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The Skyline Volume 4, No 8 Milbank, SD 57252

April 2011

Service-Going the Extra Mile! If 5,280 feet equals one mile, then the “extra mile” must be a lot more than that - right? Most of us know that going the extra mile means going above and beyond what is expected, but what does that mean for the customers at ITC? For more than a year and half, ITC has dedicated time to training our employees to go the extra mile. It started early in the fall of 2009 with a goal to help our employees focus on providing service that was not only better than what our customers expected, but the best it could be. This on-going process included getting to know our ITC services better so we could answer your questions and make sure you have the services that match your needs. We have also spent some time learning about some of the “gadgets” out on the market today. Technology has been described like a runaway freight train that never slows down. It has been a challenge to stay on top of all the new gadgets and to understand the kinds of technology it takes to make them work. Ryan Dutton (pictured above), of Cronin Communications, was a guest speaker at one of our recent employee training sessions. He offered a first-hand look at some of those “gadgets.” Technologies that we only dreamed about yesterday are here and being used by our customers on a regular basis. It’s an exciting time. Like that freight train, we don’t expect things to slow down much here at ITC either. Technologies will continue to change at an alarming pace. Employee training will continue as long as there are new technologies. We will also continue working on building customer

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relationships and making the “extra mile” a priority for all those we serve. Stop by one of our offices, see what is new, and tell us how we are doing!

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ITC Business Spotlight By Katie Heller

Milbank Hardware Hank

Black Bars and Today’s TVs


Photo by

Ten years ago Bob and Sue Kulbeik were living in Minneapolis, and decided it was time for a career change. Sue’s father had always been involved in the hardware business, so it was an obvious option to consider for their change. After months of researching communities and stores, they purchased the Milbank Hardware Hank, and have never looked back! In 2009, they also added a Hardware Hank store in Ortonville, MN. Bob and Sue like to say that the Milbank Hardware Hank has a 500,000 sq. foot back room, also known as United Hardware. They are lucky to have a warehouse in their backyard. They currently have a catalog full of patio furniture, grills, lawn mowers, and bicycles that can be ordered and delivered in a matter of hours. A bonus to purchasing products from Hardware Hank is that their staff will assemble items free of charge. When you walk into the store, their award winning paint department is the first thing you see. They have hundreds of colors of paint to choose from, and experts on hand to help you make your selection. The store has an expanded rental department for contractors and homeowners, with everything from tillers to tables and chairs. They also have an extensive collection of pet products, and they even sell fish! Are you an avid gardener? You should check out their seed selection for spring.

tracie gran

Bob and Sue Kulbeik, Owners

Bob and Sue are currently training their fifth “Leader Dogs for the Blind” dog. When you see them out and about in the community, they will have their black lab, Hope, with them. They are very involved in the community by volunteering time to the Chamber, Lions Club, dressing up as Mr. and Mrs. Clause at Christmas time, and doing fundraisers for the Cancer Walk. One fundraiser they do every year for the cancer walk is transforming the store’s basement into a haunted basement! Hardware Hank is located at the north end of Milbank’s main street. The store is open M-F from 8AM – 6PM, Saturday 8AM – 5PM, and Sunday from 10AM – 2PM.


Customers occasionally call and ask why they have black bars showing either on top and bottom, or both sides of their television picture. First, the good news...if you are seeing black bars, then you are seeing the entire picture on your television. To answer the ‘why’ question, we need to think of older televisions that had a screen four units of width for every three units of height. That was called a 4:3 aspect ratio. When High Definition Television (HDTV) was developed, manufacturers wanted to provide a ‘theater’ experience. Since movies have always been shown on a wide screen, HDTV was engineered using a wider aspect ratio. The new HDTVs on the market offer a 16:9 aspect ratio - 16 units of width for every nine units of height. If black bars aren’t shown, what are the options? If an old picture is stretched to fit a new TV, everything gets shorter and wider (for instance, the people get fatter). If a new picture is stretched for an old TV, everything gets thinner and taller. If an old picture is cropped for a new TV, detail will be lost at the top and bottom. If a new picture is cropped for an old TV, content is lost at the sides. Complicating the story is the fact that some theater productions use an even wider aspect ratio than the 16:9 on the new televisions. So back to the good news. Black bars are good because the picture you see is as it was originally filmed. More good news is that your television, DVD player, Blu-Ray player and ITC set top box probably have settings you can change to get the picture you want.

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Computer Corner By Bill Renneker, Internet Systems Administrator

Browser Up Let’s continue from last month, explor-

Web editor so you can view, edit, and

it? Others include “Yahoo! Toolbar

ing some basic ways of making your

create Web pages. Others worth try-

Companion,” “Ask Jeeves Toolbar,”

use of the computer more efficient and

ing for their features are Maxthon and

“Bing Bar,” and “Norton Toolbar.” Too

enjoyable. We’ll focus on the browser.

Stainless. Just search for the names,

often, these get installed whether you

There’s More Than One Way to

go to their Web sites, find the download

knowingly asked for them or not. They

Browse The Web

button, and follow directions to install.

are designed more to get a product’s

A Web browser is an application de-

If you decide to uninstall the program

name in front of people than to help.

signed to “browse,” or view, the World

later, either go to the Program group in

Eventually, toolbars could occupy more

Wide Web. It turns Web pages coded

the Start menu and find that program’s

of your screen real estate than the Web

with HTML, XML, Java, and Flash, and

“Uninstall” command, or open Control

pages you’re struggling to see.

who knows what else into displays that

Panel and uninstall from the “Add or

If the usable screen area of your

are dazzling and friendly to our eyes.

Remove Programs” or “Programs and

Web browser has been reduced to a

The browser makes it easy to find and

Features” group.

slit because of add-on toolbars, you

view the information on the Internet that

Surplus Toolbars

can usually remove them from the

we are looking for—and also the con-

A toolbar is an additional section across

screen by clicking the View menu and

tent that the site owners and designers

the screen and beneath the menu bar

un-checking the specific toolbar. The

want us to find.

of a browser or other program that

toolbar may also have to be uninstalled

Most Internet users are familiar with

contains menus and icons referred to

in Control Panel.

Internet Explorer, simply because it’s

as “widgets,” designed as shortcuts to

Tabbed Browsing

the Web browser that has been bun-

menus, with convenience in mind. The

Most Web browsers now offer “tabbed

dled with Microsoft Windows systems

program you’re using has its own set of

browsing,” an efficient and organized

since Microsoft discovered that there

toolbars that can be enabled, disabled,

way to open additional Web pages in

was an Internet. Many of you have

or customized (typically found in the

the same window, in tabs (right-click a

heard of and use or Google Chrome.

“View” menu).

link and “Open link in new tab”). Save

There are other browsers, and some

The “Google Toolbar” was one of the

or “bookmark” a group of related tabs,

may display certain Web pages better

first third-party toolbar add-ons, popular

for example, when researching and

than others. Opera is my current favor-

because it could block pop-up windows.

comparing car models that you’re think-

ite. The Amaya browser also includes a

Since browsers do that now, who needs

ing about purchasing.

Call before you dig!


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