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A Gold  and  Silver  Paper  Default  in  the  Wake  of  an  EU  Collapse     The  EU  has  failed  to  recapitalize  its  banking  sector,  which  still  remains  massively  over-­‐ leveraged.  They  have  not  yet  had  their  "Lehman  moment"  of  truth.       Furthermore,  governments  of  the  Eurozone  adopted  the  Euro  as  a  common  currency  in   part  because  by  doing  so,  they  could  collectively  borrow  at  much  lower  interest  rates  than   they  were  used  to  when  they  printed  their  own  money.         Now  they  cannot  continue  to  do  this  because  the  beleaguered  Eurozone  has  lost  the   confidence  of  the  markets  and  cannot  seem  to  regain  it  no  matter  what  financial  band  aids   are  applied  to  the  situation  of  excessive  sovereign  debt.  Instead,  confidence  is  largely   confined  to  the  currencies  of  those  nations  which  still  maintain  a  legal  monopoly  on  its   creation.     Printing  Money  Does  Not  Create  Wealth     Everybody  knows  that  money  printing  will  not  make  a  nation  wealthy  in  the  long  run.   Nevertheless,  powerful  constituencies  benefit  from  money  creation  in  the  short  term  so   politicians  understand  that  their  re-­‐election  depends  on  not  thinking  about  the  absurdity.     It  is  also  often  assumed  that  a  wholesale  Euro  collapse  would  be  U.S.  Dollar  positive  since   an  overall  EU  default  would  cause  financial  panic,  so  money  would  flood  back  into  US   Treasuries  as  a  safe  haven.     This  sentiment  tends  to  weigh  against  using  precious  metals  as  an  alternative  safe  haven  —   at  least  in  Dollar  terms.    Nevertheless,  the  United  States  is  also  overleveraged  in  terms  of  its   debt.     Precious  Metals  Likely  to  Spike  on  Euro  Collapse     Read  more  here.      

A Gold and Silver Paper Default in the Wake of an EU Collapse  

If you think that the prices of gold and silver are not going to rise much and that the physical metals are even going to be available immed...

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