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Germany's Gold  and  Your  Silver     The  recent  furor  over  Germany’s  request  to  audit  its  gold  reserves  being  held  by   central  banks  in  New  York,  London  and  Paris  has  highlighted  the  fact  that  there  is   even  more  reason  to  have  one  bar  in  hand  versus  two  bars  in  the  bush  in  today’s   uncertain  world.     The  controversy  arose  after  the  Bundesbank’s  official  requests  for  a  full  audit  of   German  gold  reserves  were  apparently  been  turned  down  by  the  foreign  central   banks  responsible  for  storing  the  bulk  of  German  gold.       These  central  banks  include  the  Federal  Reserve  Bank  (1,536  tonnes),  the  Bank  of   England  (450  tonnes)  and  the  Banque  de  France  (374  tonnes).  The  Bundesbank   keeps  just  1,036  tonnes  of  the  county’s  gold  reserves  in  Frankfurt.       The  Physical  Premium     Of  course,  the  whole  point  of  buying  precious  metals  as  an  investment  in  physical   form  is  that  they  are  a  relatively  easy  way  to  store  wealth  for  the  common  man.   Nevertheless,  the  modern  strategy  would  be  to  use  the  leverage  available  with   precious  metal  ETFs,  futures  or  options.         Read  the  rest  of  the  article.  

Germany's Gold and Your Silver  

None of the sovereigns requesting their gold from overseas storage is buying silver, because there is simply not enough physical silver left...

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