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November 30, 1929

East Egg Review

Byrd Makes History! Things to notice in the East Egg Review:

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suited to his expeditions through his training in landing sea planes on open ocean during the night. Receiving his training in the navy as a Commander, Richard Byrd was effective in keeping Great excitement burst which flyboys his men safe and inspired. out in New York City scan the horiLanding in October of last zon in the last night after Amerimost remote year, Byrd quickly estabThrough this discipline, the cans became the first parts of the lished an expansive and effi- expedition discovered a new to cross the Atlantic earth ciently stocked base named mountain range and assigned Ocean by flight and the  Don’t forget Little America in honor of the name Rockefeller Moun- South Pole by flight. to try your luck in the our great country. This facil- tains to the great the peaks. “Our American flyauction for ity was where the Antarctic Beyond the distant Rockefelboys are simply the The Egyptian ler, Byrd claimed more terri- best”, said one enthuking’s priceless crew began most of their recent exploration treks. This tory, and lovingly named it possessions! siastic fan in Times camp provided full commu- Marie Byrd Land, after none Square last night. Denication with the world, other than Mrs. Byrd herself. spite the public plea Inside this issue meaning that the discovery Byrd’s great accomplishfor Byrd to return to of the East Egg of the Poles can reach our Review: ments culminated with the the states, he and his pages months earlier than crowning victory completed team have expressed Byrd 1 before. During the expedi- just yesterday, the nineteen wishes to stay in the Makes tions around the Ross Ice hour flight from the AmeriAntarctic longer to History! Shelf, Byrd was specially can base on the Ross Ice explore more territory Shelf to the South and take observations Shackle- 2 Pole and back, ton Dies of the interior. some 496 miles. in South Byrd enjoys expansive Georgia Not long after their public support and Egyptian return to the base, financial donations, 3 Tombs the astounding tale much of wish go to Discovreached the U.S. finance his revolutionered through Little ary expeditions. For America’s broadnow, we’ll just have to casting system. wait for his return. Byrd claims the South Pole for US


ur very own Richard Byrd's first and larg Explorers all est expedition around the was wildly successful yesterworld expand human knowl- day, November 29, after edge Byrd and three flight com Our decade is panions made a pass over the astounding, in Antarctic Pole of the Earth.


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Ernest Shackleton Dies in South Georgia


rnest Shackleton was a natural born explorer. Born in Kilkee, Ireland, he received his schooling for three years at Dulwich College.

pedition, the explorer was welcomed as a hero in England and chronicled his results in "he

Heart of the Antarctic"

In 1914, Shackleton once again set sail for the Ernest Shackleton was south, this time with the originally a merchant ma- backing of the British rine officer. However, in Government. However, 1874, he quickly realized the Endurance was his potential as an excrushed in ice during the plorer. Seizing the oppor- expedition and Shackletunity to see the world for ton and his men were himself, Shackleton experi- forced to trek across the enced his first expedition icy slopes of Antarctica to Antarctica in 1901, with to seek rescue in the Robert Scott. During this Ross Sea. formative trek, he hiked During the last few over the Ross Ice Shelf. years, as a result of the Ernest Shackleton mar- stress of both raising ried Emily Dorman in funds and carrying out 1901, and they had three his missions, Shackleton children together: Rayhad encountered more mond, Cecily, and Eddie. and more health probIn 1908, this hard boiled lems. As a result, Ernest explorer launched his own Shackleton died of a expedition, which resulted heart attack on South in the discovery of the Georgia at the age of 48. Beardmore Glacier, the He is survived by his three South Magnetic Pole, and children and his loving the successful climbing of wife. This amazing exMt. Erebus. After this ex- plorer will truly be missed

Ernest Shackleton’s ship, Endurance, trapped in ice

around the world. The internment will take place in South Georgia on Mach 5. -Jeffrey Piccirillo

Egyptian Tombs Exposed


xplorer Howard Carter, funded and sponsored by English Lord Carnarvon, recently discovered an Egyptian burial site in the Valley of the Kings just outside Luxor, along the Nile river in eastern Egypt. This monumental discovery marks one of the greatest achievements ever made in archeology. Inside the Kings tomb, which was opened on November 26, lie countless gold artifacts, furniture, even a small boat. Among the artifacts that Carter and his team have just begun to unearth are chariots plated in gold and other precious stones, Egyptian clothes, and ancient weapons. These valuable artifacts will likely give today's modern scientific community very

useful information as to what life was like for kings in that era. If you fancy some of the artifacts that you’ve seen in the pictures furnished below, Lord Carnarvon holds open auctions for some of the less remarkable treasures for special guests with deep pockets. Two ships are bound for Egypt today, so with that extra dough take a vacation and at the riches for yourselves! The Normandie leaves port at 2:15 for Cairo, Egypt. Queen Mary sets sail at 5:30 set for Alexandria, Egypt See Manhasset Port for more times and schedClockwise from left: Lord Carnarvon's first visit to the famous tomb, many of the treasures found in King Tutankhamen's chambers; Sample of the exquisite detail work found on the walls, featuring the story of The Opening of the Mouth’ —an Egyptian funeral rite; the investigation of the Pharaoh's body itself; the arrival of dignitaries to investigate the boy-king’s tomb.

East Egg Review  
East Egg Review  

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