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Buying Silver  as  Kyle  Bass  Makes  the  Case  for  Hedge  Funds     Up  to  this  point,  no  major  or  big  money  has  entered  the  silver  market  or  stood  for   delivery  in  a  significant  way  outside  of  outspoken  Toronto-­‐based  silver  ETF   manager  Eric  Sprott.     Yet  it  is  rather  hard  to  imagine  why  they  would  not  be  joining  Sprott,  with  QE's   stretching  to  infinity,  Fiscal  Cliffs,  Debt  Ceilings,  European  Financial  Crises,  and  now   Germany  no  longer  trusting  its  precious  metal  "custodians"  as  it  repatriates  its  gold.     Add  these  factors  to  the  still-­‐extreme  risk  of  bank  asset  deterioration  from  public   debt  servicing  constraints,  the  excessive  concentration  of  deposits  held  in  the  too-­‐ big-­‐to-­‐fail  financial  institutions,  and  the  risk  of  systemic  contagion  resulting  from   just  one  derivative-­‐generated  event  —  and  the  market  has  plenty  of  reasons  to  be   bullish  on  silver.     Why  are  Big  Funds  Not  Buying  Silver?     Presumably,  many  of  the  big  investors  have  avoided  entering  the  silver  market   because  they  either  do  not  know  about  or  understand  these  factors,  or  if  they  do,   they  do  not  want  to  be  the  ones  blamed  for  pushing  the  tottery  financial  markets   over  the  edge.     Furthermore,  given  the  relatively  small  amount  of  above-­‐ground  investment  grade   supply  of  silver,  it  would  be  difficult  to  accumulate  a  large  position  without  setting   the  market  on  fire.     Read  the  rest  of  the  article.    

Buying Silver as Kyle Bass Makes the Case for Hedge Funds  

Its simply a matter of time before big money investors start buying silver, despite the various barriers to entry into the silver market -...