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Gold and  Silver  Supply  -­‐  Will  the  Real  Ratio  Please  Step  Forward?     Those  attracted  to  the  precious  metals  markets  are  often  curious  about  the  various   ratios  existing  between  gold  and  silver,  as  well  as  what  these  ratios  might  reveal   about  the  relative  fair  values  of  these  key  investment  metals.         Various  Gold  and  Silver  Ratios     The  following  bullet  points  provide  some  facts  you  can  use  in  your  silver/gold  ratio   analysis.     Above  ground:     • Investment  grade:  The  ratio  of  investment  grade  gold  existing  in  bullion   form  is  as  much  as  five  times  that  available  for  silver.     • Everything  else:  All  the  gold  ever  mined  has  been  estimated  at  160,000-­‐   170,000  tons  of  gold  or  roughly  5  billion  Troy  Ounces.  A  reasonable   estimate  for  the  total  amount  of  silver  mined  is  56  billion  Troy  Ounces.     This  makes  the  “ever  mined”  ratio  roughly  11.2  to  1.     Read  the  rest  of  the  article  

Gold and Silver Supply - Will the Real Ratio Step Forward  

Those attracted to the precious metals markets are often curious about the various ratios existing between gold and silver, as well as what...