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IDENTITY Adjusted is a mobile chiropractor that have trucks all around the US. Our objective is to make going to the chiropractor convenient, inexpensive and stress free! Adjusted aims to be the best mobile chirocare that everyone talks about. We want our customers to know that we have their back!

AUDIENCE The primary audience of the brand is intended to appeal to working adults. We know the struggle of having to plan appoinments around meetings and wasting time sitting in traffic. By traveling to you, we are hoping to elimate those few problems from your day.

POSITIONING For people who love the chiropractor, Adjusted is a mobile chiropractor that provides scheduled adjustments in your companies parking lot. Unlike traditional chriopractors, Adjusted provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and an adjustment you can’t pass up.

MOODBOARD The goal of the brand was to convey a sense of youth, confidence and motivation for the futrue. The goal is for the adults to feel reset and ready to accomplish their next goal!



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LOGO DEVELOPMENT Coming up with a name wasn’t an easy task. Revive and The Adjustment were the top two names, later deciding on the name Adjusted. Duing this phase I was seeing how the vertebrae could be incorporated into the logo.

DIGITAL ITERATIONS After sketching, digital iterations were created. This is where I experiemented with different types of vertebrae and bold tyopgraphy.


PRIMARY LOGO This is the primary logo for Adjusted. The use of italics and cross bars leading to the next letter was used to portray motion. We aren’t a static brand, we are always on the move.

VARIATIONS The logo needs to be versitle in every space. If the logo needs to be shrunk for assets and swag and the descriptor gets lost, please remove it. The mark is used for icon purposes and places where “adjusted” doesn’t fit. Logo without descriptor


TYPOGRAPHY Gotham is a family of widely used geometric sans-serif digital typeface designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 2000. We use gotham because its easy to read and can be used as display text or body copy.





COLOR PALETTE We chose to use teal as the primary color of our brand because it is associated with meanings of emotional balance and loyalty. The teals tones are an instant room refresher no matter the era is.

HEX: # 21C1C3

HEX: # 48AFA7


R:33 G:193 B:195

R:72 G:1675 B:167

R:293 G:293 B:293

C:69 M:0 Y:28 K:0

C:69 M:9 Y:39 K:0

C:5 M:3 Y:3 K:0




COLLATERAL Once the brand was established, it was used in a variety of places. Ranging from the stationary, the interface, and of course the swag! We want to showcase our brand in every way we can!

BUSINESS STATIONARY We want to use this stationary to expand our reach through out America. These aren’t promotional pieces, so we wanted to keep the design elements to a minimum and let our logo speak for itself.

TRUCK Our trucks were our bright teal because we wanted people to recongize us from a mile away. Our trucks needed to feel trustworthy and safe. Promotion to our wesbite and contact information are displayed along the sides.

UNIFORM Adjusted employees should represnt our brand by wearing Teal dri fir t-shirts and either sport shorts or pants depending on the weather.

SWAG We love to brand stuff and give it away! Our swag station is always updated and our customers are rewarded with swag by their number of visits!

Water Bottle

Stress Ball

Stretch Bands

USER INTERFACE Our website is a crucial piece of our brand because it is how we communicate to our reach. Our custmoers were our main focus when developing this page and we were inspired by minimal single scroll layouts.

WWW.ADJUSTEDCHIRO.COM We wanted our webpage to show who we are and what we have to offer. We also wanted to make it easy for people to schedule an appointment and find the nearest truck. Another thing we love to do is feature our customers. We love to hear what they have to say!


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ADJUSTED APP We are mobile friendly too! Download Adjusted from the app store today to schedule your next appointment and to get notifcations quicker!



Adjusted Brand Book  
Adjusted Brand Book