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A Vinyl tablecloth is a cover used on tables as ornamentation or to protect the table from marks and scratches. Tablecloths can be made from a whole variety of materials such as Satin, silk, cotton or polyester. Vinyl is one of the most popular due to its durability and the fact that its waterproof, making it easy to wipe clean.

A vinyl tablecloth is made by using a flannel type base and coating it in plastic. The flannel can be all kinds of shapes, colors and designs. A vinyl tablecloth is also referred to as an "Oil Cloth", which was an earlier form of tablecloth made by coating flannel with linseed oil.

Why is a vinyl tablecloth so popular? For starters, they are cheap tablecloths, much cheaper than other materials. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to find something that looks good and because they are so cheap you can buy a variety of them to use on different occasions. Sometimes you will want a tablecloth that looks elegant when you want to impress your friends, at other times you'll want something lighthearted and fun - at a games night or kids event, for example.

The style of tablecloth used can make a big difference to the setting and atmosphere of your meal. Traditionally, especially in European cultures, table linen was always white, and spread over a table prior to a feast. These days a whole range of colors are available and you can even find unique designs for special holiday seasons throughout the year.

Unlike other material, vinyl won't stain or scratch easily. In fact a vinyl tablecloth is a favorite at kids parties. Some other material may get ruined or stained permanently, but not vinyl. Simply wipe it clean after a spill and it will look good as new. Someone spilled there glass of wine? Knocked over there bowl of chocolate ice cream? Squirted tomato sauce all over the place? None of it matters if you are using vinyl tablecloths as the outer covering is waterproof and none of the food or drink can reach through to the flannel underneath.

Tablecloths are often used to bring a dull table back to life but this is not always the case. A clear vinyl tablecloth for instance will protect your table from stains and spills while still showing the table underneath. This is great if you have a rustic table with a lot of character that you don't want to cover up. Some coverings are only partially see-through such as the crochet design.

Crochet literally means "hook" and is created by hooking loops of thread together into different patterns. Crochet was highly popular in the 19th century but is still widely used today for lace, doilys and tablecloths.

Because of its durability a vinyl tablecloth is great for outdoor use. It's common to take one along for a picnic or use to cover outdoor furniture and tables. A common picnic tablecloth is the square, checkered design, usually red and white but sometimes with a blue and white design.

A vinyl tablecloth or oil cloth is sometimes called just a plastic tablecloth or PVC tablecloth. They come in numerous designs, too many to mention but here are a few of the most popular.

You can set the scene with a single basic color. Red, white, blue, green... they are all available. Single colors are a favorite at restaurants and catering events.

Check vinyl tablecloths come in a number of designs such as the picnic red or blue tablecloths. The Mayfair design is also quite popular and features a number of crosses interwoven with each other.

Spotted tablecloths are also very popular and as you can imagine come in a range of colors. From small dots to large dots and polka dots... and everything in between.

You'll also be able to find a whole range of vintage and contemporary designs. Flower and leaf patterns are very common and can look quite elegant on the dining table.

For a bit of fun you can use a vinyl tablecloth with a holiday pattern on it.Christmas stockings, trees or ornaments always add to the holiday cheer and help to set the scene, especially for kids.

Children's tablecloths are perfect for the kids table or bench. Because they're so easy to clean you don't have to worry about the children spilling their drinks or making a mess. Just wipe it clean when they're finished and the table will stay clean underneath.

As you can see there is no lack of choice when it comes to picking a vinyl tablecloth that's perfect for you. They come in a whole range of colors and different sizes to fit any table. If you need something that looks great and will protect your table for many years to come try a vinyl tablecloth. Sandra, Vinyl Tablecloth

Vinyl Tablecloth  

Find out why vinyl tablecloths are so popular and what you need to know before you buy.

Vinyl Tablecloth  

Find out why vinyl tablecloths are so popular and what you need to know before you buy.