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Jeffrey Welk

SAG-AFTRA Eligible Ÿ Los Angeles, CA: (860) 305-2454 Email:

Height: 6’ Weight: 170 lb

FILM Skeletons ABC’s of Death 2.5 (M is for Mariachi) Forgotten Kingdom: The Divide Shadows of Life M is for Milk Codger Dinner Four One 21st Century Shuffle Keep Calm and Carry On

Lead Lead Supporting Principal Supporting Principal Lead Lead Supporting

Tauristar Entertaiment Drafthouse Films Solo Lobo Productions Face to Face Films B.A.D. Films Rebirth Films B.A.D. Films Dir. Anthony Perrotta Dir. Jayson Munro

Co-Star Guest Star Co-Star Co-Star Co-Star

The Science Channel Garden of Eden Productions Funny or Die Dir. Peter William Dunn Dir. Ryan Winnick

Boy (Lead) Logan (Lead) Johnny Quinn (Lead) Winston (Lead) Pvt. Lasko (Supporting) Various Leads

Little Theater of LA Root and Wing Theatrical Beckman Theater Hole In The Wall Theater Veterans’ Memorial Theatre 45th Street Theatre

WEB/TELEVISION Short Attention Span Science(Pilot) Dating and Auditioning Butt Cutz GAYS: The Series The Making of Hipsters (Pilot)

COMMERCIAL Conflicts Available Upon Request

THEATRE (SELECTED) The Giving Tree Logan’s Hollow, A Solo Play* In the Bag* The Credeaux Canvas Slick Sleeves* Something Outrageous

TRAINING Groundlings, Los Angeles, CA Improvisation HB Studio, New York, NY Technique Movement Speech and Voice

Jeff Galante, Jay Lay, Harmony McElligott, Daniel Robbins Karen Maruyama Jim Boerlin, Carol Rosenfeld, Mark Blum, Edward Morehouse Michael Blake, Martha Bernard Lenore Harris, Ilse Pfeifer

SPECIAL SKILLS I am mildly proficient at playing basketball and baseball without looking foolish. I am an above average swimmer, cyclist, and volleyball player. I can finish a Rubix Cube in under 3 minutes. *World Premiere

Jeffrey Welk Resume  

Acting Resume-Jeffrey Welk

Jeffrey Welk Resume  

Acting Resume-Jeffrey Welk