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Silver Investing  and  the  Sanctity  of  Savings     A  basic  issue  with  silver  investing  for  many  people  is  that  the  actual  metal  is  scarce,   valuable  and  increasingly  vulnerable  to  explicit  and  implicit  confiscation.     Yet  silver  is  not  only  an  investment  vehicle.  It  also  acts  as  an  alternative  savings   vehicle  to  saving  wealth  in  fiat  currencies.     Silver  remains  both  literal  and  symbolic  of  the  principles  here.  Furthermore,  the   physical  possession  of  silver  requires  a  different  kind  of  investor  strength  and   resolve,  and  it  involves  directly  confronting  market  risk,  storage  risk  and   confiscation  risk.     Silver  Investment     Investment  suggests  the  anticipation  of  making  a  profit,  and  that  certainly  has  been   the  recent  trend  for  those  lucky  to  be  holding  silver.  Most  market  observers   acknowledge  that  silver  will  eventually  trade  to  its  intrinsic  value  based  on  the   bullish  underlying  fundamentals.     Appealing  investment  qualities  of  silver  investing  include  its  various  industrial   properties  and  its  strategic  important  as  a  scarce  and  valuable  commodity  with   inelastic  demand.     Will  it  matter  if  the  thousands  of  ounces  of  silver  used  in  each  Tomahawk  missile   cost  multiples  higher  in  U.S.  Dollar  terms  when  the  government  paying  for  these   weapons  has  an  essentially  infinite  ability  to  create  the  necessary  number  of   monetary  units  used  to  buy  those  ounces?     This  highlights  the  role  of  silver  as  a  monetary  asset  or  one  more  akin  to  an   alternative  savings  vehicle.     The  Sanctity  of  Savings     People  are  now  living  in  an  economically  challenging  time  period  where  savings  and   capital  are  needed  most,  and  yet  the  reward  for  or  return  on  savings  is  at  its  lowest   point  in  recent  history.       Saving  requires  self-­‐respect,  sacrifice,  strength  and  stamina.  Savings  —  like  capital   formation  —is  precious  to  the  wider  economic  community.     Read  the  rest  of  the  article.    

Silver Investing and the Sanctity of Savings  

Silver investing and ownership requires honest thinking about ourselves, our capabilities and our limitations. Silver is a scarce natural re...

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