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Gold and  Silver  -­‐  Of  Cartels,  Algorithms  and  Artificial  Prices     Those  who  follow  the  day  to  day  developments  in  the  gold  and  silver  markets  have   typically  seen  rampant  market  manipulation  by  large  traders  and  bullion  banks.       Although  supposedly  against  the  rules  —  and  even  being  subjected  to  an  ongoing   investigation  by  the  CFTC  that  now  reaches  into  its  fifth  year  —  this  market  bullying   is  nevertheless  allowed  to  happen  over  and  over  again  without  effective  regulatory   intervention.     Some  of  these  big  players  even  employ  algorithmic  trading  systems  to  move  into   and  out  of  the  market  faster  than  any  human  can.  The  transactions  initiated  by  these   computerized  trading  programs  happen  rapidly  and  often  in  huge  size.     Algorithmic  Trading  Contributes  to  Manipulation     Despite  these  challenges,  both  precious  metals  have  been  able  to  rise  over  the  last   decade,  so  the  real  question  is  how  high  the  prices  of  silver  and  gold  would  be  if  the   market  had  not  been  subjected  to  recent  downside  price  volatility?     Read  The  Rest  Of  The  Article  

Gold and Silver - Of Cartels, Algorithms and Artificial Prices  

The gold and silver bullion banks typically need only a minute — as their algorithms quickly trade tens of thousands of Comex futures contra...

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