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Oklahoma Bodyguards and Security Guards on Dangerous Duty Should Wear Body Armor and Other Protective Gear When on Duty Bodyguards and security guards in Oklahoma who are undertaking dangerous assignments should take great care. Wearing special protective gear such as body armor can afford bodyguards and security guards who are patrolling dangerous areas special protection that just might save their lives. Of course, there are several factors Oklahoma bodyguards and armed security guards must first consider. One of the most common concerns that many companies have about supplying bodyguards with body armor is the cost. Body armor can indeed cost anywhere between $50 for some used equipment to $200 or more for newer material. Given the turnover rate for Oklahoma bodyguards and security guards, many just do not see the cost/analysis benefit. Indeed, many bodyguards and security guards are not highly paid, either, so they usually cannot afford to supply their own. Another common concern among those who are against body armor is the fact that they do indeed make an individual go around carrying extra weight. This extra weight can prove to be cumbersome for the individual who is wearing it. Later down the line, carrying too much extra weight of any kind for an extended period of time can potentially cause problems with a person’s knees. This is a medical problem that has become all too common in the United States and elsewhere, especially for those who are already overweight. However, this is still not the biggest reason many experts cite as the biggest reasons why bodyguards and security guards in Oklahoma should go without body armor. Other detractors contend that body armor cannot stop all types of bullets from all types of guns – and they are right! Shotguns fired at close range and the infamous “cop killer” bullets, just to name a few, can indeed pierce body armor. Body armor cannot and will not stop anything and everything from harming someone. A perpetrator who is out to do nothing but kill someone can, if properly prepared, sometimes accomplish the misguided goal. Nevertheless, there is definitely a light at the end of the tunnel for body armor proponents! When all is said and done, body armor still saves lives and reduces the amount and type of damage! Numerous police officers, soldiers, Oklahoma bodyguards, and security officers of various levels will attest to this fact. If body armor did not continue to afford some reasonable level of protection, then the manufacturers would have no reason to make it. Indeed, high quality body armor can often stop other weapons such as knives and thus potentially prevent mortal stab wounds in crucial areas. Likewise, those that also market other such devices like police and Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)-style protective face masks have also found that these can protect other areas of law enforcement officials and bodyguards, armed security guards, etc.

Of course, whether or not other types of accoutrements are needed, stylish, and/or attract too much attention is a completely different debate. Whatever the case, bodyguards, security guards and the companies that hire them who invest in body armor are making a pretty sound investment. While it is true that not every individual will work in a situation where he or she will need to go around in a vest, many do need that extra layer of protection. Having a barrier between one’s body and a knife or a gun can really make a difference – not only to the individuals wearing it, but to those who love them. Here the Author Says About Process Servers in Oklahoma. For more details about process Servers Please Visit

Oklahoma Bodyguards and Security Guards on Dangerous Duty Should Wear  

Bodyguards and security guards in Oklahoma who are undertaking dangerous assignments should take great care