Sugarman Larry Kletter The Glick Family Rabbi Alan Alpert Bethany, Moshe and Michelle Roditi Daniel and Jennifer Klein Marsha and Marc Slotnick Anita & Sid Redner Debby and Larry Cooper Carrie (Goren Ingall) Stein


Greetings Congratulations to Camp Yavneh for its 65th Anniversary. PFG, Northcenter foodservice

"Dad - Always the tallest man at Kiddush"-The Micley Brothers

Retiring Board Members - Thank you for your effort and dedication during the past years. We are proud to have been part of Camp Yavneh for the past eleven years – Michele and Howard Greene

Bruce, Mazel Tov from Judy and Avi Arazi and Family. Our very best wishes to you.

Mazel Tov to the honorees and to the Camp! Judy and Josh Elkin

In Honor of Bruce Micley, Mazel Tov from Daniel Isaacman, Frannie Kohen and Family

Mazal tov Bruce on this wonderful honor! -Helen and Marty Flusberg

Mazel Tov, Debbie! Laurie, David, Rebecca and Daniel Speicher

In honor of Amy Klein, David Decter and Lillian Gray. Mady and Bruce Donoff

To Debbie Sheldon from David and Elise Richman Ezekiel and Family. A most deserved honor; Thank you for making a difference.

Mazel Tov on this Honor and Thank You for all you have done to all the Honorees-- Marcia and Alan Leifer and Family

We'd like to congratulate Debbie for all her hard work. ~ All our best, Michele and David

David, Lillian, Amy, Jordy, Bruce and Debbie, thanks for your many years of supporting Camp Yavneh by serving on its Board of Directors. I look forward to your many more years of support serving on the Board of Trustees. -Jesse Geller

Mazel Tov to David, Bruce and the rest of the honorees. Jeffrey, Jessica & Naomi Trey Mazel Tov to David, Lillian, Amy, Bruce, Debbie and Jordan, and to our sister the crazy Director, Debbie Sussman. Barry & Ruth Ehrlich

Thanks to Shani & Jody for their hard work. Rose Hurwitz

In honor of Bruce Micley and in tribute to Yavneh of the 1960's. -Ronda and Josh Jacobson

Mazel Tov to David Decter and the rest of the honorees. -Mort and Micky Brown

In honor of all the Honorees, Mazel Tov. Hanna Aroesty

Congratulations Debbie from the Greenbergs Mazel Tov and Yasher Koach Deb. With love, The "Bergers" Beth, Robin, Gwenne and Lynne.

Thanks to the board members for sustaining the future of Camp Yavneh. ~The Schram/Citrin Family

‫ מזל טוב‬to Bruce Micley on his lifelong contributions to ‫ מחנה יבנה‬-Larry and Barbara Brown and family

WYAV Salutes Dr. Jordan Leff and Dr. Bruce Micley ‫ !מחיל לחיל‬Jackie & Diana Kahn, Aventura, FL

To our dear friend Amy - Yavneh's loss is Temple Emanuel's gain. - Sandy & Rick Thau

Mazel Tov to Camp Yavneh and David Decter. Rabbi Henry A. Zoob

In honor of Julianna's counselors, Carla and David Glasser

With Best Wishes, Naomi & Carl Lopkin & Family

Mazel Tov to Bruce and to all the honorees. Thanks for your many years of dedication to Camp Yavneh. Cheray & David Shein

Lillian and David, we love you. -Congratulations! Jill and Joe Smith Congratulations Debbie Sheldon. ~ Debbie Yanofsky and Steve Shulman

Mazal Tov to the honorees from CampMeds. Thanks for the great work you do for our children!

Mazel Tov on Your 65th Anniversary.- Lori Skopp, Michael Schmidt, Adriel, Amior and Ma'ayan

Greetings from Marlene Valinsky Sandberg and Andy Sandberg

In tribute to Jordan Leff, thank you for your dedication to Camp Yavneh. -Stefanie Greenberg Kerem 2000 & Naaleh 2001


Camp Yavneh’s Legacy Circle The Yavneh experience is unique in its ability to cultivate a connection to Judaism and to ensure that our children will grow up to lead enriched Jewish lives. Now, through Camp Yavneh’s Legacy Campaign – Leaving a Legacy for Generations, Yavneh friends, families and alumni have an opportunity to make a commitment that will help secure the future of Camp Yavneh – to ensure that Yavneh will be here for many years to come. It will also enable Yavneh to continue to offer scholarships, phenomenal programming and topnotch facilities. Yavneh’s Legacy Circle, which already includes many of Yavneh’s friends like you! If we can reach our goal of securing 50 commitment letters over the next two years, the Harold Grinspoon Institute for Jewish philanthropy (gijp) which got us started on this Legacy path will donate $20,000 to Yavneh. A legacy gift, i.e., bequest or planned gift of any size can be designed to match your personal circumstances. Please join us to insure our prosperous future! For more info. please contact Legacy Chair, Sheryl Berkowitz at the Yavneh office.

A Very Special Thank You to Legacy Circle Members: Davida & Brian Amkraut

Lisa & Bruce Micley

Sheryl & Joshua Berkowitz

Debbie & Peter Nathan

Marjorie Berkowitz

Suzy & Rabbi Richard Polirer

Ellen & Jonathan Berkowitz

Lisa & Scott Rubins

Carol & David Decter

Debbie & Allen Sheldon

Marjorie & Adam Decter

Harold Simansky

Jesse & Pamela Geller

Jennifer Smith

Tracy & Scott Gladstone

Jill & Joseph Smith

Lillian & Richard Gray

Rebecca & Peter Stein

Lisa & Matt Hills

Debbie & Joel Sussman

Hava & Charles Hurwitz

Jessica & Ari Sussman

Rose Hurwitz

Barbara & Jeff Weener

Andie & Robert Insoft

Abigail Wolf

Shari & David Katz

Jacob Wolf

Amy Klein

Pamela Wolf

Jordan Leff

Allison Wolf

Dawna Levenson







Erev Yavneh ad book  

Book for the alumni event at Temple Emanuel in Newton Honoring x xlx x x and slsga

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