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The Silver  Market  Basket  Case     Silver  bullion  investors  often  feel  as  if  they  have  become  a  basket  case.  As  an   investment  class,  they  are  increasingly  growing  weary  of  the  suppressive   manipulation  that  characterizes  today’s  silver  market.  To  the  outside  observer,  the   situation  in  the  silver  market  could  seem  even  more  confusing  and  grotesque.     What  is  a  basket  case,  you  might  ask?  The  term  “basket  case”  is  typically  applied  to   someone  or  something  that  is  in  a  completely  hopeless  or  useless  condition.    It   apparently  originated  during  the  First  World  War  to  describe  fighters  whose  arms   and  legs  had  been  removed  by  explosions  or  surgical  amputation.  A  basket  could  be   used  to  carry  the  torso  and  severed  limbs  of  such  unfortunates.     The  Silver  Market’s  Severed  Limbs     When  you  define  the  term  “basket  case”  and  apply  it  to  the  silver  market,  it  actually   does  seem  to  fit  the  current  situation.  Each  of  the  four  characteristics  below   represent  the  severed  limbs  of  the  silver  market:     1) Price  Suppression:  A  multi-­‐decade  long  mispricing  due  to  blatant  and  now   overt  price  management  that  reigns  over  short  to  medium  term  silver   valuations.  This  policy  causes  counter-­‐intuitive  silver  price  moves  and   further  baffles  the  innocent  investors  seeking  safety  from  long  term  inflation   due  to  loose  monetary  policy  and  an  un-­‐backed  paper  currency.       Read  the  rest  of  the  article.  

The Silver Market Basket Case  

In the silver market, you cannot take away the beating heart of ongoing demand for physical silver from the equation. Private investment and...