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Gold and Silver - When Inflation is Summoned by the Masses As the democratic masses increasingly sense that their living standards are becoming threatened, they have been blindly authorizing their governments to do “whatever it takes” to arrest the impending economic collapse. In fact, as the vocal voting public insists upon quick solutions to the economic crises, politicians are ready and waiting to analyze popular needs and desires in order to deliver the messages that the people so badly want hear. Politicians are more and more being asked to artificially prop up asset prices, the Dow and the housing market in order to help the average person start to feel good again about the fundamentally weak economy they live and work in. Price Stability Goal Means No End to QE Likely Unfortunately, no natural end to the Fed’s recent Quantitative Easing programs exists. Once the QE-driven money printing presses have been used to prop up markets artificially, the program has to be continued ad infinitum to keep ‘prices’ at levels where the authorities want them to be. Read the rest of the article.

Gold and Silver - When Inflation is Summoned by the Masses  

In this modern age of endless money printing, the smart observer will be moving the portion of their wealth they would like retain out of th...

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